"Deeper Dives" into Positive Sport, Resilience, Character Strengths, and the Science of Achievement

Spotlight on the Institute of Positive Education 
We are so excited to welcome Justin Robinson and David Bott from the Institute of Positive Education back to Shipley this summer.  Watch this video   for a glimpse of Dr. Seligman and the Institute of Positive Education as they explain “What is Positive Education?” The cutting edge topics they will be presenting this year are:
Positive Sport
Sport is not really about winning trophies. In fact, it’s not even about winning. It is much more important than that. When harnessed well, especially with children, sport may well be the ultimate wellbeing intervention. This workshop is suitable for educators involved in sport at their schools, community sport volunteers, as well as experienced, credentialed coaches.
Raising Resilience in the Classroom
This interactive workshop spans the history of resilience research and understanding – from the earliest insights through to cutting-edge neuroscience. Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity both to explore the science and to practice evidence-based strategies – adapted from the established psychotherapies of CBT and ACT – that help us manage the inevitable stressors of being a student or an educator.
Science of Achievement 
In this brand-new workshop, you will explore the latest scientific thinking and evidence, from the field of positive psychology, as to what causes student achievement and how we, as front-line educators, can shape our classrooms to offer every student the opportunity to flourish.
Harnessing Character Strengths to Grow Wellbeing and Performance
This foundational workshop covers the  Three ‘A’s  of Character Strengths – Awareness, Appreciation and Application. It is designed for teachers, familiar with character education, who are now looking for additional, authentic ways to action and embed character strengths into their life and their teaching. 
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