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Charles Amidon View Profile
Charles Amidon camidon@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4168
Upper School History Teacher
9th Grade Dean

Antonia Angeles Gonzales View Profile
Antonia Angeles Gonzales AAngelesgonzales@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4265
Upper School Spanish Teacher

Cindy Auslander View Profile
Cindy Auslander CAuslander@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4293
Middle and Lower School PE Instructor/Fitness Trainer
11th Grade Dean

Usha Balamore View Profile
Usha Balamore ubalamore@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4705
Assistant Head of Lower School
Director of Character Development

Steven Baris View Profile
Steven Baris sebaris@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4200
Upper School Art Teacher

Stanley R. Barndollar View Profile
Stanley R. Barndollar SBarndollar@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4601
Physical Plant Staff

John Bayne View Profile
John Bayne JBayne@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4601
Physical Plant Staff

Frances Beese View Profile
Frances Beese FBeese@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4899
Lower School Administrative Assistant

Raquel Bejar-Massey View Profile
Raquel Bejar-Massey RBejar-Massey@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4299
Middle School Spanish Teacher

Josh Berberian View Profile
Josh Berberian jberberian@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4270
Upper School Mathematics Teacher

Chet Blair View Profile
Chet Blair cblair@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4189
Co-Director of Community Life
Associate Director of Admissions

Betsy Hastings Block '83 View Profile
Betsy Hastings Block '83 bblock@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4655
Direct 610-581-4655
Associate Director of Development for Parent Engagement

Beth Boreanaz View Profile
Beth Boreanaz bboreanaz@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4222
Middle School History
Mathematics Teacher

Diamond Bowser View Profile
Diamond Bowser DBowser@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4111
Main Desk Receptionist

Karen Brown View Profile
Karen Brown kbrown@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4657
Direct (610) 581-4657
Director of Advancement Services

Phillip Brown View Profile
Phillip Brown pbrown@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4267
Upper School Theater Director

Marina Byrne-Folan View Profile
Marina Byrne-Folan MByrne-Folan@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4132
Upper School Mathematics Teacher
10th Grade Dean

Joseph Caddle View Profile
Joseph Caddle JCaddle@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4740
3rd Grade Teacher

Christopher M. Cahill View Profile
Christopher M. Cahill CCahill@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4256
Upper School Mathematics Teacher

JoAnn Carberry View Profile
JoAnn Carberry jcarberry@shipleyschool.org
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4103
School Store Assistant Manager

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