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Lower School Address:

1030 Wyndon Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

*Please note: All mail should be sent to the main address, 814 Yarrow St.


  • Main Office - 610-527-6851
  • Attendance - 610-527-6851

Lower School Administration

Tim Lightman View Profile
Tim Lightman tlightman@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4704

Head of Lower School

Usha Balamore View Profile
Usha Balamore ubalamore@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4705

Assistant Head of Lower School

Director of Character Development

Polly Hancock '73 View Profile
Polly Hancock '73 phancock@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4753

Lower School Director of Curriculum and Learning Services

Lower School Learning Coordinator


Lower School Staff

Frances Beese View Profile
Frances Beese fbeese@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4899

Lower School Administrative Assistant

Joan Elliott '66 View Profile
Joan Elliott '66 jelliott@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4714

Lower School Mathematics Specialist

Paula Farrell View Profile
Paula Farrell pfarrell@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4724

Middle and Lower School Coordinator of After-School Programs

Terri Grossman View Profile
Terri Grossman tgrossman@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4701

Lower School Nurse

Mary Lou Mangino View Profile
Mary Lou Mangino mmangino@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4702

Assistant to the Head of Lower School

Suzanne Mason View Profile
Suzanne Mason smason@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4727

Lower School Learning Specialist

Sylvia Spector View Profile
Sylvia Spector sspector@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4723

Associate Director of Admission for Lower School

Patricia Walker View Profile
Patricia Walker pwalker@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4717

Lower School Learning Specialist



A complete directory is available at www.shipleyschool.org/facultydirectory 

The Shipley School

814 Yarrow Street, Bryn Mawr PA 19010
T: 610.525.4300 F: 610.525.5082
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