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Making a Contribution

All Annual Fund gifts to The Shipley School are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


Checks may be made payable to The Shipley School.

Credit Cards

Credit card gifts may be made via a one-time payment or in recurring monthly or bi-monthly installments, making it even easier to be generous. One-time and recurring gifts may be made on Shipley's secure Online Giving Form. American Express®, MasterCard®, and Visa® are accepted.


Pledges may be made at any time and must be paid before June 15, 2015.

Appreciated Securities

Transferring a gift of appreciated securities may be advantageous in two ways: income taxes could be reduced, and capital gains taxes are avoided. The value of your gift for tax purposes is the mean value of the securities on the date that the shares leave your brokerage account.

Before transferring stock to Shipley, please send notification to or call 610-525-4544 with the 1) donor name and 2) name and quantity of securities being transferred.

Share the following information with your broker: 

Shipley's Broker:  Bill Thompson, Wells Fargo
Phone: 610-832-7627
DTC #: 141
Account #: 7169-6699
Tax ID #: 23-1352677


If you are affiliated with a foundation, consider directing its support to Shipley. The foundation is issued a receipt for the gift, and the individual responsible for recommending it receives recognition.

Corporate Matching Programs

Double or triple your support of Shipley with your company’s matching gift program. Check with your company's personnel office about whether your company participates in such a program, and obtain the appropriate forms. You will receive recognition for the combined amount of your personal gift plus the matching gift.

Please note that gifts received by mail are credited for tax purposes in the calendar year reflected in the postmark on the envelope.

The Shipley School

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