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Middle School is a time full of possibilities and promise. It is a unique time of physical, hormonal, social-emotional, neurological, and cognitive development. The quest for independence and identity undertaken by students of this age creates unique emotional needs, including the need for a feeling of competence, intimacy with others, and sense of self. The early adolescent begins the transition from concrete to abstract thinking. The attention span increases and students can begin to think about their own thinking. Talents can develop rapidly during this period, as can the aptitude for critical thinking and decision-making.

Our curriculum is designed to help 21st -century students acquire the appropriate skills and attitudes to become lifelong learners: the ability to communicate effectively and work cooperatively, competence in critical thinking and problem-solving in academic content areas, concern for right and wrong (development of ethics), ability to think critically and to analyze one’s own thoughts and actions, concern for others and the environment, commitment to service to society, development of a global perspective, and a respect for cultural diversity.

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