Meet Jake Trachtenberg ’16

Jake Trachtenberg ’16
Currently Attending:
Indiana University
Years at Shipley: 14

Activities & Positions Held: Beacon, Finance Club, Thirds Basketball; Varsity Soccer Co-Captain, Tech Help Desk Head

A Solid Foundation
One of my favorite things about Shipley is that each grade has its own special moments and themes. As a Lifer, I feel like I’ve taken different things from each of my years at Shipley. A really strong foundation of right vs. wrong in Mrs. Brackett’s first grade class, understanding the importance of hard work in Mr. Caddle’s third grade class, redefining what it means to learn about history in Mrs. Henn’s fourth grade class, and making sure my writing was in great shape before Middle School in Mrs. Sweetman’s fifth grade class.

Preparation for College & Life
Shipley has prepared me for college and life by nurturing my passions while also pushing me to do more inside and outside of the classroom. I think one of the most important things I learned at Shipley wasn’t a specific topic or subject, it was the study habits which I feel are really important for my life going forward. Knowing what works and doesn’t work for my own learning can only help me in college. 

Lifting a Trophy
I’ve made lifelong friends at Shipley. There’s something special about having a group of people that are able to accomplish amazing things in classroom or on the field and afterward enjoy each other’s company on the weekends. There’s a special bond there and I really felt it on the soccer team. as a freshman,  I remember really looking to the upperclassmen for examples of how to conduct myself and how I should pass that on to future players. I think these bonds are a huge part of the team’s success over the past four years. After two scorching weeks of preseason at the end of the summer, there’s nothing more fulfilling than lifting a trophy in the crisp air of November.

Learning How to Learn
My most influential teacher was definitely Mr. Jennings. Without him, I have no idea where I’d be as a math student today. When I started eighth grade, I was having a really tough time in his Algebra 1 class. He encouraged me to come to him for extra help when I didn’t understand concepts and to try to spread that knowledge to other students. I quickly recovered from that rough patch and learned more than just math in his class. He taught me methods of learning that help me in all subjects to this day.

A Perfect Ending
My most memorable experience at Shipley was Super Saturday this past fall. Super Saturday is something I’ve attended for the past 14 years. As a Lower and Middle School student I remember running around with my friends at the carnival in Yarnall Gym and watching the Upper School teams play. Although I had played at Super Saturday in the past two seasons, this one was more important and special because it would be my last. It was a very contentious and hard fought game against La Salle, but we scored in stoppage time. It was one of my best personal performances of the season. The Swamp went all out with cardboard head cutouts of numerous players and teachers and really made the atmosphere amazing. I remember celebrating with my friends and teammates on the field. It was the perfect way to end my final Super Saturday.

Plans for Fall 2016
I’m going to be attending The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University - Bloomington with a focus in Finance.

Future Ambition
One day, I would love to work for Google. Technology is definitely something I’ve been very involved with in my time at Shipley and I would like to continue that. I think I would really enjoy working at a startup or possibly even creating one myself. Other than that, I could see myself working on Wall Street. I’ve always been interested in business and technology; combining those would be ideal in the future. 

Shipley has prepared me to make the most of the opportunities I’m given.
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