Meet Casey Brown '18

Casey Brown ’18
Currently Attending: 
Hamilton College
Years at Shipley: 13
Activities & Positions Held: Film Club Co-Head, Home Ec, Lower School Tutoring, Positive Paws, JV Tennis, Varsity Volleyball Captain

How Shipley Shaped Me
Shipley has prepared me for many things in a number of ways. First and foremost, I think the most useful skill I have learned over my many years at Shipley is how to advocate for myself. Because of the small class sizes and tight-knit community at Shipley, I always felt comfortable talking to my teachers and asking for help if I really needed it. This is a skill I plan to utilize both in college and life in general. I also feel confident that I am prepared for college-level classes thanks to Shipley’s great academics and rigorous courses.

Another unique aspect about Shipley that I absolutely love is the emphasis the community puts on service and giving back. Through Shipley, I have been exposed to so many amazing organizations and service opportunities that I would have otherwise not known about. Volunteering and helping local communities is very important to me and I am thankful to Shipley for always supporting and encouraging me to become even more involved in service.

Who was your most influential teacher and why?
My two most influential teachers were Mr. Clement and Mr. Rich. I was lucky enough to have both of these teachers more than once (Mr. Clement for two years and Mr. Rich for four). Mr. Clement’s science classes are never boring. We are always able to cover difficult material while also having fun and laughing a lot. Mr. Rich does a great job of building a solid foundation of Latin grammar early on so that we can read more difficult works. I have loved being in his class for all of my years of high school - he has truly inspired me and made me even more interested in the Classics.

One other faculty member that has been influential is Maria Stroup. She does so much for the students, teachers, and really the community as a whole. Maria is the one who always pushes me to do more service and be a better person, and I am extremely thankful for her.

Most Memorable Experience
One of my most memorable experiences at Shipley was Westward Ho in fourth grade. I remember packing up our wagon and tying all the supplies in super tight so that they wouldn’t fall out on our journey, and I remember being so proud when we passed “inspection” on the first try.

Plans for Fall 2018
I will be attending Hamilton College.

What does “Courage for the Deed; Grace for the Doing” mean to you?
To me, Courage for the Deed; Grace for the Doing means doing something with elegance even though it might be difficult and scary. This is a very important idea, especially moving forward into college. Because I have been hearing this motto for so long, I understand that to truly make any progress, I will often need to do things that scare me, and I will have the most success if I do them gracefully.

Complete this sentence: Shipley has prepared me...
to advocate for myself in my future endeavors.


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