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Innovation Expert Grant Lichtman Inspires Shipley Students

Grant Lichtman, a nationally-recognized K-12 school innovation expert, worked with Shipley students on reimagining schools and learning. Watch the video to learn more.

Sixth Graders Engineer Chairs in Science Class

Read about how the Shipley Method helps sixth graders engage in a creative problem-solving process to engineer chairs using just newspaper and masking tape.

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Did You Know?

100% of Shipley graduates attend college within a year of graduating
Learn more about Shipley’s College Counseling Program

25% of Shipley seniors received National Merit recognition in the past eight years
Learn more about Shipley’s College Counseling Program

J.D. Salinger honored his wife’s alma mater with a mention in his classic novel, The Catcher in the Rye. Learn more about Shipley Alumni

Oscar-winning director Erica Rehl ‘89 is a Shipley graduate Learn more about Shipley Alumni

100% of Lower School students have hands-on exposure to string, woodwind, and brass instruments. Learn more about Music at Shipley

300% of Middle and Upper School students participate in theater. Learn more about Theater Arts at Shipley

90% of Upper School students play an interscholastic sport. Learn more about Athletics at Shipley

75% of Upper School students compete at the varsity level. Learn more about Varsity Programs at Shipley

50+ colleges have recruited Shipley athletes in Divisions I, II, and III.

There are 15 students in each Lower School class on average. Learn more about Lower School

10 adults will know your elementary school (or LS depending) child as a learner and a person each year. Learn more about Lower School

5 is the average age of Shipley students doing their first research project in the Kindergarten Knights and Castles unit. Learn more about this project

100% of Lower School students have hands-on exposure to string, woodwind, and brass instruments. Learn more about Shipley’s E/LS music program

100% of Lower School students build a foundation for future success through our challenging curriculum. Learn more about Lower School curriculum

100% of Lower School students learn how to resolve conflicts, negotiate, present their point of view, and serve the community in our internationally recognized character education program. Learn more about Character Education

100% of students benefit academically AND socially from developing emotional literacy skills. Learn more about Shipley Core Values Curriculum

200 real-world capstone service learning projects completed by Shipley students each year. Think Care Act in 5th grade, a Leadership Project in 8th grade, and the Senior Service Project in 12th grade.

5 key content elements of the SEED curriculum Pre-K through 12th grade: Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management and Organization, Responsible Decision Making, and Relationship Management. Learn more about Shipley Core Values Curriculum

Shipley Has:

6 music ensembles in each division.

5 theater productions in the Middle and Upper Schools annually.

A 7:1 student-to-teacher ratio

55 athletics championships in the past six years

225 Shipley colleagues trained in emotional intelligence strategies.

14,490 minutes of class time devoted to Shipley's core values curriculum Pre-K through Grade 12.

14 years of integrated core values curriculum offered to all students.

61% of teaching faculty with advanced degrees.

10 art courses offered in the Upper School

The only high school emotional intelligence course in partnership with Yale University offered in the country, right here at Shipley.

46 honors courses to challenge students

6 specials (music, art, science, PE, character education, and world language) enhancing Shipley’s core curriculum.

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Innovation Expert Grant Lichtman Inspires Shipley Students

Grant Lichtman, a nationally-recognized K-12 school innovation expert, worked with Shipley students on reimagining schools and learning. Watch as Grant shares his experiences interacting with Shipley students as they unleashed their creativity in thinking about innovation in schools. Grant spent the day with students and then spoke to parents and the community on “Deeper Learning and Innovation in Independent Schools. Watch the video to learn more.

Sixth Graders Engineer Chairs through a Creative Problem-Solving Process

What can constructing a chair out of newspaper and tape teach a sixth grader about creative problem solving? a lot! While constructing the most stable chair is the obvious goal of this project, teacher Caroline Feldman’s goal for her students points to the process. Read more about how the sixth grade chair project inspires creative problem solving.

From Friendship Sparks Courage: Two Fifth Graders Raise Awareness for Mitochondrial Disease

Shipley fifth graders and best friends, Niels and Brett, chose to raise awareness for Mitochondrial Disease for their Think, Care, Act project by creating the Mito 5 Challenge. What's more inspiring is the courage Brett gave Niels to talk about his experiences with the disease. Read more about their philanthropic journey to make Mitochondrial Disease an easily-recognizable term.

Turning Up the Heat: Shipley Designs and Constructs New STEAM Initiatives

Shipley is shaping its growing STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) program from Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12, including the addition of a maker space in Upper School, cross-curricular projects school wide, and curriculum tailored toward the future.  Learn more about STEAM at Shipley.

Interdisciplinary Courses in the Upper School

Avery Yecies '16 describes some of the opportunities for interdisciplinary learning in the Upper School. Interdisciplinary courses encourage "a passion for learning, critical thinking, and self-evaluation to prepare students for college and the constantly changing world," she says. Read more about interdisciplinary learning in the Upper School.

Faculty Profile: Off the Reservation with Art Department Head Steve Baris

Since 1987, Steve Baris has been an integral part of Shipley's venerable art department. After Chris Wagner's retirement in 2014, he stepped into the role of department chair. Learn more about Steve's personal history, as well as his vision for the future of the art program at Shipley.

Alumni Profile: Molly Gilbert '02: A Recipe for Success

This young Shipley alumna has turned her passion for cooking and creativity in the kitchen into a successful career and book deal. Read more about her path to success and how Shipley helped blogger Molly Gilbert '02 develop the skills she needed to get there.

From Little Leaders to Passionate Adults, Shipley Trains the Leaders of Tomorrow

How does Shipley develop in its students the inherent qualities of a good leader? By understanding child development from Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12, Shipley’s program challenges emerging leaders to take risks and build the confidence to succeed. Read more on leadership at Shipley.

Learning to Code by Breaking it Down

Technology has become an everyday part of the Shipley curriculum. With a technology coach in each division, the additional resources allow even the youngest of students to get their feet wet in coding and programming. Read more to learn about how Shipley’s emphasis on learning coding and programming can prepare students for success in any career, even one without a technology component.

The Shipley Method in Action: Using Creative Learning Methods in Fourth Grade

How could fourth graders learn about several events leading up to the Revolutionary War in one day? Through an intensive preparation process, Shipley fourth graders organized and facilitated a student-led debate on who is to blame for the Revolutionary War. Read more about this alternative learning method.

Students in Charge!

In Shipley’s Upper School, the traditional methods of disciplining a student are a thing of the past. Shipley's student-run Judicial Board hears student cases in a democratic and educational way, teaching responsibility and developing accountability. Learn more about the Upper School's Judicial Board.

The Shipley Method in Action: Shipley’s Second Graders Sink Their Teeth into the Writing Process

In Shipley’s second grade, students’ work on the writing process lays a foundation for future academic success and, more specifically, their end-of-year Desert Zoo research projects. It all starts with learning how to write a paragraph using the hamburger method. Learn more about how second graders learn to write at Shipley.

The Shipley Method in Action: Engaging Students’ Creativity in History Class with Debate

“Creativity in all” is a major tenet of The Shipley Method, which leads to students’ deeply rooted learning. In Chris Simpson’s ninth grade history honors class, a debate format replaces a traditional test assessment to employ students’ capacity for creativity. Read this article to find out how.

What's Your Shipley Story: The Gundys, 13 Years and Counting

Dee and Roy Gundy joined the Shipley community 13 years ago, when their daughter, Kaela ’15, was in kindergarten. A word-of-mouth recommendation put Shipley on their radar, but it was a commitment to each individual child that made them choose the School. Now, with three children here, Dee and Roy feel blessed that they are all thriving, despite their different interests, strengths, and traits. And even with their busy schedules, the Gundys find ways to give back to the community that has given them so much. Learn more about the Gundys and their Shipley story.

Students Take Ownership of their Education in Student-Led Conferences

Shipley’s student-led conferences provide an in-depth, personalized look at the student’s learning experience. Facilitated by the student rather than the teacher, parents and teachers alike work together to understand the student’s needs, praise their accomplishments, and plan for a bright future. Learn more.

Collegebound: Class of 2014 Profiles

Learn more about some of the members from the Class of 2014: where they’re going to college, what they love about Shipley, and how they’re following their individual paths to success. Read the profiles.

Using the Past to Cultivate Citizens of Tomorrow in Upper School History

Through a well-blended interdisciplinary curriculum and college-caliber courses, Shipley’s history department develops curious and creative students with critical skills to become successful in college and beyond. Learn more.

Alumni Profile: Ali Lambert Voron ’96, Expert in the Field of Overcoming Adversity

Ali Lambert Voron ’96 knows something about overcoming adversity. A dynamic wife, mother, voiceover actress, motivational speaker, and blogger, Voron also happens to have alopecia universalis and has suffered from ulcerative colitis. And while these two very different conditions have been life altering for Voron, neither has diminished her incredible spirit nor her optimistic outlook. Voron attributes her positive spirit to her Shipley experience and hopes to positively impact others coping with health issues. Learn more about this very special Shipley alumna.

Alumni Q&A: Felicity Barringer Taubman '68, Exploring the Complexities of World Affairs

For not quite three decades, Shipley alumna Felicity Barringer Taubman ’68 has served as a correspondent for The New York Times. From her start writing for The Bergen Record and The Washington Post, to her years of writing for The Times about the dying Soviet Union in the Gorbachev-era, and through her current work as a national environmental correspondent, Barringer has concentrated on explicating complex issues. She wants to show the subtleties of world affairs to the general public. Here, Barringer reflects on her experience at Shipley, the evolution of her career, and why she feels it’s important to remain connected to her alma mater. Read more.

Why I Give: Colin Gardner '88

Though Colin Gardner ’88 lives in Brooklyn, New York with his family, his ties to Shipley are as strong as ever. Gardner recognizes with great appreciation the lasting effects of his Shipley education, from the enduring relationships with school friends to the multiplicity of ways in which Shipley’s influence manifests itself in his career choices in television news production and later, landscape architecture and urban design. As such, he makes it clear that Shipley factors large among the institutions that he supports each year. Read this donor profile to find out more about why.

Faculty Profile: Emily Pickering, Lighting Sparks in Upper School History, English, and Interdisciplinary Studies

Shipley’s Dr. Emily Pickering is the consummate scholar with a deep passion for literature and history, and she delights in passing on that passion and scholarship to her students. Her Hungarian background and a year spent traveling Europe early in life have given her a unique perspective on the connections among cultures and disciplines. She brings those connections to life in her rigorous classes, where students study the intersection of history, politics, art, and literature. Learn more about Emily Pickering and why students love her classes.

Alumni Profile: Donna Lynn Leavy '73, For the Love of Theater

This alumna’s deeply rooted love of acting was planted at Shipley, where she formed the start of her successful career in Hollywood. From the University of Pennsylvania to the prestigious Yale School of Drama, Leavy followed her dream to Los Angeles, where she enjoyed a long and successful career acting for television. Now, she’s using her talents to help small theater companies go big. Read more

A New History: Your Old History Class is History

In Peter Schumacher’s eighth grade class, the history of the modern world is studied through the interdisciplinary themes of urbanization, technology, and government. The thematic approach aims at getting students to understand the world they live in today—where it came from, how it came to be, and why. Learn more about how Schumacher’s creative approach to history inspires deeply rooted learning in his students.

Meeting of the Minds: The Concussion Discussion

All parents want their children to be safe. But can young athletes be safe and competitive in contact sports? Our panel discusses the impact of brain injuries and safety on the culture of youth sports, as well as the implications of Shipley’s no-heading policy in Middle School soccer. Read our panel discussion to learn more about the Concussion Crisis.

Alumni Profile: Jay Huffman '94, Leading from the Front

A seventh-grade history trip inspired this West Point graduate’s interest in the military. Shipley also inspired Jay Huffman’s service-oriented style of leadership. “The reward of just giving a little bit of your time is worth its weight in gold,” he says. Now an attorney, he represents foreign ships coming in and out of the U.S.’s largest port. Learn more about this Shipley alumnus.

1:1 Initiative in Action Everyday

Shipley introduced 1:1 Computing in the Upper School at the beginning of the 2014-2015 academic year. Now all students grades six through 12 have their own laptops to enhance their learning experience. Read more about how students and teachers are using new technologies in the classroom.

Nostalgia Comes to the Theater

This year's Fall Plays focus on the theme Nostalgia. This collection of short plays capture a mosaic of hallmark moments ranging from childhood through winter years. The students will play characters ranging from five to seventy-five years old. The actors aim to capture the innocent, sentimental, life-changing moments we've all been through and shared. Read more.

How Shipley Uses the Past to Cultivate Citizens of Tomorrow

Through a well-blended interdisciplinary curriculum and college caliber courses, Shipley’s history department develops curious and creative students with critical skills to become successful in college and beyond. Learn more.

Shipley Students to Lead Discussion with Author Carl Hoffman

Join us for a discussion run by Shipley’s junior/senior Honors Global Studies students with Carl Hoffman. This book explores a moment when Western civilization encountered an ancient, indigenous culture, leading to the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller, a mystery that still fascinates the world. Hoffman’s research with the Asmat offers an answer to the question, “What happened to Michael Rockefeller?” More details.

Fifteen Shipley Seniors Recognized by National Merit Scholarship Program

Shipley proudly announces fifteen members of the Class of 2015 have received recognition from the National Merit Scholarship Program for outstanding performance on the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. In the past 10 years, 20% of Shipley seniors have received this honor. Read more.

Deondre Jordan '15: Making the Most Out of Everyday

Deondre Jordan ’15 came to Shipley as a new student in his junior year. Just a few months later, his fellow students named him All-School President. Deondre’s pursuit for new experiences, desire to learn, and positive attitude have earned him the respect of his fellow students and teachers alike, as well as the right to lead his new school. Learn more about Deondre.

Erika Frankel ’96: Making Films to Make a Difference

For Erika Frankel ‘96, embracing her independent spirit and pursuing her passion for film have become a clear path to personal success, who hopes to inspire change with her love of human culture. Read more.

Teaching Students, Not Content: Josh Berberian, Upper School Math Teacher

Josh Berberian’s early teaching career was shaped by educational innovators. He’s been innovating in his classroom ever since. Learn more about this Upper School math teacher.

Alice Bosley ’07: Innovation at the United Nations

Whether it’s building new housing units in Ethiopia, developing a refugee-focused website, or working with a colleague on microentrepreneurship in Costa Rica, Alice Bosley ’07’s work to help innovate the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees draws deeply on her Shipley experience. Read more.

The Shipley School Partners with Sports Legacy Institute On the Concussion Crisis

Shipley is proud to announce its groundbreaking partnership with the Sports Legacy Institute (SLI) to solve the sports concussion crisis impacting our youth. This fall, Shipley will introduce the use of Triax sensors for Upper School athletes playing contact sports. All student athletes will wear the monitors, which will help identify significant impacts and will be part of the Hit Count program. Read more.

What’s Your Shipley Story: The Palmers

When Laura and Dave ’89 Palmer began the process of picking a school for their children, Shipley wasn’t their obvious choice. However, “The more we researched,” says Dave, “the more we realized that the Shipley of today is even better than the Shipley I went to.” Learn more about the Palmers and why they chose Shipley.

Akinwole Garrett ’00: Driven to Succeed & Brilliant In Business

A driven business leader with a deep passion for his community, Akinwole (Aki) Garrett ’00 has achieved remarkable success as a business leader, thanks to exceptional determination and a solid foundation from Shipley. Learn more about Aki and what drives his success.

Gail Harrity ’69: Mastering the Fine Art of Museum Management

As President and Chief Operating Officer of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Gail Harrity ’69 enjoys the diverse responsibilities of her job and the many opportunities to learn it provides. “Shipley instilled a sense of intellectual curiosity to see the world anew,” she says. Meet Shipley alumna Gail Harrity.

Academic Milestones: Getting Down to Business in Macroeconomics

Abstract concepts come to life in students’ macroeconomics midterm projects as students learn how to collaborate, do market research, solve problems, and use creativity to produce real-world business plans that they present to a panel of business leaders. Read more about this exciting project.

Shipley Innovations: Interdisciplinary Studies, Elegant Minds

Interdisciplinary studies are gaining popularity at the collegiate level – and at Shipley. Find out what the fuss is all about and how interdisciplinary studies are being implemented at Shipley from Pre-K through Grade 12. Read all about it.

Research in Action: Upper School Class Takes A Stand Against Stress

A simple Google search of ‘high school students stress’ yields countless articles and studies suggesting high school students are the most stressed they’ve been in years. But why? Students in Shipley’s Action Research course, in conjunction with the National Center for the Study of Boys and Girls Lives, gathered and analyzed data to answer this pressing question. Find out more.

Why I Teach: Heather Riley, Upper School Spanish

Growing up in a Latino neighborhood exposed Shipley Upper School Spanish teacher Heather Riley to the Spanish language early in life. She later went on to study the language formally at the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Read more about Heather and what inspired her to teach.

Meeting of the Minds: Can You Learn How to Lead?

Are people born leaders, or can leadership be taught? What role should educational institutions play in teaching leadership skills? Our Shipley Magazine roundtable feature explores the topic with four leaders in their own fields. See the conversation.

Campus Construction Camera

See it in action! The construction camerais set-up to capture all the on-campus action.

Why We Give: The Tortella & Fitzpatrick Family

The decision to give back to Shipley through the Annual Fund was easy for parents Bartholomew Tortella and Maureen Fitzpatrick. “The integrated, hand-crafted educational approach to learning… sets Shipley apart from the other independent schools in the area,” says Tortella. Read more about why they give each year.

Upper School Students Recognized at Closing Ceremony

The Shipley community recognized student achievements at the annual Closing Ceremony on May 29. Congratulations to all students for their outstanding accomplishments during the 2013-2014 academic year. Click here to see all the award winners.

Letter from Steve Piltch - May

Steve discusses the importance of four end-of-year events: the kindergarten knighting process, the second grade Desert Zoo project, the third grade trip to Ellis Island, and the spring Shakespeare performance. He says, “Everything we do revolves around the growth and development of our students: their transformation from little acorns to mighty oaks. The ability to appreciate them as individuals and to challenge them and support them (as well as provide opportunities to them) enables them to take risks, become more confident, develop their creativity, and find success. At the heart of that success is deeply rooted learning they possess for rest of their lives.” Read the letter.

What’s In Your Wallet? Shipley’s Matt Peyton Gives an After-School Workshop on Bitcoins

What exactly is a bitcoin? Eleventh grader Matthew Peyton, with the support and encouragement of Upper School history teacher Char Weigel, recently hosted two after-school workshops to introduce the latest currency fad to those with a bitcoin curiosity. Learn more about how this shared interest between a teacher and student created a meaningful learning experience for others.

Alumni Office Spotlight On Jennifer Murphy Devine '98

Jenn’s role as Alumni Coordinator has provided her a second chance to appreciate Shipley’s impact on her life. She loves sharing that appreciation with the fellow alumni she connects with on a daily basis in her job. Learn more about Jenn.

The Middle School Building Project: Two Teachers, One Goal, Monumental Results

Middle School teachers Jeff Hanna and Peter Schumacher both have a passion for collaboration and creativity. Shipley’s focus on interdisciplinary teaching and learning supports the art and history duo teaming up to create “the building project,” while learning across disciplines promotes higher-order critical-thinking skills in students. Learn more about this exciting project.

Mrs. Small Made a Big Difference

Who was your favorite teacher when you were at Shipley? For sophomore Avery Yecies '16, seventh grade English teacher Kirsten Small stands out in a big way. A well-worn copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and often-tapped writing skills are just two reasons for her choice. Read more about the impact Mrs. Small has had on her former student and how she continues to make a difference.

Class of 2014 Senior Art Show

View the Class of 2014 Senior Art Show online! Each student's work is paired with a personal statement about their experience in art at Shipley. 

Visit Shipley's Speer Gallery on Wednesday, June 11 at 6:00 pm to see complete student portfolios at the Upper School Arts Reception.

Upper School Science Teacher Paul Tierney: The Splendor, the Wonder & the Passing of the Lore

He left a 34-year career in aerospace engineering to teach science and math to high school students. After many years, Paul Tierney continues to achieve success as a teacher by connecting on a personal level with his students. Read more about Paul.

3rd Graders Bring History to Life with Bagels and Biographies

Each year, historical figures and pop-culture icons such as Annie Oakley and Steve Jobs come alive in Shipley’s third grade classrooms for Bagels & Biographies. The students’ rigorous preparation, impressive presentation skills, and unbounded creativity contribute to the success of this much-anticipated annual event. Read more about this 3rd grade milestone event.

Upper School Health Teacher Sarah Sterling: Expect the Unexpected Inside Sarah Sterling’s Classroom

Whether it’s playing ‘mafia’ in the classroom, developing the nation’s first high school emotional literacy course in partnership with Yale University, or guiding juniors and seniors to the right college for them, Sarah Sterling engages students with her creative and innovative teaching style. This Upper School health teacher and new college counselor brings lots of energy and a one-of-a-kind perspective to the Shipley community. Read more about Sarah.

CHARGE! 4th Graders Simulate Revolutionary War Battle

The fourth grade's social studies curriculum is a highlight of a Shipley Lower School education. Teachers believe in experiencing the subject matter first hand, promoting deeply-rooted learning. Through field trips students won’t forget, the curriculum comes to life. Read about how 4th graders experience the Revolutionary War at Valley Forge Park with an epic bombardment battle.

Reaping What Shipley Sowed: Todd Mcdevitt Hopkins ’77

Fourteen years at Shipley instilled a desire and passion for learning that fuels this alumna’s work as both a full-time pediatric physical therapist and owner of her family’s 160-acre, sustainable, pasture-based farm. Read more.

Shipley Announces Groundbreaking on Student Commons & Arts Center

Shipley is excited to announce the groundbreaking on a new Student Commons and Arts Center! Construction will begin in June, thanks in large part to an extraordinary gift of $5 million from the West Family (Al, Loralee, Paige ’86, Al III ’89, and Palmer ’92), contributed as part of The Campaign for Shipley: Foundations for Success. The gift is the largest received by the School in its 120-year history. View renderings and learn more about the exciting changes planned for our Upper Campus.

Get ready for Spring with Shipley's Annual Plant Sale

The Shipley Plant Sale offers unusual and hard-to-find varieties, native plants, and spectacular hanging baskets for sun and shade.

As you plan your spring and summer gardens, please think of all that the Shipley Plant Sale has to offer. It is a great way to support the Upper School's Sprouts horticultural program.

Download a Catalog and Order Form >>>

Please return order forms by April 18, 2014. 

Pre-ordered plants may be picked up at the Carriage House next to West Middle School during Boutique hours (see below). 

The Boutique at the Carriage House
Wednesday, April 30 and Thursday, May 1
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Eighth Graders Take On Leadership Roles to Help Others

The eighth-grade leadership class capstone project, led by teacher Tracy Ryals, channels students’ creativity and compassion to make the world a better place. Read more about this important project.

Alumni Spotlight on Dr. Beverly Vaughn ’69

Dr. Beverly Vaughn ’69 was the first African American student in her class at Shipley when she arrived in eighth grade. Her transition from public school was swift but substantial, and she immediately took to Shipley’s style of critical and creative thinking that remains paramount to the school today. Dr. Vaughn’s interest in science and advocating for women led her to career in gynecology, and today she stands as a lauded practitioner in her field, earning nods as a top doctor from such publications as Essence, Philadelphia magazine, and U.S. News and World Report. Read more.

Fifth Grader Organizes Walkathon to Raise Money for Sri Lankan Students Without Shoes

As part of her Think Care Act project, “Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes,” fifth grader Oshana Martinesz-Pugh held a Walk-A-Thon Tuesday, February 11 in the Lower School Gym. Students from the 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade contributed to the fundraising efforts by doing laps around the gym. Oshana gave a more literal meaning to her project’s title by requiring that all participating students wear someone else’s shoes – be it their dad’s boots, brother’s diving flippers, or their mom’s high heels. Read more in Main Line Media News.

Philadelphia Wings Star Kyle Buchanan Joins Shipley's Lacrosse Coaching Staff

Shipley's lacrosse program, in partnership with the Philadelphia Wings of the National Lacrosse League (NLL), is pleased to announce that first-year Wing Kyle Buchanan has joined the Shipley lacrosse coaching staff. Read the full announcement in Main Line Media News.

Upper School English Teacher Kristin Jaffe: Not What You Think

Upper School English teacher Kristin Jaffe is known for her rigorous classes, where students engage in intense analysis of complex literature. What most people probably don’t know is that this Bryn Mawr College graduate didn’t start out well academically. Find out how she turned it around and other lesser-known facts about Kristin.

Think Care Act: Compassionate Fifth Graders Make A Difference One Project at a Time

What can one Shipley fifth grader accomplish? Whatever he or she sets his or her mind to! Each year, Dr. Usha Balamore inspires fifth graders to explore their talents and cultivate them into service projects to make the world a better place. Read about her character education curriculum and the students' Think, Care, Act projects. Read more about Think Care Act at Shipley.

Nate Bronstein ’08: Future Social Policy Maker

While he was at Shipley, this former All School President made a real impact in the community. Five years later he continues to follow his lifelong pursuit of making a difference in the world and he credits Shipley for developing his commitment to leadership. Read more about Nate Bronstein '08.

Courage for the Deed: Trying Something New at Shipley

Gabe Fish ’15 writes about one of his favorite aspects of Shipley: its emphasis on reaching outside of one’s comfort zone to try new things. The School’s inclusive environment and teachers who know students well help students discover and develop new interests. Read his reflection.

Not-So-Foreign Anymore: Full-Immersion Modern Language Studies at Shipley

Shipley students begin their study of world languages in first grade and continue through graduation. Through full immersion, teachers help students build the confidence and develop the skills to become proficient speakers of Spanish, French, and Mandarin. Read more about language studies at Shipley.

The Courage to Explore: Shipley Seventh Graders Visit Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

The seventh-grade Holocaust unit at Shipley challenges students emotionally and academically. Interdisciplinary learning allows students to understand the event politically in History class. In English, students connect personally, writing stories and poems. Read about students’ experiences and thoughts on their recent trip to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. Read the story.

Shipley Squash Partners With Drexel University

The Shipley School is proud to announce that it will partner with Drexel University’s Squash program this winter for practice and match play. Read more.

The Sound is the Reward: Making Music in the Lower School

In the 2012-2013 school year, Shipley implemented a school-wide reimagining of the music department that has totally revamped music education at the elementary school level. Michael Smith, Director of Music and Performing Arts at Shipley, explains, “We thought about what we wanted the Upper School students to be able to do musically and designed the Lower School curriculum to meet those goals and to be a fulfilling and vital experience on its own.” Read more about the new Lower School music program.

Meet Jim White: Upper School History Teacher

Upper School history teacher Jim White has been making a difference in Shipley students’ lives since 1985. What ignited his passion for history? What’s his favorite piece of educational technology? What is a midlife oasis? Find out all this and more in this profile of Jim.

Fourteen Shipley Seniors Recognized By National Merit Scholarship Program

Shipley is proud to announce that fourteen Shipley seniors were recognized by the National Merit Scholarship program for their exceptional performance on the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, making up 19% of the senior class. Over the past five years, 20% of Shipley students have received this honor. Read more.

Nine Shipley Students Named Winners in Philadelphia Young Playwrights 2013 Annual Playwrighting Festival

Shipley's fifth graders have participated annually in the Philadelphia Young Playwrights Program for the past two years. Students write and perform one-act plays with support from a teaching artist and their classroom teacher. In the end, students submit their work to the Playwrighting Festival, where their work is read by a panel of judges. In some cases, students are named winners. In all cases, students develop confidence and the process inspires creativity and perseverance. Read more about the process and this year's winners.

Famed Squash Coach Paul Assaiante to Speak at Shipley October 8

Shipley will host an evening program featuring Paul Assaiante, Head Squash and Tennis Coach at Trinity College and author of Run To The Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear, on Tuesday, October 8 at 7:00 pm in Riely Theatre. Assaiante will talk about mentoring young athletes and how to lead, develop teamwork, and sustain growth in a high-pressured environment. Read more about Assaiante.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
7:00 pm, Shipley’s Riely Theatre
Parking: 819 Montgomery Ave Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Shipley Launches New Athletics Logo

The Shipley School will officially launch a new athletics logo and graphic identity on Saturday, September 28 at the school’s annual Super Saturday event. Read more about this exciting project and find out how you can win a t-shirt featuring the new logo.

Learning from the Heart: Shipley's Emotional Literacy Program

In partnership with Yale University, Shipley is piloting the only high school emotional literacy course in the country. What does Shipley’s Director of Student Support Services says about the importance of the connection between heart and mind in helping students be more successful learners? Read more. 

Making Time for Play is Important for Child Development

Did you know that play and exploration are central to child development? Research shows many cognitive benefits of play, including fostering vocabulary, narrative skills, creativity, planning, and flexible problem-solving. Learn more about the benefits of play at Bringing Back Childhood for the Future of Society on Saturday, September 21st from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Bryn Mawr College. Read more about the benefits of play and get more details about the event.

Concussion Awareness Event with Chris Nowinski, Tuesday, September 3

The Shipley School invites the public to attend a presentation by Chris Nowinski, co-director of the Boston University Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, for a discussion about concussions and head injuries and a brief Q and A session on Tuesday, September 3 at 6:30 pm in Yarnall Gymnasium.

Chris Nowinski is a co-director of the Boston University Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy and the co-founder and executive director of the Sports Legacy Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to solving the sports concussion crisis through education, policy, and research. He wrote the book Head Games, which exposed the concussion crisis in sports and was made into the 2012 documentary film of the same name. Sports Illustrated has said, “It is Nowinski's figure which looms behind the doctors and the headlines and the debate roiling over sports' newfound commitment to minimizing head trauma.”

Tuesday, September 3 , 2013
6:30pm, Shipley’s Yarnall Gymnasium
819 Montgomery Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
To learn more about Chris's life story and his path from All-Ivy football player at Harvard, to the WWE, to co-director of the Boston University Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy visit:

Class of 2013 Senior Art Show

View a selection of artwork from Shipley’s talented Class of 2013 and read about what they learned in their Shipley art classes.

Let Them Entertain You—Shipley’s Annual Fourth Grade Play

On Thursday, June 6, Shipley’s fourth graders will perform the much-anticipated fourth grade play. The script is top secret, which makes us even more anxious to see what it’s about! Read more about the fourth grade play and its writer, Ingrid Serrell.

The Peaceful Tree Huggers: A Play about Courage Performed With Courage

Trish Giaccio’s first grade students learned more than just their lines for The Peaceful Tree Huggers play performance. Through music, dance, recitation, and acting, each child earned confidence through rigorous practice, self-assessments, cooperation, and a personal investment in the outcome. Read more about how character education permeated the play production process.

Welcome to Spanish 4-5 Honors

In Antonia Angeles Gonzales' Spanish 4-5 Honors class, the goal for her students is fluency. She employs a variety of techniques to help her students achieve this – including the use of technology. This year, her students formed virtual exchanges with students in Peru using Skype, blogs, and other electronic media. Read more.

Covering the Middle East

Kristen Gillespie, editor of SAS News and a seasoned Middle East reporter, recently visited Jim White's Modern Middle East History class. Students got the opportunity to ask her questions related to their final research papers of the year. Read more.

Upper School Students Recognized at Closing Awards Ceremony

The Shipley community celebrated the annual Upper School Closing Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 29. Congratulations to the following students for their achievements. Read more.

Engineering for Kids: Bringing STEM Enrichment to Shipley's Lower School

Shipley's Engineering for Kids Encore Clubs present science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to students in age-appropriate, hands-on ways to kindle children’s natural curiosity about how things work. Teacher Javier Garay escorts students through the problem-solving process using real world issues to encourage discovery and exploratory learning. Read more.

The Genius of Schu: Peter Schumacher, Middle School History Teacher

Two decades after arriving at Shipley, Peter Schumacher is still taking an interdisciplinary approach to teaching history and challenging his students to think critically. Read more about this fascinating man and amazing teacher.

Meet Shane Kinsella: Shipley's Next Head of Middle School

Shane Kinsella says that teaching at the middle school level “is less about content and more about making connections with students so that they feel safe and valued. The daily challenge for a teacher is to connect with his or her students, to find areas of interest, and build on them so that students feel valued and respected, and as a result, are open to learning.” Read more about Shane.

Mentoring Artist Meg Biddle ’68 Draws Inspiration from Everyday Life

Meg Biddle '68 was one of Shipley's very first art majors. Now, she divides her time between crafting new projects and mentoring aspiring artists. Read more about Meg and her art.

Knights & Castles: The Shipley Kindergarten Research Project

Are kindergarten students capable of doing research projects? If they’re in Shipley’s kindergarten, the answer is “Yes!” The Knights and Castles unit challenges our young students to seek information about a topic of interest, collaborate with other students to build a project, and develop the confidence to present information to an audience of fellow students and adults. What’s the best part? They love every minute of it. Read more about this memorable unit.

Shipley's 1:1 Initiative: The Next Wave of Learning

Beginning next year, all Shipley middle and upper school students will be equipped with their very own school-issued laptops, providing universal access to learning. Read more about this exciting initiative.

Agility, Balance, and Coordination Equals Fun in Shipley's Lower School Physical Education Program

Shipley's Lower School students may think that their physical education classes are all fun and games, but they're participating in an innovative and fun program designed to build the foundations of efficient athletic movement – and get their bodies moving. Learn more about Shipley Lower School’s ABC program.

For the Love of Language: Elizabeth Raymond Dougherty ’83

Elizabeth Raymond Dougherty ’83 has devoted her career to teaching others how to read and write - including 19 years as Shipley's sixth grade English teacher. Read more about Elizabeth.

Bioethics: It’s Not Where You Stand. It’s How You Get There.

In Jessie Willing’s Upper School Bioethics senior science elective, there are no right or wrong answers. Students explore difficult issues through ethical inquiry: asking questions, gathering relevant background information, reasoning through a dilemma, making a decision, and evaluating the outcome. Read more about this fascinating class.

Theater From the Blank Page

What does it take to put on a theater production from scratch? Our Middle School theater students would know. This fall they wrote, produced, directed, and performed in an original production staged in Riely Theatre. While the final performance was spectacular, the process leading up to the curtain call was where the real magic happened. Read more to find out what students learned about working together and moving from conflict to compromise.

Tim Lightman Named Future Head of Lower School

Shipley Lower School teachers and students were excited to welcome future Head of Lower School Tim Lightman into their classrooms on Tuesday, February 19 for his first visit to campus since the announcement of his appointment on December 17. Read more about Tim.

The Idea of Wonder: Making a Mess in Lower School with Mr. Del Duca

Lower School science with Mr. Del Duca is all about the experience. From worm bins to the solar system, students don’t just study science, they live it. Read more.

Econ: Where Theory Becomes Reality—In Theory

What can you do with $50,000 and a semester’s worth of economics under your belt? If you’re in Char Weigel’s Honors Macroeconomics class you can start your own business. Find out how complex economics concepts and creativity led to her students’ success.

Shipley Girls' Varsity Basketball: An Explosion of Power, Beauty, and Grace

Shipley’s varsity girls’ basketball team has entered a new era of success under the leadership of head coach Sean Costello. Most recently, the team has won two consecutive Friends School League titles, as well as the PAISAA Independent State Championship in 2012 – a first in school history. What’s been the team’s secret? Year-round dedication, lots of hard work, and speed on the court. Read more about Shipley’s girls’ varsity basketball program and the leadership of coach Sean Costello.

Philip Johnson Practices His Way to the Philadelphia District Orchestra

Shipley Freshman Philip Johnson earned a coveted place in the 2013 Philadelphia District Orchestra, comprised of high school students from Montgomery and Bucks counties. Only forty violinists out of 160 were accepted. He placed tenth in the rigorous audition process. What helped him get there? Lots and lots of practice. Read more about how Philip Johnson prepared for the District Orchestra.

Shipley to Become an All-Steinway School

With the delivery of a 7-foot Steinway & Sons concert grand piano in Riely Theatre, Shipley is thrilled to announce its intention of becoming an “All-Steinway” school - a unique distinction for a PreK - Grade 12 institution. Read more.

Shipley Apocalypse Now: Sarah Sterling Brings Health Class Back to Life

How do you teach 10th grade students what causes the spread of disease in a way that keeps them interested? If you’re Upper School Health Teacher Sarah Sterling, you stage a grade-wide zombie apocalypse simulation. Read more about how she’s breathing life into Upper School health classes.

Courage for the Deed with Philly Young Playwrights

Seven Shipley students were named as winners in the 2012 Philly Young Playwrights Annual Playwriting Festival. However, our fifth graders learn more than how to write plays in the Philly Young Playwrights program. Read about how playwriting is a courageous act and lessons it can teach our young students.

Professional Development Portfolio: Liz Dempsey’s Dream Comes True in Norway

In the summer of 2012, Liz Dempsey, Assistant to Head of School Steve Piltch, was able to make a long-time dream come true with funding from Shipley’s Denis Nicholson Asselin Professional Development Award. Ever since she was first introduced to Ibsen’s dramatic poem, "Peer Gynt", in a middle school music appreciation class, Liz had dreamed of travelling to Norway to see it performed live in its natural setting. Read about the performance at the Peer Gynt Festival and the rest of Liz’s travels through Scandinavia at

Eighth Graders Study the Harlem Renaissance

Eighth grade English students have been involved in an exciting unit on the Harlem Renaissance, designed by eighth grade English teacher Christine Hutchinson. The unit began with an historical overview of the Harlem Renaissance and focused on the people best known for their contributions to the arts, music, and literature. Throughout the exploration of this important time in history, students were encouraged to reflect on their own identities and their role in their community. They even got a chance to share Harlem Renaissance-inspired performances with their peers. Read more.

Not Your Parent’s Cafeteria Food: How Shipley’s Food Service is Revolutionizing School Lunch

“Did you pack or are you going to buy?” Back in the day, that meant lunch and if you bought school lunch there was only one option. Ketchup was a vegetable, burgers and fries ruled the day, and mealy peas were munitions.

No more.

Gone are the days of the single choice, mystery cafeteria food. Now it’s all about nutrition and variety. Every day Shipley students are served a wide array of fresh, locally sourced hot and cold food items. Read more about how Shipley's food service is revolutionizing school lunch.

The Presidential Election at Shipley

Most Shipley students aren’t old enough to vote, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been engaged in the political process this election season. Throughout the school, teachers have used the election in their classrooms as the basis for many lessons, assignments, and in-class debates. Students in Pre-K through Grade 12 have even participated in mock elections, casting votes in a variety of ways. Find out how Shipley teachers engaged their students in this year’s political process.

This Grade’s Up for Debate: Jim White’s Modern Middle East History Class

Upper School history teacher Jim White wanted to give students in his Modern Middle East History class just one more graded assignment before the end of the first quarter. He thought an essay would be appropriate, but his students had a different idea. “How about a debate,” they proposed. Find out how well the students fared in their last assessment of the quarter.

Science the Zodda Way: Elizabeth Zodda, Upper School Science Teacher

Elizabeth Zodda isn’t your average science teacher. And in her class, it’s not enough to perform well on a test. Instead, she uses an innovative grading system called Standards Based Grading to assess her students. The avid gamer takes inspiration from the rewards systems in video games to help her refine the way she approaches motivating her students. Read more about Elizabeth and her innovative approach to teaching and learning.

Professional Development Portfolio: Linda Flippo Serves in Léogâne, Haïti

Linda Flippo has served as an ambassador and cheerleader for Shipley's humanitarian efforts in Haiti since 2010, after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the country and its people. This summer, Linda travelled to Léogâne, Haïti, to spend time in the Summer Tent Schools and La Tulipe Kindergarten, which Shipley supports financially and through the donation of school supplies. Read Linda's heart-warming account of her experiences in Haiti this summer, and how she plans on furthering Shipley's relationship with these schools in the future.

Matthew Piltch ’08 Volunteers at the Brain Tree School in Uganda

After graduating from Williams and before starting his job as a Business Analyst at Deloitte Consulting LLP, Matthew Piltch ’08 decided to spend a term volunteering at the Brain Tree School, Shipley’s African sister school in Uganda. We asked him some questions about his experience there and what inspired his trip. Read more

Eighteen Shipley Students Recognized by National Merit Scholarship Program

Eighteen Shipley students have been recognized for their achievements as National Merit Semifinalists and Commended Scholars. This recognition is based on their performance on the PSAT/NMSQT tests. Read more.

Professional Development Portfolio: The Conference on Poetry and Teaching with Susan King

This summer, Upper School English Department Head Susan King received a grant from Shipley's Professional Development Committee to attend The Conference on Poetry and Teaching at The Frost Place in Franconia, New Hampshire. The conference rekindled her appreciation of poetry - writing and teaching it. "What I valued most about this conference is that it validated my belief that poetry is a vital, living art. More than simply capturing experience in pleasing language, a poetic sensibility enhances one’s perception of being."
Read more about Susan's professional development experience.

Sarah Megan Thomas ’97 Leaps Forward with "Backwards"

Sarah Megan Thomas ’97 may look familiar. The Shipley alumna, actress, writer, and producer has appeared on screen alongside such personalities as Sigourney Weaver, Kate Bosworth and, most recently, James Van Der Beek of Dawson’s Creek fame. Now on the verge of releasing her first feature film—which Thomas not only stars in, but also wrote and produced—the multitalented filmmaker is poised to become a household name herself.
Read more.

Professional Development Portfolio: Filmtech with Art Teacher Steve Baris

Last summer, Upper School art teacher Steve Baris participated in an intensive film workshop at Filmtech, a film school in Philadelphia, with funding from Shipley's Professional Development Committee. In addition to writing, filming, editing and producing his own short film, the course helped him prepare to teach his own class in film production to Shipley students during the 2011-2012 school year. Read all about his experience here.

Upper School Students Recognized at Closing Awards Ceremony

The Shipley community celebrated the annual Upper School Closing Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 30. Many students were recognized for their achievements and for their contributions to the Shipley community. Read more.


(You can view and purchase photos from the event
in Shipley's online photo gallery.

7th Grade Participates in the Junior Model UN

The Shipley School Seventh Grade completed the World Affairs Council's Student Diplomat Junior Model UN Program for history class on May 14 and 15. Hannah Engelman and Gavin Becker were recognized as the Outstanding Country Delegation. Read more.

Middle School National Latin Exam Award Winners

On the Ides of March, all 7th grade and 8th grade Latin students took the National Latin Exam, competing by grade level with students in 13 other countries including Japan, Iran, France, and the UK. Many Shipley students were recognized for their excellent performance on the exam. Read more.

Class of 2012 Senior Art Show Preview

Don't miss the extraordinary collection of artwork by Shipley's Class of 2012 Art Majors.

The Senior Art Show is now on display in the Upper School through June 16.

Preview the work and artists here.

Walking for Nathaniel—Denis Asselin’s Pilgrimage

On Tuesday, April 24, 2012, Denis Asselin – former Shipley French teacher and Honorary Alumnus – walked out his front door and embarked on an old-fashioned pilgrimage—a 487-mile walk from Philadelphia to Boston with numerous stops along the way. The pilgrimage—“not a trip or a hike, but a journey,” says Denis—is in honor of his son Nathaniel, who died last year after a 13-year battle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Body Dysmorphic Disorder (OCD/BDD). Denis’ goal is to raise awareness of OCD/BDD, a crippling brain disease, and raise money for the International OCD Foundation. Read more.

Shipley Senior Jordyn Turner Named As 2012 National Coca-Cola Scholar - Wins $20,000 Scholarship

Shipley senior Jordyn Turner has been recognized as one of the country’s most outstanding high school seniors by the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation and has been awarded a $20,000 scholarship for college. As a member of the 24th class of Coca-Cola Scholars, Miss Turner has demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence and civic engagement in school and in the community. Read more.

Watch Our Acorns Serenade Our Mighty Oaks

On Wednesday Shipley’s preK and K “Acorns” celebrated our senior “Oaks” as part of the last all school assembly of the year.  Every year in the fall our Oaks welcome our Acorns as they join the Shipley community and the Acorns return the favor in the spring, presenting diplomas and offering a song in honor of the seniors and their upcoming graduation.

Alumni Profile — Fredricka Brecht ’68: Helping Leaders Lead

“Develop tact and you will go far.” These were the words Shipley’s head of school, Mrs. Epes, had inscribed on the index card she handed to Fredricka Brecht at her graduation in 1968. “I think it was her way of telling me to work on the grace part (of the school motto),” says Brecht, who now herself coaches CEOs to become better leaders. Read more about Fredricka Brecht ’68.

Arboretum: Paintings by Andrew Christman ’92 in Speer Gallery through May 11

Come see Andrew Christman '92's latest series of multi-media collages and paintings. Titled Arboretum, the series draws upon sources from both Eastern and Western painting traditions. In addition to referencing contemporary “recognition” field guides, abstract expressionist paintings and Asian art, Christman has recently synthesized children’s drawings of trees with his unfolding impressions of the trees that he encounters around the world.

Get more information.

Professional Development Portfolio: Saine Hsu & The soundSCAPE Music Festival

In July of 2011, Piano Lesson Teacher and Musical Accompanist Saine Hsu, traveled to the soundScape Festival in Maccagno, Italy with the help of funding from Shipley’s Professional Development Committee. The two-week festival featured rehearsals, lessons, improvisation workshops, performances, and much more. The experience left Saine with fresh ideas and invaluable tools both to enhance her students’ learning and also help her create more interesting accompaniments for the Lower School concert songs. Read more.

The Professional Development Portfolio is a series of stories written by Shipley faculty members who have received funding from Shipley to pursue Professional Development opportunities. Stay tuned to for regular installments.

Round-Up - 2012 Spring Auction

Do you want  to go to London? Tour Fenway Park? Play golf at Merion? Bid on amazing auction items and support Shipley. Absentee bids due April 18.

Shipley's Sweethearts Team Up To Support Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Shipley's Service Learning Team invites all members of the Shipley community to participate in a very special event happening this spring on Sunday, May 20, 2012 in honor of all the woman and families whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. Living Beyond Breast Cancer is a local organization that helps women navigate their way from the moment of diagnosis through treatment and recovery. This organization has played a huge role in the lives of many women here at Shipley. Read more about how you can help support this cause.

Professional Development Portfolio: In Her Father’s Footsteps

Second grade teacher Marian Roche’s father, Jim Stevens, was one of the soldiers of the 601st Tank Destroyers during WWII. He was on active duty for the entire engagement of the North African Campaign and The European Theater of Operations. In four years he experienced 546 days of combat.

Jim has often said that he would have liked to return to Italy - a ritual journey allowing him to reconcile the brutality of the war he fought with the people, culture, beauty, and history of the country that he also experienced. At 91, he could not take that journey. So, with money received from the Denis Nicholson Asselin Professional Development award, Marian took the trip for him this summer.
Read all about it in her blog.

Shipley Finishes Third in Regional MATHCOUNTS Competition

Shipley middle school students performed extraordinarily well at the Valley Forge/Montgomery County chapter MATHCOUNTS competition. The official team of Amy Danoff, Will Field, Benjamin Kimmel, and Steven Zhang led the Gators to a third place finish overall, out of 24 schools. MATHCOUNTS is a national competitive middle school mathematics program. Read more.

Seven Shipley Seniors Named National Merit Finalists

Congratulations to Giselle Bartolo, Sydney Bolling, Eric Loreaux, Elizabeth Schwartz, Samantha Spear, Steven Wadden, and Elizabeth Wilcox.

Read more about the National Merit Scholarship Program.


Professional Development Portfolio: Professional and Personal Development in Spain

With a grant from Shipley’s Professional Development program,  Upper School Spanish teacher Antonia Angeles Gonzales traveled to Spain in the summer of 2011. She participated in a course called “The Spanish Culture and its Application in the Spanish as a Foreign Language Classroom” at the prestigious Universidad Alcalá de Henares, just outside of Madrid. It was “one of the most enriching, rewarding, and memorable experiences of my life,” she says. Read more about her trip.

The Professional Development Portfolio is a series of stories written by Shipley faculty members who have received funding from Shipley to pursue Professional Development opportunities. Stay tuned to for regular installments.

Alumni Profile: Emmy Miller ’96 Rewrites Homer’s Iliad

It has to be said: it was a bold move to rewrite Homer’s Iliad—one of literature’s most famous ancient works—as a modern novel. But it has paid off for Shipley alumna and former teacher, Madeline (Emmy) Miller ’96.
Read more about Emmy and her new novel, Song of Achilles.

New in Speer Gallery: Artwork by Mark Khaisman through February 10

Visit Shipley's Speer Gallery to view artwork by Mark Khaisman, which will be on display through February 10.
Get more information about the artist and his work.


You can also join the artist for a reception:
Thursday, January 19
5:00 pm, Speer Gallery
Get more information and download to your calendar.
Add this event to your calendar.

Alumni Profile: Joy Styles ’92 – Her Own Song

By Laura Schoeffel

Joy Styles wants to make history, and she is very candid about her goal: “I am going to be the first black woman to succeed in country music. There never has been one.” She is well on her way, having just released her debut EP, Trying to Be Me. Each song reflects the journey of a woman who has learned the value of past mistakes and emerges stronger: “…whether it is an anthem or a ballad, the songs are a part of myself that I am sharing.” Read more.

Professional Development Portfolio: Digging Through History Workshop

In July 2011, Middle School history teacher Peter Stokes participated in a professional workshop for teachers exploring the historical resources of Valley Forge and Independence National Historical Parks. As part of the workshop, he participated in behind-the-scenes experiences of two of the most outstanding historical sites in American History, including an archaeological dig in Valley Forge Park. Read more.

The Professional Development Portfolio is a series of stories written by Shipley faculty members who have received funding from Shipley to pursue Professional Development opportunities. Stay tuned to for regular installments.

Seventh Graders Study Classical Architecture and its Influences in Washington, D.C.

By Middle School Latin Teacher, Anne Smith

The recent seventh grade field trip to Washington, D.C. was a great example of Shipley Middle School’s innovative efforts to integrate curriculum. I contributed to the trip with integrated lessons on Classical architecture in my Latin classes, which were capped off with our visit to the capital city and its Classically-influenced monuments. Read more.

When Life Mimics Literature: Grade 9 Students as Storytellers

As part of Shipley Upper School’s innovative efforts to integrate curriculum, students in ninth grade honors English have been studying Middle Eastern literature in conjunction with their study of the Middle East in history. A recent assignment asked students to be, like Scheherezade, storytellers themselves. Read more.

Professional Development Portfolio: Outsider Art and Collage

In the summer of 2011, Shipley Lower School art teachers Bonnie Goldstein and Kathy Chapman were able to participate in a course on outsider artists and the art of collage, thanks to Shipley Professional Development funding. Goldstein and Chapman, who teach lessons on outsider art in their lower school classes, expanded their understanding of what outsider art is and got to make some of their own art. Read about their experience.

The Professional Development Portfolio is a series of stories written by Shipley faculty members who have received funding from Shipley to pursue Professional Development opportunities. Stay tuned to for regular installments.

Seventh Graders Visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Seventh graders recently visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. after researching the lives of some of the people whose names are engraved there.
Find out what they learned

Shipley Theater Director Emma Gibson Gets Rave Reviews for “A Play, A Pie, and A Pint”

Earlier this year, Shipley Theater Director Emma Gibson reached out to the Shipley community to help her raise money to match a $25,000 Knight Challenge grant she received to debut the “A Play, A Pie, and A Pint” theater concept with her Tiny Dynamite Theater Company. The concept – which Emma refers to as “Brilliantly Casual Theatre”—consists of a one-act play, accompanied by a drink and a slice of pizza. The concept has been wildly successful and was recently written up in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Read the article here.

Twenty-Two Shipley Seniors Recognized by National Merit Scholarship Program

Twenty-two Shipley seniors were recognized by the National Merit Scholarship program. The program honors individual students who show exceptional academic ability and potential for success in rigorous college studies.
Read more

Paintings by Kassem Amoudi to be on Display In Speer Gallery October 17 - November 4

Come see the abstract paintings of Kassem Amoudi, on display in Speer Gallery from October 17 through November 4. Meet the artist and other art enthusiasts at an Artist Reception on October 17.
Get more information about the artist.

Artist Reception
Monday, October 17
5:00 – 7:00 pm
Speer Gallery

The Wide, Wide World of Shipley

by Elinor Donahue

Even in this Internet age, the whole world isn’t all at our cyber-connected fingertips. Sometimes you just have to walk it with your feet. So this summer Shipley students did that. The morning after graduation, ten Upper School students boarded a plane for Costa Rica to immerse themselves in that country’s life, language and work. Another five students were off for a week in Japan to experience the culture of a nation half a world away.

Certainly there are no boundaries to how and where Shipley students acquire an education—whether it’s on the playing field, in the community, studio or laboratory or anywhere else. Getting a first-hand understanding of how broad the possibilities are may be the best learning experience of all.

The students came back from their foreign adventures with a new appreciation for the differences around the globe. And they came back with stories that will make a difference in their lives – and shape who they might become.

Read about students' experiences in Costa Rica.
Read about the trip to Japan.

Shipley Community Celebrates Super Saturday and New Fields!

On Saturday, September 24, the Shipley community was out in full force for the games, crafts, food and fun all to support the charities chosen by the Students Organized for Service. The crowds stayed to cheer on our teams and celebrate the official opening of the new turf fields with a ribbon-cutting. Super Saturday embodied Shipley’s best self...Read more about the day and see photos.

Artwork by Shipley Art Teacher Steve Baris Published in Two Publications, Included in Main Line Art Center Exhibition

Shipley Upper School art teacher Steve Baris doesn’t just teach art, he makes it. A regular exhibitor in Philadelphia and New York City galleries, Baris’s work was published in two important publications this summer and has been included in a local exhibition at the Main Line Art Center. Get more information.

New Speer Gallery Exhibition: What you don't see

What you don't see
A photographic exhibition on loan from the West Collection
In Speer Gallery September 5 to October 6

“What you don’t see” highlights what photographs typically don’t do: create a mystery. The contemporary artists working in this exhibition go to great lengths to lead viewers to a set of questions ranging from “is this a Photoshop alteration?” to “how is that possible?”

Get more information.

Shipley Participates in Bryn Mawr 100 Project

Shipley has been working since last spring with some 19 other organizations and Lower Merion Township on plans to celebrate Bryn Mawr institutions that are 100 years old or older.

The Bryn Mawr 100 celebration will take place on Saturday, September 10 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, centered around the main parking lot in Bryn Mawr, with live music at the gazebo. A formal ceremony recognizing Shipley and the other institutions will take place at noon at the gazebo. The Farmers’ Market will be in full swing and there will be free parking in Bryn Mawr Hospital’s garage. Old-time games, sidewalk sales, food, and tours of participating institutions will be features of the day.

September 10 is also the date of Shipley’s Back-to-School Barbecue, to which all are invited.

Founded in 1894, Shipley is well into its second century and joins in the celebration with such organizations as Harriton House (over 300 years old), Bryn Mawr Hospital, John Fish Jewelers, a number of churches, Bryn Mawr College, The Baldwin School, and Aqua America.

More information:


Erin Klingsberg '08 to Screen "East of Eden" in Riely Theatre on Thursday, June 2

Please join Shipley alumna Erin Klingsberg '08 on Thursday, June 2, for a special screening on Elia Kazan's East of Eden. Erin is screening the film in order to help promote and raise funds for her BFA thesis film, "The Lonesome Animal," which she is currently producing for Emerson College and which she will be shooting at Shipley later in June.

The screening begins at 6:00 pm in the Riely theater and will be accompanied by a short Q&A with Erin afterward. Concessions will be available and a suggested donation of $5.00 is much appreciated.


New Video: Grade 2 Desert Zoo

The Desert Zoo is the second grade's culminating social studies project. Having completed research projects on desert animals, second graders dress up like and act the part of desert animal experts. In this video, second grade teachers at The Shipley School explain the project, with some help from their students and scenes from the big event. Stay tuned until the end of the video, when second graders perform their desert zoo song.

Shipley Alumna Becky Snyder Fawcett '88 Named CNN Hero

Becky Snyder Fawcett '88 was named this week's CNN Hero for her work in establishing Help Us Adopt, a non-profit grant organization offering adoption financial assistance.

Watch and read CNN's report on hero Becky Snyder Fawcett '88.


Spring 2011 Shakespeare Performance: Hamlet

Don't miss these upcoming performances of the Spring 2011 Shakespeare production of Hamlet.

Friday, May 20 & Saturday, May 21
7:30 pm, Riely Theatre

Sunday, May 22
2:00 pm, Riely Theatre


Shipley Sprouts Plant Sale - Last Day is Today!

Don't miss your chance to beautify your garden and support Shipley's horticultural program at the same time - stop by the plant sale outside of the carriage house next to West Middle School!

Shipley Students Win Awards at DECA International Student Marketing and Business Competition

On Friday, April 29, five Shipley Upper School students traveled to Orlando, Florida to compete at the international level for DECA, the high school marketing club. 

The competition was conducted in two parts: first, students completed a written exam, and then they conducted two role plays in which they presented a business plan to professionals recruited from across the country.

In addition to the honor of being invited to compete at the highest level of competition, three Shipley students received additional recognition. Haley Banks was given a medal for Outstanding Role Play in the Apparel and Accessories Marketing individual event. In addition, the team of Mason Richins and Chris Taylor was invited to compete in the finals for the Financial Team Decision Making event, and they placed among the ten best teams in the country.

The trip was extremely rewarding for the students, both personally and professionally. Their successes are incredible, even more so because nearly every student at DECA takes formal coursework in marketing and business; Shipley’s students thrived despite no formal training. Congratulations to them!

Middle School Latin Students Excel in 2011 National Latin Exam

Middle School Latin teachers Dr. Lynn Iozzo and Mrs. Anne Smith are pleased to recognize the following seventh and eighth grade Latin students who distinguished themselves by their performance on this year’s National Latin examination.

7th grade NLE level “Introduction to Latin”
“Outstanding Achievement” (Certificates, & purple ribbon) Amy Danoff, Vincent Fumo, Evan Spector, Benjamin Kimmel, Josh Liss. “Achievement” (Certificates) Will Field, Allegra Rapoport, Nicholas Ragaglia, Elise Dadourian, Nicole Weber, Micah Salamon, Shannon Smith, Jill Nehrbas.

8th grade NLE level “Latin I”
“Summa Cum Laude” awards (Gold medals on purple ribbons & Certificate) Nathaniel Wheeler and Porter Durham. “Maxima Cum Laude” awards (Silver medals on purple ribbons & Certificate) Sara French, Miray Eroglu, David Bakali, Ethan Bradlow, Alex Picariello, Emma Scornavacchi, Riley Smith, Anisa Iqbal. “Magna Cum Laude” awards (Certificates) Zach Quayle, Hunter Vander Zwaag, Elanur Eroglu, Keagan Farr. “Cum Laude” awards (Certificates) J.R. Cruise, Tristan Fogt, Brian Anderson, Zoe Helmers, Anne Homans, Halle Nagorsky.


New Video: The Shipley Sprouts Strut Their Stuff for The Philadelphia Flower Show

The Shipley Sprouts, Shipley's Upper School horticultural club, has been a fixture at the Philadelphia Flower Show for more than 30 years. In this video, filmed and produced by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, you'll meet some of the students and teachers that make up this important Shipley club. Watch the video on YouTube.

37th annual Secret Gardens Tour

RSVP today for the 37th annual Secret Gardens Tour for a day of exploring magnificent and seldom-seen gardens along the Main Line. Make it a day with your friends and include a catered lunch at historic Appleford, where local artists and vendors will sell their featured items. Kindly RSVP by May 5. A map and ticket(s) for the tour and/or luncheon will be sent to you.

Upper School Students to Perform Hamlet May 19 – 22

Don't miss the Upper School's performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet, in Riely Theatre May 19 through May 22. Performances are scheduled as follows:

Thursday, May 19
Friday, May 20
Saturday, May 21

7:30 pm

Sunday, May 22
2:00 pm

New Video: Philadelphia Dance Company Helps Upper School Students Prepare for Performance of Hamlet

This video highlights some of the work that Shipley's Upper School students did with local dance and theater professionals to prepare for their performance of Hamlet. Thanks to theater director, Emma Gibson, for making and posting the video. Watch the video on YouTube.

Don't Miss the Senior Art Show - On Display in Speer Gallery May 13 through June 12

Come and marvel at the work of 22 Shipley senior art majors, which will be on display in Shipley's Speer Gallery from May 13 through June 4. Preview their extraordinary work here.


Middle School Students to Perform The Music Man - Thursday, May 5 Opening Night

Middle School students will perform The Music Man in Shipley's Riely Theatre. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children. Performances are scheduled as follows:

Thursday, May 5
7:00 pm

Friday, May 6
7:00 pm

Saturday, May 7
2:00 pm

Shipley to Host College Fair - Monday, May 23rd

On Monday, May 23rd Shipley will host a college fair sponsored by Shipley, EA, Baldwin, Haverford, and Friends’ Central.

The fair will be held from 6:30-8pm, in Yarnall Gymnasium.

Colleges attending the fair are:

Albright American Arcadia
  Bennington BU
Bowdoin Brown Bryn Mawr
Bucknell Carleton Carnegie Mellon
Case Western University of Chicago Colby
Colgate Colorado College Columbia

Connecticut College





University of Delaware

Denison Dickinson Drexel
Drew Duquesne East Stroudsburg
Elizabethtown Emerson Emory
Fairfield Fairleigh Dickinson Franklin & Marshall
GW Gettysburg Goucher
Hamilton Harvey Mudd Haverford
High Point Hobart and William Smith Holy Cross
Immaculata Johns Hopkins Kalamazoo
Kenyon Lafayette Lawrence
Lehigh Loyola Macalester
Marist Maryland Institute College of Art McDaniel
Merrimack University of Miami Moravian
Muhlenberg NYU Northeastern
Northwestern Notre Dame Oberlin
Ohio Wesleyan University of Pennsylvania Penn State
Princeton Providence University of Richmond
Roanoke University of Rochester St. Joe’s
St. Lawrence Salisbury Sarah Lawrence
University of Scranton Skidmore Smith
Susquehanna Swarthmore Syracuse
Temple Trinity (CT) Tulane
Ursinus Union Vanderbilt
Vassar Villanova Wake Forest
Washington College Washington and Jefferson Washington & Lee
Washington University St. Louis Wesleyan West Chester
Wheaton (MA) Widener Williams
College of Wooster Yale  

Shipley Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for Phase I of the Upper Campus Master Plan

Dark skies, heavy winds, and the forecast of thunderstorms did not dampen high spirits in Shipley’s Yarnall Gymnasium, where the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Phase I of the school’s Upper Campus Master Plan took place on Thursday, April 28. Shipley alumni, trustees, parents, grandparents, and friends joined students and colleagues for the celebration, which followed the end-of-year All-School Assembly. Read more.

Shipley Mourns Death of Two Young Alumni

In the last two weeks in April two alumni from the class of 2005 died tragically: Nathaniel Asselin and Bradley Strange.

Nathaniel Asselin, the son of long-time revered faculty member, Denis Asselin and Denis’ wife, Judy, and the brother of Carrie, was a student at Shipley in fourth and fifth grades. He left us after fifth grade to return to Westtown School.

Nathaniel (age 24) was the Assistant Director of the Westtown Middle School After School Program, where he ably served his young charges as they settled down after school and got started on homework. An avid runner, he was also an assistant coach on the Westtown Middle School Cross Country Team.

A memorial service will be held Sunday, May 1 at 2:00 p.m. at Westtown Meeting House on the Westtown School campus. A reception will follow the service.

Bradley Strange, son of Lynn and David Strange and brother of Tori ‘02 and Whitney, joined Shipley in ninth grade and graduated in 2005. He went on to Bard College and was living in Northampton, MA.

A passionate and thoughtful student, Brad was among Shipley’s most gifted performers A member of the Madriguys, he was an anchor in all of our theater productions. Former faculty member Emily Miller ’96, who directed him in an extraordinary performance of King Lear, wrote: “Brad was an incredible young man, and I am saddened beyond words that his light is no longer in this world. I cannot believe that he is gone.”

The memorial service for Bradley will be held on Friday, May 6 at 2:00 pm at Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church with a reception afterwards at the church fellowship hall. 

The Lower School Book Fair

By First Grader Jon Campbell Basralian

Shipley junior reporter Jon Campbell Basralian reports on the School's annual Lower School Book Fair, which raises money for the Lower School library.
Read his article here.

Video: Third Graders Dissect Sharks

Third graders in Deb Marcee’s science class recently wrapped up their unit on sharks with a dissection activity. Parent volunteers were on hand to help students with the more difficult aspects of the project. “I can talk about sharks and show you pictures in a book,” said Mrs. Marcee, “but it doesn’t compare to the experience of actually looking at a shark’s insides, and being able to touch and feel them.” See what the experience was like in this video.

Video: Fourth Grade’s Revolutionary War Jeopardy

Shipley fourth graders capped off their study of the Revolutionary War with a modern-day game of Jeopardy. The Loyalists matched up against the Patriots for a close and exciting battle of the minds. Find out how they fared in this video.

Shipley First Grader Jon Campbell Basralian Named Local Whiz Kid by

Shipley first-grader Jon Campbell Basralian is not your average six-year-old. He caught the attention of local online news outlet because he reads the Philadelphia Inquirer and sometimes the Wall Street Journal on his way to school. Read about the other interesting things we found out about Jon in this interview.

Shipley’s Sweethearts Need You: Join the Effort to Support Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Shipley’s Sweethearts will join together for Yoga on the Steps, a fundraiser supporting Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Last year, a group of over 30 people from the Shipley community raised over $7,000 for the cause. This year, the group is hoping to recruit more members and raise even more money. Read more.

Shipley Junior Caroline Anapol Named Main Line Media News' Student of the Week

Shipley junior Caroline Anapol was named the Main Line Media News' Student of the Week. Read and watch the Main Line Media News interview with Caroline.


Empty Bowls Soup Dinner & Fundraiser on Tuesday, March 22

For the third year in a row, Shipley will partner with Witnesses to Hunger to raise awareness about hunger in Philadelphia and its devastating effects on humanity through an event hosted in Shipley's Upper School dining room.
Get more information about this eye-opening event.

Shipley to Host Screening of Race to Nowhere: A Film about the Dark Side of America's Achievement Culture

The public is invited to attend a screening of the critically acclaimed film, Race to Nowhere, in Shipley's Riely Theatre on Monday, March 21 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $15 at the door and $10 in advance through online purchase. Get more information.

Lower School Art Teachers Bonnie Goldstein and Kathy Chapman to Participate in Cheltenham Printmakers Guild Exhibition April 4 – April 29

Lower School art teachers Bonnie Goldstein and Kathy Chapman don’t just teach art – they make it. Both women are longtime members of the Cheltenham Printmakers Guild and will be participating in an upcoming exhibition, running from April 4 through April 29. Read more.

Five Shipley Students Qualify for International Student Business Competition

Ten Shipley Upper School students participated in the Pennsylvania DECA state competition from Wednesday, February 23 through Friday, February 25. The students found the competition personally rewarding and many of them won distinction in their categories. Read more.

Don't Forget: Shipley Upper School Students to Perform Little Shop of Horrors March 10 – 13

Upper School students have been busy rehearsing in preparation for the spring musical performance of Little Shop of Horrors, which will run in Riely Theatre from March 10 through 13. Get more information.

Seven Middle School Students Receive Best of Show Commendations in Philadelphia Classical Society’s Latin Week Competition

The Philadelphia Classical Society held its annual Latin Week Competition on Saturday, February 26 at The Baldwin School. Many Shipley Middle School students submitted artistic and creative projects. Seven students received Best in Show commendations for their submissions. Read more.

Third Graders Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ 118th Birthday, Take Part in Read Across America

Shipley third graders participated in the National Education Association’s annual Read Across America event and celebrated Dr. Seuss’s 118th birthday on Wednesday, March 2. The celebration entailed lots of reading, pajamas, and special Seuss-inspired snacks. Read more and see the photos.

Shipley Debate Team Takes First Place at Pennsylvania High School Speech League District Tournament

Upper School students Andrew Wofford, Kiersten Zug, and Zack Flick won first place in Parliamentary Debate at the Pennsylvania High School Speech League District Tournament and qualified to compete at the state tournament, scheduled for March 25 and 26. Read more.

Video: Pre-K Students Perform "The Shipley Shuffle"

Shipley’s Pre-Kindergarten students were treated to a performance and music lesson by New York City-based musician Joe Vigliotti. He talked about the difference between different musical styles, answered questions about his musical background, and played his standup bass. He also left students with a parting gift, which they used to create this fine piece of music. Joe dubbed it “The Shipley Shuffle.” Watch a video of the performance.

You're Invited to a Private Docent Tour at The Barnes Foundation

With Lunch at Al Dar Bistro
Thursday, March 17, 2011

Join the Shipley Fine Arts Committee for an intimate tour of The Barnes Foundation to see one of the premier collections of French Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and early Modern paintings in the world. Although the upstairs galleries are closed for conservation work in preparation for their relocation to Philadelphia, approximately 1,500 extraordinary works remain on view on the first floor, including famed masterpieces by Cézanne, Renoir, Matisse, Seurat, Modigliani and many others.

This private tour (galleries will be closed to the public during our tour) is available at the special price of $45.00 per person which includes parking (usually $75.00 or more). If you are able to join us for lunch, we have selected a few delicious items to choose from at $20.00 per person.

For more information contact Christie Test Moag '95,, Director of Special Programs and Events.

First Graders Celebrate the 100th Day of School

Shipley’s first graders celebrated the 100th day of school on Friday, February 25 with artistic creations made of 100 objects. The results were colorful and creative. Read and see more.

Shipley Third Graders Bring Heroes to Life

Shipley third graders brought heroes past and present to life – and got some public speaking practice in the meantime – at the annual Bagel and Biographies morning on Thursday, February 24. Read more.

Rescheduled for Marh 7: Expert on Adolescent Medicine to Present on Building Resilience in Teens

All Shipley parents are encouraged to attend the parent education program rescheduled for Monday, March 7 at 7:00 pm in the Middle School Resource Center. Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, author of A Parent's Guide to Building Resilience in Children and Teens: Giving Your Child Roots and Wings, will speak to parents about helping their children learn competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control to help them bounce back from challenges. Read more.


Six Shipley Students Named National Merit Finalists, One Named National Achievement Finalist

Congratulations to Nate Colgan, David Corenswet, Jeremy Laskin, Dixon Sperry, Julia Tyson, and Michael Umbrecht, National Merit Finalists. Congratulations to Amiyr Jackson, National Achievement Finalist. Read more about the National Merit and National Achievement Scholarship programs.

Learning from Memory: Sixth Grade Students Harness the Power of Memory for Writing and Life Lessons

Halfway through the school year, sixth grade English teacher Elizabeth Dougherty noticed an important thread emerging from two of the units she was covering in her course. “It had to do with the importance of our memories, not only as a connection to the past but as a bridge to the future when we consider the possibilities for wisdom that memories provide,” she explained. Read more.

Middle School Mandarin Students Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit

Students in Shih-Han Wang’s Middle School Mandarin Class rang in the Chinese New Year with a feast and their families at local Chinese restaurant Yang Ming. Read more.

Shipley Lower School Chosen to Participate in Character Education Pilot Program

Betsy Leschinsky has been teaching Shipley Lower School students how to navigate challenging social situations and talk about their feelings for years. She and her students role play, read stories, and discuss topics to learn these difficult lessons. Now, she’s got Kimochis – a cast of adorable stuffed animals with tiny feelings inside – to help her. Read more.

Shipley Students Participate in Multi-Cultural Awareness Program Day

Students in Shipley’s Middle and Upper Schools took a break from their regular classes to participate in the School’s annual Multi-Cultural Awareness Program Day on Tuesday, January 25. The Middle School’s activities focused on the theme of “Goodness in the World” while the Upper School spent the day thinking about “The Right to a Good Education.” Read more about MAP Day.

Students to Perform in Support of the Brain Tree School

Get rid of the winter doldrums with “An Afternoon of Gavottes,” a musical and dance performance by Shipley students in support of the Brain Tree School. The event is scheduled to take place on Sunday, February 13 in the Riely Theatre. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased in advance. Get more information.

Save the Date! Community Dinner & Basketball Games

Friday, February 4, 5:30-7:30pm
Upper School Dining Room

Get more information and a detailed basketball schedule.

Last Chance for Upper School Students to Travel to Costa Rica – Deadline for Registration January 28

Shipley is once again partnering with Sustainable Horizon to provide Upper School students with the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica for 10 days. The trip combines service learning with home stay experiences and eco-tourism adventures and will take place June 11 – June 20, 2011. Get more information.

Shipley Marketing and Business Students Qualify for State Competition

On Thursday, January 6, 21 Shipley Upper School students participated in the DECA competition for District 8 in Pennsylvania. Nearly all of Shipley’s participants qualified for the state competition, to be held at the end of February, and many took home even more impressive awards. “The students enjoyed themselves immensely and performed admirably,” said faculty advisor, David Reiman. Read more.

Sculptures by Karen Steen to be on Display in Speer Gallery February 14 – March 25

Explore the whimsical, organic-inspired sculptures of artist Karen Steen, to be on display in Shipley's Speer Gallery February 14 – March 25. Meet the artist at an open-to-the-public Artist Reception on Thursday, February 24, from 5:00 to 7:00. Read more about the artist and her work.

Shipley to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with Service Activities on Monday, January 17

Celebrate the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. with your children and the Shipley community by participating in one of many Shipley-sponsored service opportunities. Get more information.

STATIC MO__MENT VE. Artwork by Martha Finney on Display in Speer Gallery Through February 11

Artwork by artist Martha Finney is on display in the Speer Gallery through February 11. The public is invited to attend an Artist Reception on Thursday, January 13 at 5:00 pm. Get more details about the show.

Shipley Pre-K Studies Nutrition, Raises Money for the Food Allergy Network with Healthy Snack Sale

Shipley’s Pre-K students culminated their unit on nutrition with Shipley’s fifth annual Healthy Snack Sale. The students raised $382 to benefit the Food Allergy Network, a non-profit organization which funds research on vaccines for food allergies. Read more.

Fourth and Fifth Graders Celebrate Libraries Around the World

Students in Shipley’s fourth and fifth grades participated in an international exchange with students in Croatia and Portugal—all without leaving the Lower School Library. Read more.

Participate in the “Great Warm Up” Drive and Save 20% at Shipley’s School Store

Shipley’s school store is teaming up with the community for the second year in a row to collect gently used coats and blankets, and new socks, hats, and gloves for five organizations in the area. The drive runs December 6 – 17. Make a donation and save 20% at the Shipley School Store.

Get more details.

2010 Varsity Basketball Tournaments

Don’t miss these chances to cheer on Shipley’s basketball teams in December.
Friday & Saturday, December 3 & 4
Boys’ Basketball vs. Phelps, New Beginnings, and Valley Forge Military Academy
Friday & Saturday, December 10 & 11
Girls’ Basketball vs. Agnes Irwin, Westtown, and Lawrenceville

Get the schedule.

Thanks for Giving

Fifty-one families in the Philadelphia area will benefit from the generosity and support of the Shipley community this Thanksgiving holiday. Over $3,000 were raised to purchase food for 51 Thanksgiving meals – including 25-pound turkeys and all the fixins. A very special thank you to freshman Madison Bailey, who raised enough money for 41 of those meals. Read more.

Video: Middle School Students Learn Spanish Through Songs

Middle School Spanish teacher Nate Schwartz loves music. He shares his passion with students through songwriting mini-courses, random musical collaborations throughout the year, and even in his Spanish classes. At the beginning of the year he decided to start writing songs to help his students learn vocabulary and grammar. See some of the results in this video.

Video: Second Graders Dissect Grasshoppers

When you step into Deb Marcee’s Lower School classroom, there is no doubt about what subject she teaches. Her room is a living and breathing testament to the study of science. Tanks filled with fish, small sharks, a turtle, and other creatures line the room’s perimeter. A display of birds perches on top of a bookcase. And all around, posters covered with insects, plants, and other life forms cover the walls.

The second through fifth graders who learn in Marcee’s room are literally surrounded by science. They experience it; they don’t just study it. That’s why her second graders dissect grasshoppers during their unit about insects.

Watch a video of the second graders at work.

A Foundation of Learning Through Art

It’s first period on a Wednesday. The students in Christine Greenwood’s ninth grade Art Foundations class are sitting in the multi-media design lab, staring up at a 52” flat screen on the wall. She’s working in Photoshop, showing her students how to convert a 2” x 2” pencil-drawn template into a complex black-and-white abstract design. Read more and see some of the final projects.

Student Artwork to be on Display in Ardmore During Month of November

Forty pieces of artwork by Shipley students in all three divisions have been entered into the Ardmore First Friday Emerging Artist Show. The work will be displayed throughout stores in Ardmore during the month of November. On Friday, November 5, there will be a pre- show reception for the exhibiting students and their families from 5:30 – 7:00 pm at the Ardmore Initiative office, 56 E. Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore. Get more information.

Don’t Miss the Upper School Fall Plays: November 19 – 21, 2010

Upper School students will present three performances of the Fall Plays starting Friday, November 19. Theater directors Tony Morinelli, Emma Gibson, and Phillips Brown are directing several different productions.

Get more details.

Shipley Upper School Faculty Band Performs for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Shipley's Upper School Faculty Band—made up of college counselor Ellen Deitrich, history teacher Chuck Amidon, and science teachers Adam Goren and Josh Berberian—play Melissa Etheridge’s "I Run for Life" in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The band performed the song for Middle and Upper School students.

Shipley also recognized Breast Cancer Awareness month with Wear Pink or Red dress down days in each of the divisions, which helped raise money for The Susan G. Koman Foundation and Living Beyond Breast Cancer. The Middle School also held a bake sale to help raise funds in support of breast cancer research. Watch the performance.

The Great Physics Curling Challenge

In this video, students in Josh Berberian’s honors physics class use basic physics formulas to predict how far down the hallway a block will travel when shot out of the super-duper physics block-firing slingshot. Unfortunately, our camera battery ran out before the completion of the final competition. In the end, though, it’s the process that matters most. Watch that process in this video.

MANNA Pie in the Sky Thanksgiving Sale & Fundraiser

Satisfy your sweet tooth and feel good about it by ordering a pie just in time for Thanksgiving through MANNA's Pie in the Sky Sale and Fundraiser. MANNA is an organization that prepares and delivers nourishing meals and counsel to individuals battling life-threatening illnesses. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, carrot cake, chocolate fudge cake, and cherry-topped cheesecake all available. Place your orders by November 19. Get more information.

Shipley to Host Special Olympics: Friday, November 5 – Sunday, November 7

All members of the Shipley community are encouraged to take part in the Special Olympics Fall Festival from November 5 through November 7. Shipley will host the bocce ball and soccer competitions in Yarnall Gym and Fuller Fields. Get more information about volunteering.

When I Was a Girl: Photographs by Ann Chwatsky on Display in Speer Gallery November 15 - December 17, 2010

When I Was a Girl, a series of digital Iris prints by photographer Ann Chwatsky, will be on display in Shipley’s Speer Gallery from November 15 through December 17. The public is invited to attend an artist reception on Wednesday, December 2 at 5:00 pm in the Speer Gallery. Get more information.

Neal Regino ’03—Improving the Lives of Chester City Youth Through Soccer

Even before Major League Soccer came to Chester, PA, Shipley alumnus Neal Regino ’03 and the Will Trippley Youth Development Foundation were working to improve the lives of Chester’s youth through soccer. The program ran its first camp in the summer of 2006 and has celebrated many milestones since then—including the recent $50,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant won in coordination with MLS team the Philadelphia Union. The organizations are hoping the grant will give them something else to celebrate—a new soccer field for the 300+ Chester children who benefit from the Will Trippley Youth Development Foundation’s Chester City United Soccer Program. Read more.

Allison Manley ’89 & Squishy Press — Making Safe & Smart Children’s Books

When Shipley alumna Allison Manley ’89 and her husband Rob Coleman saw their son chewing on his baby books, they wondered what was in them—and whether they were safe to eat. They did some research and were surprised by the lack of regulations and environmentally-friendly options for children’s books. Eco-conscious Allison and Rob found they had lots of options for cloth diapers, low-voc paint, and organic food—but not for books. Read about how they changed that with Squishy Press.

Stu Malcolm’s Journey: The Tale of a Sixth Grade Science Teacher’s Carbonless Commute

Shipley’s sixth grade teachers kicked off the beginning of the school year by asking their students, “What’s your journey?” When it came time for science teacher Stu Malcolm to share his answer, his excitement was palpable. “I’m going to commute back and forth from school without any carbon,” he told them. Read about Stu Malcolm's carbonless commute.

Six Shipley Seniors Named National Merit Semifinalists

Nate Colgan, David Corenswet, Jeremy Laskin, Dixon Sperry, Julia Tyson, and Michael Umbrecht were all named National Merit Semifinalists and will have the chance to compete for over $36 million in scholarships with some of the nation’s most academically talented students. Read more.

Learning in Three Inches

Eighth grader Arman Eroglu caught the attention of his teachers and peers by spending one full day trying to access everything he needed through a three-inch hole. Inspired by an article in Newsweek, he was simulating the experience of the 33 Chilean miners trapped 2,000 feet underground. In the process he - and the rest of the Shipley community - learned something important. Read the story.

Painting/Constructs by Anne Graham Minich ’53 on Display in Speer Gallery October 11 – November 14

Visit the Speer Lobby Gallery in Shipley’s Upper School from October 11 through November 14 to view a selection of paintings by Shipley alumna Anne Graham Minich ’53. The exhibition, called Painting/Constructs, features work spanning the last 14 years. The public is invited to attend an artist reception on Thursday, October 14 at 5:30 pm in the Speer Gallery.

Read more about the exhibition.

The Dirt on the Trail: An Appalachian Trail Memoir

In the summer of 2010, Upper School math and science teacher Josh Berberian left the comforts of home – including his wife and three children – to hike the 220-mile Pennsylvania portion of the Appalachian Trail. Alone.

With funding from Shipley’s Denis Nicholson Asselin Professional Development Award, he set off on a “journey of the spirit.” A journey that he thought would give him “ample opportunity to reflect professionally and personally—as a teacher, leader, father, and husband.” In his proposal for the professional development grant he mused, “I do wonder what so much solitude will bring me. My hope is that I find myself re-centered, having figured out the priorities in my life, and appreciating more all that I have.”

Read Josh’s memoir of his solo hike and the surprising lessons he learned.

Join Us for Super Saturday: September 25

Join in the fun on Super Saturday and help to raise money for three charities working to enhance educational opportunities locally, nationally, and globally. Games, food, and a carnival atmosphere are all part of the fun. While your on campus, support Shipley's fall sport athletes as they match up against Agnes Irwin and Radnor High School. Get more details and the sports schedule.

2010 Welcome Back Barbecue: A Welcome Success

Good weather, great company, and delicious barbecue fare attracted the largest crowd ever to Shipley’s annual Welcome Back Barbecue. Read more.

View photos from the event.

Shipley Theater Director Philip Brown Makes Headlines

Philip Brown, one of Shipley Upper School’s theater directors, was recently featured in an article published in the Chestnut Hill Local. Focusing on his accomplishments as an actor, writer, theater company director, and acting coach, the article also highlights his upcoming appearance in Philly Fringe production, Tiny Dynamite (which also stars his Shipley colleague, Emma Gibson).

Read the article.

Monkey Portraits by Jill Greenberg on Display in Speer Gallery Through October 10

Photographs by award-winning photographer Jill Greenberg will be on display in Shipley’s Speer Gallery through October 10. The artist’s popular “Monkey Portraits” series, on loan to Shipley from The West Collection, features larger-than-life portraits of monkeys. Read more about the exhibition.


Shipley Makes Improvements to Gladwyne Farm Fields

Visitors to Shipley’s Gladwyne Farm Fields have something new to cheer about this fall sports season—a major renovation project that includes a paved parking area with 57 spots, a new field house complete with training room, snack bar, restrooms, and storage area, and improved, ADA-standards-compliant access. Read more.

Shipley Theater Takes Center Stage at Philly Fringe Festival

It’s been a busy summer for members of Shipley’s Theater Department as Directors Tony Morinelli, Phillip Brown, and Emma Gibson gear up for this summer’s Philadelphia Fringe Festival. And they’re not alone. Shipley students and alumni have joined in the efforts to help share Shipley’s theatrical talent with people in the greater Philadelphia area – and beyond. Read more & get schedules

When Lilacs Last Performance Schedules Announced for New York and Philadelphia Fringe Festivals

Access the schedules and more information here.

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