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From Steve Piltch,  Head of School

Welcome to Shipley in cyberspace! If this is your first visit to Shipley, I envy you, remembering my own first experience in March of 1992. If you know Shipley well, then you know, as my family and I do, that the richness and warmth that drew my family and me to Shipley increase and become deeper over time.

Shipley has a long tradition of preparing students for college and for full participation in the world. We also have a long tradition of supporting diversity and of encouraging each student’s development as an individual. Committed to becoming the best school possible, we are driven by the question: What is best for the students? Well before the term “the whole child” was coined, the School’s faculty and staff made it their business to understand the intellectual, physical, spiritual, and emotional growth and needs of each student. They still do.

Another important Shipley tradition is service learning. Encouraging our students in “compassionate participation in the world” is as fundamental to our mission as the pursuit of excellence. Likewise, character education is an integral part of our curriculum. We want our students to be good people as well as good students, athletes, artists, actors—wherever their talents and interests lie.

While I am proud to be the head of Shipley, I am even prouder that all members of the Shipley community—students, colleagues, parents, and alumni—work hard and well together to make this School better every day. I’m especially proud of our students, in all their variety, with all their incredible talents, their capacity for hard work, and their concern for others.

Please browse through this site and discover the breadth and depth of our community. Please look at our academic curriculum and our arts, athletics, and service learning programs. Look at the photographs of our students, where you will see their seriousness of purpose and their joy and excitement in learning. Look at the section on our faculty, who represent the values of the School as it is. And look at our alumni, whose achievements are the proof of our success as well as theirs.

Whether you are new to the School or an old friend, I welcome you and encourage you to get in touch with us directly. If there is any information that you would like to see included on the Website or if you have any questions, please let us know.


Steven S. Piltch
Head of School

The Shipley School

814 Yarrow Street, Bryn Mawr PA 19010
T: 610.525.4300 F: 610.525.5082
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