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Curricular Spotlight: Think Care Act: Making a Difference, One Project at a Time

Shipley's fifth grade Think Care Act project is the capstone learning experience of the Lower School's Social, Emotional, and Ethical Development (SEED) program. Students match their skills and passions to implement projects that make a real difference in the world and lead to deeply rooted learning. Read more.

Giving Back Spotlight: Karen Krok '93

Karen Krok '93Karen Krok '93, a transplant hepatologist and medical director for the live donor transplant program at the Hershey Medical Center, benefited from the generosity of gifts made to Shipley when she attended the School with the help of financial aid. Now, she gives back to Shipley to give others the same opportunities she had. Read more.

Alumni Spotlight: Tom Stewart '05

Tom Stewart '05Young alumnus Tom Stewart '05 was determined to launch a successful business after graduation from college. After a few failed attempts, he and his business partner found success with Sunski, which sells vintage-inspired sunglasses for people who love the outdoors. Read more

Training the Leaders of Tomorrow

How does Shipley develop in its students the inherent qualities of a good leader? By understanding child development from Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12, Shipley's program challenges emerging leaders to take risks and build the confidence to succeed. Read more

Student Reflection: Interdisciplinary Courses in the Upper School

Avery Yecies '16 describes some of the opportunities for interdisciplinary learning in the Upper School. Interdisciplinary courses encourage "a passion for learning, critical thinking, and self-evaluation to prepare students for college and the constantly changing world," she says. Read more.

Alumni Spotlight: Molly Gilbert '02

This young Shipley alumna has turned her passion for cooking and creativity in the kitchen into a successful career and book deal. Read more about her path to success and how Shipley helped blogger Molly Gilbert '02 develop the skills she needed to get there.

Curriculum Spotlight: Turning up the Heat: New STEAM Initiatives at Shipley

STEAM at Shipley Learn more about how Shipley is shaping its growing STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) program from Pre-Kindergarten thought grade 12, including the addition of a Maker Space in Upper School, cross-curricular projects school wide, and curriculum tailored toward the future.

Faculty Spotlight: Art Department Head Steve Baris

When Steve Baris, Chair of Shipley's Art Department, grew up on remote Indian reservations in the far northwest corner of the United States, he hardly could have imagined settling down at Shipley for nearly three decades. Learn more about his personal history and his vision for the future of art at Shipley.

Learning to Code by Breaking it Down

Technology has become an everyday part of the Shipley curriculum. With a technology coach in each division, the additional resources allow even the youngest of students to get their feet wet in coding and programming. Read more to learn about how Shipley's emphasis on learning coding and programming can prepare students for success in any career, even one without a technology component.

Alumni Spotlight: Ali Lambert Voron '96

Ali Lambert Voron '96 Ali Lambert Voron '96 knows about overcoming adversity. A voiceover actress, motivational speaker, and blogger, Voron also happens to have alopecia universalis and has suffered from ulcerative colitis. Learn more about this very special Shipley alumna who hopes to help others cope with their illnesses.

Alumni Spotlight: Colin Gardner '88

Colin Gardner '88Though Colin Gardner '88 lives in Brooklyn, New York, his ties to Shipley are as strong as ever. Gardner recognizes with great appreciation the lasting effects of his Shipley education. As such, he makes it clear that Shipley factors large among the institutions that he supports each year. Read more.

The Concussion Discussion

All parents want their children to be safe. But can young athletes be safe and competitive in contact sports? Our panel discusses the impact of brain injuries and safety on the culture of youth sports, as well as the implications of Shipley's no-heading policy in Middle School soccer. Read more.

Alumni Spotlight: Felicity Barringer Taubman '68

Felicity Barringer Taubman '68 For not quite three decades, Shipley alumna Felicity Barringer Taubman '68 has served as a correspondent for The New York Times. Barringer reflects on her experience at Shipley, the evolution of her career, and why she feels it's important to remain connected to her alma mater. Read more.

Collegebound: Class of 2014 Profiles

With members of the Class of 2015 now receiving college news, we are reminded of our Class of 2014, completing their first semester of college. Learn more about the Class of 2014: where they're going to college, what they love about Shipley, and how they're following their individual paths to success.

Alumni Spotlight: Jay Huffman '94

A seventh grade history trip inspired this West Point graduate's interest in the military. Now an attorney, he represents foreign ships coming in and out of the U.S.'s largest port. Read more.

Student Voices: The Impact of 1-to-1 Computing on Learning

Alumni Office Student Intern Gabe Fish '15 has a lot to be excited about this year, including Shipley's new 1-to-1 Computing Program in the Upper School. Read his article about how the program has impacted learning in the classroom and improved his ability to stay organized.

Curricular Highlight: Using the Past to Cultivate Citizens of Tomorrow

Through a well-blended interdisciplinary curriculum and college-caliber courses, Shipley's history department develops curious and creative students with critical skills to become successful in college and beyond. Read more.

Alumni Spotlight: Donna Leavy '73

This alumna's deeply rooted love of acting was planted at Shipley, where she formed the start of her successful career in Hollywood. Read more.

Honorary Alumnus Spotlight: Greg Coleman

Learn about what this beloved former faculty member and Admissions Director has been doing since retiring from Shipley in 2009.

Student Spotlight: Deondre Jordan '15

Deondre Jordan '15 came to Shipley as a new student in his junior year. Just a few months later, his fellow students named him All-School President. Deondre's pursuit of new experiences, desire to learn, and positive attitude have earned him the respect of his fellow students and teachers alike, as well as the right to lead his new school. Learn more about the October 16 Main Line Student of the Week.

Teacher Spotlight: US Math Teacher Josh Berberian

Josh BerberianHis early teaching career was shaped by educational innovators. He's been innovating in his own classroom ever since. Learn more about this Upper School math teacher.

Your Gift, Your Choice

Thanks to feedback from alumni, Shipley has made a change to the Annual Fund. Now when you make your Annual Fund gift, you can choose one of six Shipley programs for which you can designate your contribution: Academic Programs, Arts, Athletics, Faculty Support, Financial Aid, Technology. Learn more about this alumni-driven change!

Alumni Spotlight: Erika Frankel '96

Erika Frankel '96Embracing her independent spirit and pursuing her passion for film have become a clear path to personal success for this alumna, who hopes to inspire change with her love of human culture. Read more.

Yarnall Gym Renovations Complete

Shipley's athletics facilities got a much-needed upgrade this summer. Major renovations to Yarnall Gymnasium's auxiliary spaces were completed, including improvements to the locker rooms, athletics staff offices, fitness center, and training room. Restrooms were also added to the main floor of the gym. Take a tour of the updated spaces.

Alumni Spotlight: Alice Bosley '07

Alice Bosley '07This young alumna draws deeply on her Shipley experience in her work to help innovate the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Read more.

The Shipley School Partners with Sports Legacy Institute on the Concussion Crisis

Shipley is proud to announce its groundbreaking partnership with the Sports Legacy Institute (SLI) to solve the sports concussion crisis impacting our youth. This fall, Shipley will introduce the use of Triax sensors for Upper School athletes playing contact sports. All student athletes will wear the monitors, which will help identify significant impacts and will be part of the Hit Count program. Read more.

The community is also invited to attend a Concussion Prevention & Education program featuring Chris Nowinski, co-founder and executive director of the Sports Legacy Institute, on Thursday, August 28, 2014, featuring a discussion on concussions in sports. Learn more.

Why I Teach: Heather Riley, Upper School Spanish

Growing up in a Latino neighborhood exposed Shipley Upper School Spanish Teacher Heather Riley to the Spanish language early in life. She later went on to study the language formally at the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Read more about Heather and what inspired her to teach.

Alumni Spotlight: Gail Harrity '69

As President and Chief Operating Officer of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Gail Harrity '69 enjoys the diverse responsibilities of her job and the opportunities to learn. "Shipley instilled a sense of intellectual curiosity to see the world anew," she says. Read more.

Interdisciplinary Studies; Elegant Minds

Interdisciplinary studies are gaining popularity at the collegiate level - and at Shipley. In the Upper School, classes such as The Culture of Madness and The Nuclear Age challenge students to make connections between different disciplines. Find out what the fuss is all about and how interdisciplinary studies are being implemented at Shipley from Pre-K through Grade 12. Read more.

Alumni Spotlight: Akinwole Garrett '00

A driven business leader with a deep passion for his community, Akinwole (Aki) Garrett '00 has achieved remarkable success as a business leader, thanks to exceptional determination and a solid foundation from Shipley. Read more.

Alumni Spotlight: Susan Schiffer Stautberg '63

An innovative, multi-tasking executive, Susan Schiffer Stautberg '63 has enjoyed a decades-long career working as a journalist, White House staffer, entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and board director, thanks in part to a solid foundation from Shipley. Read more.

Shipley Celebrates Groundbreaking!

On Friday, June 6, Shipley celebrated with a Groundbreaking Ceremony for Phase II of The Campaign for Shipley: Foundations for Success. Construction on a new Student Commons & Arts Center commenced on June 15 and is slated for completion in September, 2015. View photos from Groundbreaking, read the most recent Construction Update, or see a live webcam of campus.

Alumni Office Spotlight: Jennifer Murphy Devine '98

Jenn's role as Alumni Coordinator has provided her a second chance to appreciate Shipley's impact on her life. She loves sharing that appreciation with the fellow alumni she connects with on a daily basis in her job. Read more.

Upper School Science Teacher Paul Tierney: Science Lore

He left a 34-year career in aerospace engineering to teach science and math to high school students. After many years, Paul Tierney continues to achieve success as a teacher by connecting on a personal level with his students. Read more.

Teacher: Small; Impact: Big

Who was your favorite teacher when you were at Shipley? For Sophomore Avery Yecies '16, seventh grade English teacher Kirsten Small stands out in a big way. A well-worn copy of To Kill A Mockingbird and often-tapped writing skills are just two reasons for her choice. Read more about the impact Mrs. Small has had on her former student and how she continues to make a difference.

Think Care Act: Compassionate Fifth Graders Make a Difference, One Project at a Time

What can one fifth grader accomplish? Whatever he or she sets his or her mind to, says Shipley's Director of Character Education, Dr. Usha Balamore. Each year she inspires fifth graders both to explore their talents and cultivate them into service projects to make the world a better place. Read about Shipley's character education curriculum and the students' Think.Care.Act projects.

Reaping Educational Rewards: Todd McDevitt Hopkins '77

Fourteen years at Shipley instilled a desire and passion for learning that fuels this alumna's work as both a full-time pediatric physical therapist and owner of her family's 160-acre sustainable, pasture-based farm. Read more.

Eighth Graders Take on Leadership Roles to Help Others

The eighth-grade leadership class capstone project, led by teacher Tracy Ryals, channels students' creativity and compassion to make the world a better place. Read more about this important project.

Philadelphia Wings Star Kyle Buchanan Joins Shipley's Lacrosse Coaching Staff

Shipley's lacrosse program, in partnership with the Philadelphia Wings of the National Lacrosse League (NLL), is pleased to announce that first-year Wing Kyle Buchanan has joined the Shipley lacrosse coaching staff. Read the full announcement in Main Line Media News.

Nate Bronstein '08: Future Social Policy Maker

While he was at Shipley, this All School President made a real impact in the community. Five years later he continues to follow his lifelong pursuit of making a difference in the world. Read more.

Trying Something New at Shipley

Gabe Fish '15 writes about one of his favorite aspects of Shipley: its emphasis on reaching outside of one's comfort zone to try new things. The School's inclusive environment and teachers who know students well help students discover and develop new interests. Read more.

Dr. Beverly Vaughn '69: In Pursuit of Excellence

She was the first African-American student in her class during a time of great cultural change. Now, Shipley's philosophy of excellence continues to be at the core of her distinguished career as a doctor. Read more.

Not-So-Foreign Anymore: Full-Immersion Modern Language Studies at Shipley

Shipley students begin their study of world languages in first grade and continue through graduation. Through full immersion, teachers help students build the confidence and develop the skills to become proficient speakers of Spanish, French, and Mandarin. Read more.

Kristin Jaffe: Upper School English Teacher

This English teacher's 37-year career at Shipley started with a walk across the road and a cigarette. Today, she continues to challenge students with intense analysis of complex literature. Read more.

Future Biomedical Engineer Victoria Messerschmidt '12

This math and science lover credits Shipley for not only preparing her academically to excel at Purdue, but also initiating her very presence at the campus where she is now thriving. Read more.

Thomas Van Dyck '99 Joins Boston Symphony Orchestra

This alumnus competed against 200 musicians for a coveted position in one of the world's finest bass sections. Find out how his varied musical interests and dedication to his art helped him land the job. Read more.

Meet Jim White: Upper School History Teacher

Jim White has been making a difference in Shipley students' lives since 1985. What ignited his passion for history? What's his favorite piece of educational technology? What is a midlife oasis? Read more.

A Day in the Life of a Shipley 11th Grader

Alumni Office student intern Jordan Gottlieb '15 takes you through the course of a typical day at Shipley. "From academic responsibilities to extracurricular activities and commitments, the average day for me can be both overwhelming and exhausting. However, I seem to thrive on the intense rigor and wide variety of all the things with which I am involved." Read more.

Shipley Athletics: Developing a Healthy Attitude Towards Competition

Shipley's athletics program may look different than it did when you were a student, but the program's commitment to excellence is stronger than ever. Learn how our student athletes develop a healthy attitude towards competition and end up competing at some of the top colleges and universities in the country. Read more.

Fourteen Shipley Seniors Recognized by National Merit Scholarship Program

Shipley is proud to announce that fourteen Shipley seniors were recognized by the National Merit Scholarship program for their exceptional performance on the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, making up 19% of the senior class. Over the past five years, 20% of Shipley students have received this honor. Read more.

Alumni Office Staff: Meet Elizabeth Kolb

Shipley's Associate Director of Development for Alumni Engagement is dedicated to her job. "I was born to be a fundraiser," she says. "I just love it. It fulfills me." Read more.

Learning From The Heart: Shipley's Emotional Literacy Program

In partnership with Yale University, Shipley is piloting the only high school emotional literacy course in the country. Learn what Shipley's Director of Student Support Services, Sharron Russell, says about the importance of the connection between heart and mind in helping students be more successful learners. Read more.

Alumni Spotlight on Bryant Horsley '97

This attorney attributes his success in college to Shipley's rigorous program, which prepared him to receive undergraduate, Master's, and two law degrees in just nine years. Read more.

Shipley Launches New Athletics Logo

The Shipley School will officially launch a new athletics logo and graphic identity on Saturday, September 28 at the school's annual Super Saturday event. Read more.

Alumni Council President Jennifer Flint Panetta '88

Shipley gave Jennifer the confidence to reinvent herself professionally. Now entering her second year as Alumni Council President, she's helping this group to reinvent itself, too. Read more.

Speer Wing Renovations Completed

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, Shipley was able to complete significant improvements to the Speer Wing this summer. Technological improvements have the power to revolutionize the way teachers and students teach and learn. Read more.

Concussion Awareness Event with Chris Nowinski, Tuesday, September 3

The Shipley School invites the public to attend a presentation by Chris Nowinski, co-director of the Boston University Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, for a discussion about concussions and head injuries and a brief Q and A session on Tuesday, September 3 at 6:30 pm in Yarnall Gymnasium.

Chris Nowinski is a co-director of the Boston University Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy and the co-founder and executive director of the Sports Legacy Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to solving the sports concussion crisis through education, policy, and research. He wrote the book Head Games, which exposed the concussion crisis in sports and was made into the 2012 documentary film of the same name. Sports Illustrated has said, “It is Nowinski's figure which looms behind the doctors and the headlines and the debate roiling over sports' newfound commitment to minimizing head trauma.”

Tuesday, September 3 , 2013
6:30pm, Shipley’s Yarnall Gymnasium
819 Montgomery Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
To learn more about Chris's life story and his path from All-Ivy football player at Harvard, to the WWE, to co-director of the Boston University Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy visit:

Class of 2013 Senior Art Show

View a selection of artwork from Shipley's newest alumni - the Class of 2013 - and read about what they learned in their Shipley art classes.

Welcome to Spanish 4-5 Honors

In Antonia Angeles Gonzales' Spanish 4-5 Honors class, the goal for her students is fluency. She employs a variety of techniques to help her students achieve this - including the use of technology. This past year, her students formed virtual exchanges with students in Peru using Skype, blogs, and other electronic media. Read more.

Back to the Future with Zara Sternberg '13

Zara reflects on a visit to her third grade classroom, using the experience as a metaphor for the many gifts she has received from her Shipley education. Read more.

Alumni Service Award Winner: Leila Gordon '78

Leila's involvement with the school goes back generations. Since graduating she has served as a Trustee, Shops and Spring Auction volunteer, and so much more. Read more.

Board of Trustees Vice Chair: Stacy Shreiner Kley '74

Stacy learned to be a leader st Shipley. Now, she uses her varied professional and personal experiences to help lead Shipley's Board of Trustees. Read more.

Distinguished Alumni Award Winner: Penny Dyson Foley ’63

As a pioneer for women in investment banking, Penny has dedicated her extraordinary career to working in emerging markets around the globe. Read more.

Food & The Environment - Healthy Growing, Eating, Recycling

There are lots of things growing at Shipley – including awareness about food issues. Hannah Cutler ’13 has taken a lead role, spearheading the effort to bring a community garden to Shipley. Read more.

The Genius of Schu: Peter Schumacher, Middle School History Teacher

Two decades after arriving at Shipley, Peter Schumacher is still taking an interdisciplinary approach to teaching history and challenging his students to think critically. Read more.

Jordan Gottlieb '15: Student Perspective

What can art teach students about history? Students in Shipley's Modern European History class can tell you. Sophomore Jordan Gottlieb ’15 explains how skills in visual analysis have helped enrich her study of history. Read more.

Margaret Bailey Speer Award Winner: Dr. Charlotte F. Cole '78

World peace may seem like a dream to most, but to Charlotte Cole ’78, the promotion of world peace is a goal. Find out how her work is making a global impact. Read more.

Young Alumni Award Winner: Geoff Gross '98

Geoff Gross is only 15 years out of high school, but he's already founded three companies. Find out what's led to his success and how Shipley prepared him to get there. Read more.

For the Love of Language

Elizabeth Raymond Dougherty ’83 has devoted her career to teaching others how to read and write - including 19 years as Shipley's sixth grade English teacher. Read more.

Gabe Fish '15: Student Perspective

"When the awards for my event were finally announced, I listened as everyone’s name was called…except mine."

Read more about Gabe's participation in a student business competition.

Meet Shipley's Board Chair

How do you get 30 intelligent and independent-minded people to form a consensus? If you're Adam Spector '86, you use skills learned at Shipley to help you do it. Read more

Mentoring Artist Meg Biddle ’68 Draws Inspiration from Everyday Life

Meg Biddle '68 was one of Shipley's very first art majors. Now, she divides her time between crafting new projects and mentoring aspiring artists. Read more about Meg and her art.

Shipley's 1:1 Initiative: The Next Wave of Learning

Beginning next year, all Shipley middle and upper school students will be equipped with their very own school-issued laptops, providing universal access to learning. Read more about this exciting initiative.

Thinking Like an Artist: Sarah Gilbert ’00 Blends Studio Practice with Research

When Sarah Gilbert ’00 entered Rhode Island School of Design as a freshman, she felt dissatisfied with the art school’s focus on making at the expense of thinking. She decided to fill the gap by enrolling at Brown University, simultaneously earning degrees in glass (RISD) and modern culture and media (Brown). Read more about Sarah and her art.

Bioethics: It’s Not Where You Stand. It’s How You Get There.

In Jessie Willing’s Upper School Bioethics senior science elective, there are no right or wrong answers. Students explore difficult issues through ethical inquiry: asking questions, gathering relevant background information, reasoning through a dilemma, making a decision, and evaluating the outcome. Read more about this fascinating class.

Econ: Where Theory Becomes Reality - In Theory

What can you do with $50,000 and a semester’s worth of economics under your belt? If you’re in Char Weigel’s Honors Macroeconomics class you can start your own business. Find out how complex economics concepts and creativity led to her students’ success.

The Campaign for Shipley: Foundations for Success

In 2012, Shipley completed Phase I of an exciting campaign – raising more than $6 million for endowment and completing significant improvements to campus facilities. Shipley’s Board of Trustees recently voted to move forward with Phase II of the campaign, which will include the construction of a new building. Read more about the School’s exciting plans for the future.

A Box for our Trophies

Last week I competed at the DECA district competition in King of Prussia. DECA is an organization that holds business conferences across the country, and high school students compete in various business, marketing, and hospitality events. Each competitor is required to take a written test and interview in a role-play situation with industry professionals.

This was the second year that I competed in DECA, and it is one of the activities that I enjoy the most at Shipley. I chose the marketing management event, which was a new subject for me. After my test and role play were complete, I felt that I had done well and waited eagerly for the results. The awards finally began at 6 p.m., and when the awards for my event were called, my heart began to beat faster as names other than mine were called. My emotions quickly turned to surprise as I was called up for first place. It was awesome!

This year Shipley students had a dominant presence at DECA. Our impressive performance and our overall Shipley turnout would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and support of Mr. Reiman, our DECA advisor. The only awkward part of the day was when Mr. Reiman had to ask for a box to transport our multitude of trophies. The next step for Shipley's DECA students will be to prepare for the DECA State Championships, which are held at Hershey Park. States at Hershey are always a blast, and I look forward to competing for a spot at Nationals in California.

His Name is Reiman. David Reiman.

When this Shipley Upper School math teacher entered Yale as a freshman, he signed up for courses in linguistics and international studies with the intention of becoming a spy. Read about how he became a math teacher instead, why he chose to teach at Shipley, and more interesting facts about David Reiman.

Alumni Office Spotlight: Ashley Kopp

This University of Michigan graduate, National Championship team field hockey player, and avid surfer is your Director of Alumni Programs and Events. Read more about Ashley.

Shipley to Become an All-Steinway School

With the delivery of a 7-foot Steinway & Sons concert grand piano in Riely Theatre, Shipley is thrilled to announce its intention of becoming an “All-Steinway” school - a unique distinction for a PreK - Grade 12 institution. Read more.

Q&A with Reza Sayah ’87, CNN International Correspondent

The 1979 Iranian Revolution forced his family to leave the Middle East. Now he reports news from the region for CNN.

Discover what Reza Sayah ’87 thinks makes for good reporting.

A Jump on Life: Robb Armstrong ’81

Robb Armstrong ’81, author of the nationally-syndicated Jump Start comic strip, credits his success to Shipley. The lessons he learned at Shipley, both personal and professional, have guided him throughout his life. Read more.

Helen McCann ’07 and Peter Lisle ’07 Travel to Nigeria With Generation Enterprise

At Shipley, the hope for each student is to embody the school’s motto of Courage for the Deed; Grace for the Doing, and young alumni Helen McCann ’07 and Peter Lisle ’07 accomplish just that in their tireless work with Generation Enterprise, an all-volunteer non-governmental organization devoted to helping impoverished street youths become entrepreneurs and community advocates. Read more.

Matthew Piltch ’08 Volunteers at the Brain Tree School in Uganda

After graduating from Williams and before starting his job as a Business Analyst at Deloitte Consulting LLP, Matthew Piltch ’08 decided to spend a term volunteering at the Brain Tree School, Shipley’s African sister school in Uganda. We asked him some questions about his experience there and what inspired his trip. Read more.

Karl LaRocca ’91 and Shipley Art Teacher Steve Baris Collaborate on Screen Printing Project

Karl LaRocca ’91 is an artist, musician, graphic artist, white crane kung fu instructor, and so much more – including a businessman. He is the owner of Kayrock Screen Printing in Brooklyn, NY. Since 1998, his studio has specialized in the production of hand-printed fine art editions, posters, cards, books, shirts, tote bags, graphic design, and custom projects. After seeing some of Shipley art teacher Steve Baris’ work, he contacted his former teacher about collaborating on producing a silkscreen edition at his studio. Read more.

Sarah Megan Thomas ’97 Leaps Forward with Backwards

Sarah Megan Thomas ’97 may look familiar. The Shipley alumna, actress, writer, and producer has appeared on screen alongside such personalities as Sigourney Weaver, Kate Bosworth and, most recently, James Van Der Beek of Dawson’s Creek fame. Now on the verge of releasing her first feature film—which Thomas not only stars in, but also wrote and produced—the multitalented filmmaker is poised to become a household name herself. Read more.

Get Thee to Julliard! A Conversation with David Corenswet ’11 and Shipley Theater Director Phillip Brown

When David Corenswet ’11 got “the call” offering him a coveted spot in the Julliard Drama Division, he telephoned Phillip Brown, his Shipley theater teacher and mentor. “My favorite reaction was Mr. Brown’s,” says Corenswet. “He kept saying over and over, ‘YOU WHAT! YOU WHAT!’” Indeed, the news was almost overwhelming for Brown—the culmination of four years of participating in most every aspect of David’s journey from young teenage actor with loads of ability to witnessing what he describes as a true freeing of the mind. “It was the perfect moment,” says Brown, “we had put so much work into it… I know the gravity of what Julliard means.” For David, it means four years in the storied conservatory program that is the training ground for many of America’s most revered actors, with such alumni as Robin Williams, Kevin Spacey, Kevin Kline, Viola Davis, and Patti Lu Pone. Read more.

It’s All About Connections: Arden Williams Saligman ’83 and the Annual Fund

Fundraising is in Arden Williams Saligman’s blood. And Shipley’s Annual Fund is in her heart. She remembers vividly a phone call from her father when she was a freshman in college. “He gave me a lecture about Shipley,” she says. “‘People before you have given to support the school’ he said. ‘Now that you’ve graduated, it’s your turn.’” So Arden started giving to the Shipley Annual Fund and helping with phonathons. Read more.

True Grit: Paolo Malabuyo ’91

If you want to be inspired: read this story. Paolo Malabuyo came to Shipley in ninth grade, just two years after he, his parents, and three older siblings fled the turbulence of Manila under Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos. With a dream of a better future for their children, the Malabuyos promised to enroll their kids in the best schools, but the deal was they had to work hard and do well. Read more.

Full Circle: Michelle Kroiz Winn ’91 & The Secret Gardens Tour

When Shipley’s 38th annual Secret Gardens Tour gets underway May 16, Michelle Kroiz Winn ’91 will be watching it unfold like a proud parent. With friends and fellow second grade mothers Rebecca Bramen and Carol Fisher, Michelle has spent the better part of this year stalking gardens in the Berwyn-Paoli area and otherwise preparing for this one special day when upwards of 600 garden enthusiasts, maps in-hand, will enjoy the wonders of the selected private gardens that are open for public viewing. Read more.

Giving Birth to Opportunity: Dammun Pierce, D.O. ’90

“When my mother told me where babies come from,” says Dammun Pierce, “I was like, ‘No Way! You’ve got to be kidding me. That does not happen.’” Dammun is now a physician in obstetrics and gynecology on the staff of Hilton Head Regional Medical Center, practicing physician with Hilton Head OB/Gyn Partners, and Assistant Medical Director of Genesis Prenatal Clinic. Read more.

Helping Leaders Lead: Fredricka Brecht ’68

“Develop tact and you will go far.” These were the words Shipley’s head of school, Mrs. Epes, had inscribed on the index card she handed to Fredricka Brecht at her graduation in 1968. “I think it was her way of telling me to work on the grace part (of the school motto),” says Brecht, who now herself coaches CEOs to become better leaders. As an independent contractor for Vistage International, a support network for about 14,000 business leaders world-wide, she belongs to an elite group of former executives who have been “converted” into team leaders. Read more.

David Hunt ’80: Other People’s Money

Can you sleep at night if you are responsible for overseeing $619 billion of other people’s money? Yes, if you are David Hunt ’80, who actually does just that in his new position as CEO of Prudential Investment Management—one of the world’s largest asset managers. “It is a large amount (of money),” says Hunt, “but it is broken down and managed by strong, well-performing teams… I have a lot of confidence (in them).” Read more.

Shipley Alumna Erin Klingsberg ’08 Launches Kickstarter to Raise Funds for Student Film

Erin Klingsberg ’08 is currently a senior at Emerson College in Boston earning a BFA degree in Film Production with honors. Erin embarked on a journey to complete a year-long film project of her choosing with a semester of script development and pre-production last spring. She shot the film over the Fourth of July weekend on Shipley’s campus. Now, in its post-production stages, she has turned to to try and raise $10,000 that originally came out of her own pocket to produce the film. Read more.

Alumni Profile: Torie Osborn ’68

As the current front-runner in the race for State Assembly in a district that includes the tonier parts of Southern California, Torie Osborn intends to win in 2012: “My passion is renewing the California dream, which is the American dream of equal opportunity for all." Read more about Torie and how she got to where she is today.

Shipley Alumna Ellie Andersen '11 Makes Immediate Impact at Amherst

Shipley alumna Ellie Andersen '11, a first-year student at Amherst, is already making headlines there for her contribution to the school's field hockey program. Read about Ellie and Amherst field hockey.

Sarah Megan Thomas '97 Films "Backwards" on Shipley's Campus

Sarah Megan Thomas '97 recently returned to Shipley to film Backwards, about a female rower with a chance to make it to the Olympics. Sarah wrote, directed, and stars in the film alongside James Van Der Beek. The Philadelphia Inquirer featured an article about Sarah and the film. Read the article here.

Get more information about the film.

Erin Klingsberg '08 to Screen "East of Eden" in Riely Theatre on Thursday, June 2

Please join Shipley alumna, Erin Klingsberg '08, on Thursday, June 2nd, for a special screening of Elia Kazan's East of Eden. Erin is screening the film in order to help promote her BFA thesis film, The Lonesome Animal, which she is currently writing, producing, and directing for Emerson College.

The screening begins at 7:00 pm in the Riely Theatre and will be accompanied by a short Q&A with Erin afterward. A bake sale and concession stand will be available in order to help raise funds for her own film.

Please email with any additional questions.


Shipley Alumna Becky Snyder Fawcett '88 Named CNN Hero

Becky Snyder Fawcett '88 was named this week's CNN Hero for her work in establishing Help Us Adopt, anon-profit grant organization offering adoption financial assistance.

Watch and read CNN's report on hero Becky Snyder Fawcett '88.


Shipley Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for Phase 1 of the Upper Campus Master Plan

Dark skies, heavy winds, and the forecast of thunderstorms did not dampen high spirits in Shipley’s Yarnall Gymnasium, where the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Phase 1 of the school’s Upper Campus Master Plan took place on Thursday, April 28. Shipley alumni, trustees, parents, grandparents, and friends joined students and colleagues for the celebration, which followed the end-of-year All-School Assembly. Read more.

Sally McCawley Fridy '61 Executive Produces Award-Winning Film: Lebanon PA, Set For Release April 29

Sally McCawley Fridy ’61 had a story to tell and she thought she could tell it through film. She signed up for a screenwriting course at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute. Little did she know that it would set her on a path to executive produce an award-winning independent film. That film, Lebanon, PA, is slated for release on Friday, April 29 in Philadelphia and New York.

Shipley Mourns Death of Two Young Alumni

In the last two weeks in April two alumni from the class of 2005 died tragically: Nathaniel Asselin and Bradley Strange.

Nathaniel Asselin, the son of long-time revered faculty member, Denis Asselin and Denis’ wife, Judy, and the brother of Carrie, was a student at Shipley in fourth and fifth grades. He left us after fifth grade to return to Westtown School.

Nathaniel (age 24) was the Assistant Director of the Westtown Middle School After School Program, where he ably served his young charges as they settled down after school and got started on homework. An avid runner, he was also an assistant coach on the Westtown Middle School Cross Country Team.

A memorial service will be held Sunday, May 1 at 2:00 p.m. at Westtown Meeting House on the Westtown School campus. A reception will follow the service.

Bradley Strange, son of Lynn and David Strange and brother of Tori ‘02 and Whitney, joined Shipley in ninth grade and graduated in 2005. He went on to Bard College and was living in Northampton, MA.

A passionate and thoughtful student, Brad was among Shipley’s most gifted performers A member of the Madriguys, he was an anchor in all of our theater productions. Former faculty member Emily Miller ’96, who directed him in an extraordinary performance of King Lear, wrote: “Brad was an incredible young man, and I am saddened beyond words that his light is no longer in this world. I cannot believe that he is gone.”

The memorial service for Bradley will be held on Friday, May 6 at 2:00 pm at Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church with a reception afterwards at the church fellowship hall. 

Tori Schelling '07: OCU student hopes to become member of famed Rockettes

Tori Schelling, a dance performance senior at Oklahoma City University, is hoping to join a list of alumni who have become Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Read more:

Shipley Athletics and the Will Trippley Youth Development Foundation Team up for Will’s 5K Race at PPL Park on Saturday, April 9

Saturday, April 9 10:00 am
PPL Park in Chester, PA

The Will Trippley Youth Development Foundation is teaming up with Shipley spring athletics for Will’s 5K race on Saturday, April 9 at 10:00 am outside of PPL Park, the home of the Philadelphia Union. The WTYDF, created in honor of Shipley alumnus Will Trippley ’02, serves at-risk youth in the Chester, PA area through education and soccer programs. Proceeds from Will’s 5K Race will directly benefit the foundation. Get more information.

Shipley Boys' Lacrosse Alumnus Nick Sterge ’10 Commits to RIT

Former Shipley attackman Nick Sterge has committed to play NCAA lacrosse at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Sterge, who is currently doing a post graduate year at Loomis Chafee in Windsor, CT, graduated from Shipley in 2010 after a standout senior season in which he finished with 53 points on 12 goals and 41 assists, including a career high and school record 7 assists against Friends’ Central School. Read more.

M.E. Hecht, M.D. ’46 Publishes "A Practical Guide to Hip Surgery"

Doctor M.E. Hecht, a 1946 graduate of The Shipley School, recently published A Practical Guide to Hip Surgery. Dr. Hecht’s book, her fifth in the non-fiction genre, is a concise and practical resource for anyone undergoing a hip replacement. Get more information about Dr. Hecht and her book.


Lenny Hirsh ’95 Records and Releases Country Music Album

Lenny Hirsh ’95 recently released his first album, self-titled Lenny Hirsh. The seven-song EP is a demo of contemporary country music which sometimes verges on rock and roll. From the tender "When I'm Gone" to the gritty "Can't Take the Country Outta Me," the album shows a range of songwriting ability. In Lenny’s words, “there is a track for everyone on this album.” We asked Lenny some questions about his new album and his budding music career. Here’s what he had to say...

Phillip Moore ’94 and Joy Smith ’94 Organize Philadelphia Arts Festival

Phillip Moore and Joy Smith, both Shipley alumni from the class of 1994, recently put out a call for art for the COLLAGE Collaborative Arts Festival, to be held in a 12,000 square-foot warehouse in Philadelphia in May, 2011. We asked them some questions about what they were up to. Here’s what they had to say...

Local Shipley Alumni Event: Post-Mao Dreaming Gallery Talk with Joan Lebold Cohen ’50

Many Shipley alumni joined Joan Lebold Cohen ’50 and her son Ethan for a Gallery Talk in honor of the opening of the Post-Mao Dreaming: Chinese Contemporary Art show. The show was curated by Joan and hosted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Arthur Ross Gallery. Read more.


Alex Lennon ’09 Named Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference East Player of the Week

Shipley alumna and West Chester University girls’ basketball forward, Alex Lennon, was named Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference East Player of the Week. Read about her collegiate athletic accomplishments on West Chester University’s website.

Neal Regino ’03—Improving the Lives of Chester City Youth Through Soccer

Even before Major League Soccer came to Chester, PA, Shipley alumnus Neal Regino ’03 and the Will Trippley Youth Development Foundation were working to improve the lives of Chester’s youth through soccer. The program ran its first camp in the summer of 2006 and has celebrated many milestones since then—including the recent $50,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant won in coordination with MLS team the Philadelphia Union. The organizations are hoping the grant will give them something else to celebrate—a new soccer field for the 300+ Chester children who benefit from the Will Trippley Youth Development Foundation’s Chester City United Soccer Program. Read more.

Allison Manley ’89 & Squishy Press — Making Safe & Smart Children’s Books

When Shipley alumna Allison Manley ’89 and her husband Rob Coleman saw their son chewing on his baby books, they wondered what was in them—and whether they were safe to eat. They did some research and were surprised by the lack of regulations and environmentally-friendly options for children’s books. Eco-conscious Allison and Rob found they had lots of options for cloth diapers, low-voc paint, and organic food—but not for books. Read about how they changed that with Squishy Press.

A Mini-Reunion at Franklin Field

Shipley alumni Anna Adler ’07, Charlie Thompson ’07, David Karp ’07, and Jordan Greenberg ’06 celebrated a mini-reunion at Franklin Field, where they gathered to cheer on former classmate and Lafayette College soccer star BJ Glenn ’07, who was in town for the Penn vs. Lafayette soccer game.


The Class of '64 Turns 64

In April, 2010, the Class of ’64 gathered in the Philadelphia area for a “Class of ’64 Turns 64” mini-reunion. Most members of the class were born in 1946, and 2010 marked their 46th reunion. They dubbed the reunion, “46-64-64-46.” About 20 class members travelled from North Carolina, Vermont, Texas, and other distant locales to be together. Read more.


Liz Kittleman ’94 Named Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach at Columbia University

Liz Kittleman ’94 was recently named head coach of Columbia University’s women’s lacrosse team. Prior to taking the job with the Lions, she helped lead the University of Pennsylvania Quakers to four consecutive Ivy League Women’s Lacrosse Championships while serving as the team’s assistant coach. Before coaching at Penn, Liz was assistant women’s lacrosse coach at Haverford College in 2005 and 2006, and managed the United States Women's Elite Lacrosse Team from January 2006 to October 2007. Prior to that, Liz was the assistant women's lacrosse coach at Stanford University from 2001-2004, and helped lead the Cardinals to their first top-20 ranking in school history.

While earning her bachelor’s degree in art history at Union College in New York, she was a four-year letterwinner (1994-98) in lacrosse and earned first-team UCAA honors as a senior.

Read more about Liz and her appointment at Columbia.

Adele Cunningham Johnson ’51 Celebrates 25 Years as Owner of Anchorage Marina in Avalon, NJ

Shipley alumna Adele Cunningham Johnson ’51 and her husband, Carl, were recently honored by Avalon, NJ mayor Martin Pagliughi for a successful quarter century as owners of the Anchorage Marina. The Anchorage, a full-service marina with 31 boat slips, also serves as a popular breakfast destination on the bay of the Jersey shore resort town. Adele and Carl purchased the Anchorage, originally built in 1957, from a friend in 1985.Today, they run the business with help from their son, Charles, and grandson, Devon. Plans are in the works to expand and improve the facilities in the next two years.

Get more information about the Anchorage.

Brooke Oliver Fritz ’88 Named Head Girls’ Lacrosse Coach at Radnor High School

After serving as Radnor High School’s assistant girls’ lacrosse coach under Phyllis Kilgour for the last three years, Brooke Oliver Fritz ’88 was named head coach of the two-time PIAA state champions. Brooke, a graduate of Bates College, was Assistant Athletic Director and varsity girls’ lacrosse coach at Springside School for nine years before joining the Raiders.

Read an article about Brooke at

Jane Murray Heimlich ’44 Publishes Out of Step, A Memoir
Decades before there was Dancing with the Stars, there was The Arthur Murray Party, a network television show all about dance, starring Arthur Murray and his wife Kathryn from 1950 to 1961. The show featured guests like movie idol Errol Flynn, Merv Griffin, Eva Gabor, singer Connie Francis, comic genius Groucho Marx, and first lady of the theater Helen Hayes. Celebrity winners received prizes like a trip to Europe, a sports car, or a giant bottle of Arpege. And while the glitz and glamour of a weekly television show was being featured on camera, Arthur and Kathryn’s daughter Jane sat in the wings, a witness to the spectacle. Now, Shipley alumna Jane Murray Heimlich ’44 is reminiscing about those days in her memoir Out of Step (Orange Frazer Press, $24.95). Read more.


Clint Randall ’01 Wants to Reclaim Concrete for Park Space in South Philadelphia

You’ve probably seen the commercials. The kaleidoscopic collage of happy images selling positive social change and … soda? Yes, that’s right. The Pepsi Refresh Project is giving away $20 million to individuals and organizations with the best ideas to positively impact their communities. Clint Randall ’01 wants a piece of that and he needs your help to get it. How? Cast your vote for the Reclaim Concrete for Park Space Project, an initiative to transform a busy intersection in the East Passyunk section of South Philadelphia into a public gathering space. Read more.


David Wadden ’06 and Amherst College Recognize Former Shipley Teacher Paul Tierney

Former Shipley physics teacher Paul Tierney, who retired in 2009, is one of three teachers to receive Amherst College's prestigious Phebe and Zephaniah Swift Moore Teaching Award in 2010. He was nominated by former student and Amherst physics major David Wadden '06. Get more details.

Shipley’s Jazz Ensemble Celebrates 20 Years

Andy Holdsworth ’90, founding member of the Shipley Jazz Ensemble, returned to hear the 2010 edition of the band at the recent Alumni Weekend Reception on Friday, April 30. It was a bittersweet moment for Jazz Ensemble Director Bob Rowland and Holdsworth, as they recalled that the group was the brainchild of Dan Caesar ’90, an avid jazz guitarist... Read more.

Paintings by Shipley Alumna and Parent Elizabeth Evert Orr ’85 on Display in Speer Gallery through May 2

Paintings by Shipley alumna and Lower School parent, Elizabeth Evert Orr ’85 are now on display in Speer Gallery. Stop by to see her work during school hours or join us for an artist’s reception on Saturday, May 1 at 4:30 in the Speer Gallery. Read more.

Alumni Event Recap: Katie Ermilio ’04 Fashion Event at Boyd’s in Philadelphia – March 24

Shipley alumni and fashionistas stepped out mid-week to celebrate the talent and 2010 Spring Line of budding designer Katie Ermilio ’04. Co-sponsored by Boyd’s, Philadelphia Style, and Shipley, the event was a perfect entre into spring and the topnotch fashion driving the season’s trends. View photos from the event. Get more information about Katie Ermilio ’04.


Alumni Event Recap: Alumni Ambassadors Party

On Wednesday, March 24, local Shipley alumni, including Alumni Board members, Shipley faculty and staff, current Shipley parents, Shipley Trustees, and local leading Shipley volunteers gathered for cocktails in Haverford at the home of Elizabeth Evert Orr ’85 to celebrate their unique connections to the School and each other. View photos here.

Alumni Event Recap: January 25 Regional Reception – Midtown Manhattan

Alumni and guests gathered in Midtown Manhattan to curb the January chill with warm conversations and sudsy treats. Old friends and new, esteemed faculty, and delicious ale made the evening a winning combo for those in attendance. Read more.


David Michel ’97 Shines in Haiti’s Darkest Hour, Shares Light with Shipley Community

On Wednesday, January 20, David Michel ’97 visited Shipley’s Upper School, just hours before boarding a plane to Haiti. Find out what he'll be doing there and what he shared with the Shipley community.

The Shipley - Haiti Connection

The late Gwendolyn Grant Mellon ’30 and her husband, William Larimer Mellon, Jr., dedicated their lives to the care of the Haitian people at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital that they founded in 1956 in Deschapelles, Haiti. Read more.

Shipley in the White House: Elizabeth Schafer Vale ’72 and Michael Block ’99

Elizabeth Schafer Vale ’72 and Michael Block ’99 are both working in the White House. Find out how they got there and what they're doing. Read more.

Charlie Biddle ’05 Rows Towards the U.S. National Team

Charlie Biddle ’05 had never rowed before he showed up to a Shipley crew team recruiting practice in the fall of his freshman year. Now, he's training with the hopes of making it onto the U.S. National Team. Read more.

Heather Lisle ’03 Takes a Climate Ride

Heather Lisle '03 participated in the five-day three-hundred-mile-long bike ride from New York City to Washington, D.C. Read more.

Becky Snyder Fawcett ’88 is Helping People Adopt

Two years ago, Becky Snyder Fawcett ’88 launched, a national non-profit financial assistance grant program that helps qualified couples and individuals cover adoption expenses. To date, the organization has helped over 22 families adopt children. Read more.

New Yorker Writer Tad Friend ’80 Publishes Second Book

Tad Friend ’80’s memoir, Cheerful Money: Me, My Family, and the Last Days of WASP Splendor, was published by Little, Brown and Company in September. Read more.

Samantha Bennett ’84 Elected President of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists

Samantha Bennett ’84 is an award-winning columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Read more.


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