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  • #77 Middle School Talent Tuesdays

    Every Tuesday during their break period, Shipley's Middle School students gather during snack time to listen to great music and socialize with each other while discovering the talents and passions of their classmates. The organized activity gives students a regular outlet to show off and provides opportunities for them to build their confidence. Of course, Talent Tuesday is as much about the grace of the students who sign up to be the promoters and stage hands as it is about those who have the courage to perform. These student promoters seek out talent in the Middle School who would like to experiment with being on stage in a small, intimate environment. On Tuesday, after advertising the week’s event to the Middle School at large, our stage crew builds up the stage and sets up the needed equipment and instruments. Our sound engineer tests everything and monitors the quality throughout the performance. The stage crew tears everything down and the process starts again for next week. All are invited to participate and/or watch!
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  • #73 Opportunities to Lead at all Levels

    #73 Opportunities to Lead at all Levels

    At Shipley, we believe that opportunities for leadership at the elementary school level are critical to students’ self discovery, confidence, and identity in and out of school. Shipley provides a variety of opportunities for students to lead, including an elected student council in the fourth and fifth grades. In addition to building important life skills such as public speaking, we want students who will take action and feel a strong sense of community. Learn more about why leadership is important at Shipley by watching the second video on this page.
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  • #69 International Trips & Exchanges

    #69 International Trips & Exchanges

    From the Middle School Italy Trip to the Upper School Villefranche Exchange, we love that Shipley provides opportunities for international learning - including recent trips to China, Peru, Spain, and Uganda for language and service learning.
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  • #65 The Shipley Auction

    #65 The Shipley Auction

    The Spring Auction is the Shipley community's largest fundraising event to benefit students and facilities at Shipley. Held in Yarnall Gymnasium, this event includes silent and live auctions, food, and live music all for the purpose of generating funds to further enhance the Shipley educational experience. We are grateful to the dedicated volunteers who make this event a reality. This year, we'll celebrate Shipley's 125th Anniversary with a big birthday party! Learn more about the Auction.
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  • #61 Middle School Service Fridays

    #61 Middle School Service Fridays

    Middle School students and teachers love their monthly service days because they get to do work that they are passionate about, while fulfilling a need in the community. “Then,” says Middle School service coordinator and math teacher John Harris, “we go out and make the world a better place. We do this by feeding the hungry (SHARE), reading to kids in schools (STUDY BUDDIES), playing games with senior citizens (GAMES=HAPPINESS), working with students with severe communication disorders (THE TALK INSTITUTE), helping get young girls from Africa back in school during their menstrual cycle (DAYS FOR GIRLS), clothing the folks who need a little help (OUR CLOSET), and much more.” Students can choose from 16 different service groups and dedicate one day each month to this service learning.
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  • #57 The Jazz Band

    #57 The Jazz Band

    We love the toe-tapping, head-bopping grooves of the Shipley Upper School Jazz Band, especially at All School Assemblies, where the music has been known to get impromptu dance parties started. The Jazz Band is just one of five music ensembles that Upper School students can join, including Glee Club, Orchestra, the Shipley Singers, and Handbells. Learn more about music at Shipley.
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  • #53 Professional Development Funding for Teachers

    #53 Professional Development Funding for Teachers

    One-hundred percent of Shipley teachers are eligible to receive Professional Development grants. With the help of this benefit, our teachers have earned advanced degrees in their field of study, attended workshops on relevant topics of interest, and travelled the world to experience something they teach in their courses. The Professional Development Committee is responsible for divvying out monies to teachers and staff who apply for grants.
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  • #41 The Fifth Grade Think, Care, Act Project

    #41 The Fifth Grade Think, Care, Act Project

    Part business plan, part service project, the TCA (Think Care Act) assignment starts with self-discovery and ends with students' self-directed service projects. The process is developmentally critical to fifth graders, who identify a blend of performance and moral characteristics, along with personal interests that define who they are and subsequently drive the course of their project. Learn more about the fifth grade's capstone Think, Care, Act project.
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  • #37: Shipley's Makers Spaces

    #37: Shipley's Makers Spaces

    Whether you visit the Lower, Middle, or Upper Schools, you can find students hard at work in our Makers Spaces, dedicated to exposing students to the iterative design process, which begins with brainstorming, then moves to prototyping, building, and analyzing the results, then starting over to improve on the outcome. Learn more about the Upper School's Maker Space.
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  • #33: The Food

    #33: The Food

    If you're lucky enough to catch a meal in the Avery Silverman Dining Hall, you'll find out why so many people put food on their list of things to love about Shipley. Whether it's egg sandwiches and made-to-order omelettes for breakfast, a salad of your own making at lunch, or brick-oven pizza as an after school snack — there's an abundance of fresh and tasty options when it comes to eating at Shipley. See what's on the menu today.
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  • #29: Fine Arts Committee

    #29: Fine Arts Committee

    This volunteer group made up of parents, alumni, and teachers helps expose the community to a diverse assortment of art exhibitions and external visual arts programming. Most notable are the monthly Speer Gallery Exhibits, which attract an impressive array of professional artists. Read more about the Fine Arts Committee and how to apply to be a featured Speer Gallery artist.
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  • #25: State of the Art Riely Theatre

    #25: State of the Art Riely Theatre

    Riely Theatre, home to Shipley's Middle and Upper School theater program, features a classic red velvet Rose Brand curtain, a state-of-the-art projection system, an integrated system control interface, and a modern lighting system on par with those found on Broadway. View images of some of the incredible productions that have taken place in Riely in the last few years.
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  • #21: The Brain Tree School

    The Brain Tree Primary School is our sister school near Kampala, Uganda. The school was started in 1994 as a nursery school for children who live in poverty or have been orphaned due to malaria or AIDS. It has since grown and provides housing and education to over 250 children. Shipley's partnership with Brain Tree stretches well over a decade, including the completion of many fundraising campaigns to improve the school's facilities, the contribution of thousands of books to a library, and opportunities for Shipley teachers, students, and alumni to engage in person and remotely with the African school's community. Most recently, a group of Shipley students traveled with two teachers to visit and perform service at Brain Tree. Alumna Maddie Norris '12 also visited Brain Tree during her college semester abroad. Read more about her experience there.
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  • #17: Shipley's College Counseling Program

    At Shipley, the college search involves much more than getting into the "right" college. Our college counselor to student ratio is 3:1, allowing us to focus on helping to choose a college that's the right fit for each individual. What's more? The self is at the heart of Shipley’s student-centered college counseling process, which is the culmination of our Pre-K through twelfth grade Social, Emotional, and Ethical Development (SEED) program. In contrast to the angst experienced by many students, our graduates report that the college process enhanced their self-reliance, confidence, and executive functioning skills. Now that’s something to be love. Learn more about our College Counseling process.
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  • #13: Low Student-toTeacher Ratio

    At Shipley, our individualized approach begins with a low student to teacher ratio of 7:1. Learn about this and other ways in which Shipley provides students with a foundation of success.
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  • #9: Focus on the Process

    When you focus solely on the end product, you miss the steps that make a student stronger along the way. Important lessons emerge from everyday challenges. Lifelong passions develop in unexpected ways. There’s so much intellectual and personal growth to be explored before an outcome is reached—and that’s why we focus on the journey. Explore the process of learning at Shipley.
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  • #5: Shipley is a Positive Education Pioneer

    #5: Shipley is a Positive Education Pioneer

    Shipley is the first school in the United States to adopt a school-wide approach to Positive Education, an evidence-based practice that improves academic performance through increased wellbeing. Learn more about Positive Education.
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  • 125 Things to Love about Shipley #1: The Shipley Sisters

    #1 The Shipley Sisters

    Shipley was founded in 1894 by sisters, Hannah, Elizabeth and Katharine Shipley to prepare students for Bryn Mawr College in an era when education for women was uncommon, even unpopular. The sisters established a philosophy of education that would guide the School for over 125 years: "In seeking to help the young people who come under our care, we know that the culture that only arouses the intellect and does not develop the character has failed in its ultimate purpose," said Hannah Shipley. Today, their dedication to educational excellence and character development endures at Shipley. Learn more about the Shipley sisters and the school they founded.
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List of 20 news stories.

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List of 20 news stories.

  • #79 Upper School Spring Sports Trips

    #79 Upper School Spring Sports Trips

    Student athletes in the Upper School don't just benefit from an extra week of practice time together during their Spring Break sports trips. The opportunity to travel together to sunny and warm destinations means more opportunities for team and relationship building, too. (Time on the beach isn't so bad, either.) Learn more about athletics at Shipley.
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  • #75 All School Assemblies

    #75 All School Assemblies

    We love when the entire school gets together for All School Assemblies. Students from Pre-K through Grade 12 participate in and enjoy performances and presentations by their peers, we celebrate traditions like Oaks & Acorns, and we hear from our All School President. View photos from a recent All School Assembly.
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  • #71 The Swamp: Shipley's Student Cheering Section

    #71 The Swamp: Shipley's Student Cheering Section

    The Swamp is Shipley's student cheering section, home of the "Swamp Chomp" and enthusiastic Gators fans. Find an upcoming game on our sports schedule and join in the fun.
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  • #67 PAN - The Parent Ambassador Network

    #67 PAN - The Parent Ambassador Network

    We especially love PAN Breakfast in the Commons on the Final Friday of each month, when everyone in the Shipley community can enjoy a complimentary Shipley breakfast, hosted by the Parent Ambassador Network.
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  • #63 Snow Days

    #63 Snow Days

    What's better than the anticipation of a looming snow storm and the possibility of a day off from school? We love snow days at Shipley for obvious reasons! (Three of which are sledding, hot cocoa, and marshmallows, of course.)
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  • #59 The Greening of the School

    #59 The Greening of the School

    Greening of the School volunteers gather annually to create holiday decorations for the School. The group spreads holiday cheer with their beautiful arrangements and wreaths that adorn Shipley's halls. This fun activity is just one of the many volunteer opportunities available to members of the Shipley community. Learn more about other ways to get involved.
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  • #55 Senior Service Projects

    For the final three weeks of the school year, Shipley's seniors participate in Senior Service Projects. Students choose from a wide variety of opportunities and spend 30 hours/week at their site, working hard to make a difference in the Phiadelphia area.
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  • #51 Thanksgiving Turkey Drive

    #51 Thanksgiving Turkey Drive

    Each year, the Shipley community comes together at the beginning of the holiday season to donate to, organize, and participate in the Thanksgiving Food Drive. We are grateful for all the support from our community to ensure that nearly 2,000 people in the area have a nice meal on Thanksgiving. What we love most is the energy and joy in packing up the meals as a community on the last day of school before the Thanksgiving holiday.
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  • #47 Modern Language Learning at Shipley

    #47 Modern Language Learning at Shipley

    Shipley students begin learning Spanish vocabulary in Kindergarten through songs and games. More formal learning continues into Middle School, where students can choose to deepen their understanding of Spanish or pursue French or Mandarin. With fluency as the goal, Upper School students are immersed in their language of choice. Learn more about Spanish in Lower School.
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  • # 43 Location, Location, Location!

    # 43 Location, Location, Location!

    We love our proximity to the Bryn Mawr Train Station on Septa's R5 Regional Rail, which allows us to draw students - and teachers - from a diverse collection of zip codes from around the Philadelphia area. Learn more about our campus.
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  • #39 Extraordinary Teachers

    #39 Extraordinary Teachers

    Shipley's team of passionate and dedicated teachers are the reason Shipley is able to provide students with a top-notch education. Did you know that 75% of them have advanced degrees? Learn more about Shipley's talented teachers.
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  • #35: Interdisciplinary Pre-K through Grade 12

    #35: Interdisciplinary Pre-K through Grade 12

    Learning at Shipley is multi-dimensional with students approaching a concept through the lenses of multiple disciplines. In the Lower School, social studies is interdisciplinary in design, incorporating the arts, geography, history, science, math, music, technology, and Spanish. In the Middle School, teachers collaborate on projects across subjects. In the Upper School, 23 courses fulfill the Interdisciplinary credit requirement, but in all subjects, teachers challenge their students to understand how ideas overlap across academic disciplines, building interdisciplinary knowledge. Learn about the benefits of interdisciplinary learning.
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  • #31 Close Relationships

    #31: Close Relationships

    Our teachers know students as people as well as learners, making for a better classroom (and life) experience. But it's not just the teacher-student relationships that define Shipley. Alumni, parents, and colleagues share lifelong friendships with each other, too. Learn more about community at Shipley.
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  • #27: Student Ambassadors

    #27: Student Ambassadors

    Shipley’s Ambassador Program is one of many leadership opportunities available to students. The Ambassadors are a select group of students in grades 6-12 who represent the school and aid the Admissions Department in various endeavors. The ambassadors meet with families, attend admissions events, help pair visitors with hosts, and engage in a variety of activities with the goal of providing a welcome and hospitable environment for Shipley’s prospective families. Learn more about this year's Upper School Student Ambassadors.
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  • #23: Mr. Caddle's Rube Goldberg Contraption Making Encore Club

    #23: Mr. Caddle's Rube Goldberg Contraption Making Encore Club

    First through fifth graders who like to build things, tinker, construct mechanical devices, and put together contraptions out of toys such as Lego and K'NEX love this Tuesday Encore Club, hosted by third-grade teacher Mr. Caddle. All of the Lower School Encore Clubs provide after-school enrichment to young students in a format that offers them choice and the opportunity to direct learning based on their personal interests. Learn more about Encore Clubs and other after school programs at Shipley.
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  • #19: Shipley's SEED Program

    All students participate in Shipley's Social, Emotional, and Ethical Development program with dedicated class time Pre-K through Grade 12. The core values curriculum connects health (physical, social, and emotional) with academic skill development. It is a critical component of Shipley's unique approach to education, combining academic rigor with support. Learn more about SEED at Shipley.
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  • #15: Super Saturday

    The entire Shipley community participates in this annual student-run carnival and fundraiser, which supports our sister schools: Andrew Jackson School in Philadelphia and Brain Tree School in Uganda. This major event has been a popular Shipley tradition since 1979 and includes a community barbecue and a fall sports showcase. This year, as a kickoff to the school's 125th Anniversary, Shipley will host games Under the Lights. View the Super Saturday schedule.
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  • #11: Amazing Arts

    From jazz band and studio art, to the winter musicals and grade-level performances; from Upper School all the way to PreK: the arts are alive and well at The Shipley School. Experience the arts at Shipley!
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  • #7: Focus on the Individual

    #7: Focus on the Individual

    At Shipley, we teach with the individual in mind, so all types of learners are able to thrive. While students may experience our curriculum in unique ways, a Shipley education remains rooted in a fundamental idea: We believe in a rigorous educational standard, one designed to foster not only creativity and individual thinking, but a sense of preparedness and emotional development that equips students for success. Learn more about academics at Shipley.
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  • 125 Things to Love about Shipley #3: The Shipley Mission

    #3: The Shipley Mission

    The Shipley School, a Pre-Kindergarten through 12 coeducational day school, is committed to educational excellence and dedicated to developing in each student a love of learning and a compassionate participation in the world. Through a strong college preparatory curriculum in the humanities and sciences, the school encourages curiosity, creativity, and respect for intellectual effort. Shipley upholds and promotes moral integrity, a sense of personal achievement and worth, and concern for others at school and in the larger community. This is our mission and it guides everything that we do. We are proud to be a mission-driven institution and feel good in knowing that every day we strive to do what we say we do. Learn more about how we fulfill our mission.
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  • #80 Impact Day

    Impact Day is a Middle and Upper School event that seeks to deepen conversation and community around a topic chosen by student leaders. Students learn from engaging speakers, see relevant films, and participate in meaningful discussions and action-oriented projects. This year, Shipley devoted an entire week to Impact Day programming.
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  • #76 Shipley Alumni

    #76 Shipley Alumni

    Shipley boasts an incredible network of alumni, from Bryn Mawr and New York City, to California, Tokyo, and Paris. Shipley alumni are artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, lawyers, community activists, politicians, mothers and fathers, writers, musicians, scientists, and so much more. We are proud of our alumni and everything they have accomplished. You can learn more about some of our alumni by reading their profiles on the web.
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  • #72 Middle School Mini-Courses

    #72 Middle School Mini-Courses

    From juggling and Italian, to meditation and engineering, the Middle School's Mini Courses offer students opportunities to discover passions and delve deeper into interests outside of the traditional academic sphere. Learn more about the Middle School program.
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  • #68 Electives in the Upper School

    #68 Electives in the Upper School

    Beginning in the junior year, our upper level academic seminars and electives actively engage students in high-level writing, reading, research, problem solving, and thinking within and across disciplines and areas so they connect personally with intellectual challenges. Learn more about the Upper School curriculum.
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  • #64 The Beacon Student Newspaper

    #64 The Beacon Student Newspaper

    The Shipley Upper School student newspaper has been a fixture at the School since 1955. The student-run publication wins awards for content and layout, including a Gold Medal Critique from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association in 2017. Read more about the award. You can also read featured articles originally published in the Beacon.
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  • #60 Second Grade Desert Zoo Project

    #60 Second Grade Desert Zoo Project

    We love the second grade's Desert Zoo Project, in which research, the writing process, art, science, public speaking, and more come together. Second grade students study different regions of the world throughout the school year, culminating in their study of the desert. Each student chooses a specific desert animal to research and reads books and articles pertaining to their animal. Students learn to take notes from their reading and to present their findings in an expository paper. At the same time they create a model animal from clay and a learn about the natural habitat of their animal. Finally, the Desert Zoo is the exhibition of each student's desert research. The second grade students present their projects to family, friends, teachers, and students in a fair style. Learn more about this integrated second grade capstone unit.
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  • #56 A Laptop for Everyone

    #56 A Laptop for Everyone

    Shipley's 1:1 Laptop computing initiative allows learning to happen anywhere, anytime and is not confined to class time or space. We feel strongly that laptops are powerful tools and are not an end in and of themselves, but rather a means to further discovery, creativity, and connection. Learn more about Educational Technology at Shipley.
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  • #52 Grade 7 Generations Project

    The Generations Unit is an important part of Shipley's seventh grade curriculum. The multi-disciplinary unit asks students to explore the question of who they are in relation to history. Through interviewing family members and friends, examining artifacts and memorabilia, engaging in activities and reading books their interview subjects did when they were growing up, students learn about the past and get a new perspective on their own lives. With careful guidance, students manage and set their own deadlines to complete the nine assignments they are required to complete. It's a memorable unit for students and families alike. Learn more about the seventh grade Generations Project.
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  • #48 Friday Afternoon Dance Parties in Mrs. Reilly's Third Grade Class

    #48 Friday Afternoon Dance Parties in Mrs. Reilly's Third Grade Class

    Talk to any students who have been lucky enough to have Mrs. Reilly as their third grade teacher, and they'll tell you that her Friday afternoon dance parties are on the top of their list of things to love about Shipley. Read more about Mrs. Reilly.
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  • #44 Shipley Theater

    #44 Shipley Theater

    One of the great things about theater in Shipley's Upper School is the cross section of students who feel comfortable participating in one of three annual theater productions, including The Fall Plays, The Winter Musical, and The Spring Festival. In the Middle School, coursework in theater is also supplemented by the production of a Spring Musical, while Lower School students showcase their theatrical talents in grade-level productions throughout the year. Learn more about Theater at Shipley.
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  • #40 Special Olympics at Shipley

    Each Fall, Shipley partners with Villanova University to host tournaments for the Special Olympics. This year, Shipley hosted Volleyball and Soccer Tournaments, and awards ceremonies for those events. In addition to providing the use of our facilities, Shipley students, teachers, and others in the community dedicate their time to help make the event a special one for the athletes and their families.
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  • #36: The Ezra Project

    #36: The Ezra Project

    The Ezra Project honors the memory of Ezra Keiser ’18 and is all about kids helping other kids. Each year, the organization fundraises for a project that will make an impact for children in need. In the fall, Shipley's Middle School participates in a day of sports and in the spring, Shipley celebrates the Ezra Keiser Baseball Day. Past projects have included a gym for Andrew Jackson School and a Multicultural Book Nook for Global Leadership Academy Southwest. Learn more about The Ezra Project.
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  • #32 Shipley's Vision 20/26 Strategic Plan

    Our strategic vision is to inspire and prepare each of our students to live a life of purpose: to grow intellectually, act compassionately, and lead courageously. Shipley’s unique commitment to integrating the development of social, emotional and ethical skills into our curriculum, PreK through grade 12, is critical to success in college and in life, and is a major component of our strategic goal of Educational Excellence. Our plan also defines community engagement and institutional stewardship as major goals. Learn more about how Shipley will achieve these goals.
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  • #28: Sustainability Efforts in the Dining Room

    #28: Sustainability Efforts in the Dining Room

    We love the recent efforts to make our dining room more sustainable, reducing the amount of waste produced by using compostable plates, bowls, cups, and napkins, and contracting with a composting company to take it off-site. Learn more about our recent sustainability efforts.
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  • #24: Shipley's Learning & Research Center

    #24: Shipley's Learning & Research Center

    Known affectionately as the LARC, Shipley's Learning & Research Center houses the School's library and was envisioned as a school environment of the future, with flexible spaces suited for collaborative and creative learning. Our students love to gather here, where they can work in a natural-light filled space in a variety of configurations. See photos of the LARC.
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  • #20: Andrew Jackson School

    The Andrew Jackson School is our Pre-K - 8th grade sister school in South Philadelphia. Shipley students participate in a variety of programs designed to help support AJS in a meaningful way, including Service Days, a mentoring group, and through fundraisers. View photos from a 2015 meeting of Positive Paws, a group of Shipley Upper School student mentors who visit regularly with AJS students.
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  • #16: Shipley's Oaks and Acorns Tradition

    Each fall, Shipley's Mighty Oaks (our seniors and most venerable students) welcome the Little Acorns (students in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and first grade) to the School by presenting them with decorated pencil boxes at the first All School Assembly of the year. In turn, those same Little Acorns present their Mighty Oaks with crayon-covered "diplomas" at year's end. View photos from this year's ceremony.
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  • #12: 4th Grade Outdoor School Overnight Trip

    Each fall, Shipley's fourth graders spend a night at the College Settlement Camp in Horsham, PA. "The fall overnight trip is a great opportunity for building class community and learning about science in the outdoors," says Lower School science teacher Dan del Duca. Students learn team building skills in many group challenges such as the spider web and the wall. Students tour the organic farm, study the creatures of the stream, and have adventures in the forest. It's a memorable experience that inspires scientific curiosity and inquiry. Learn more about Dan del Duca and science in the Lower School.
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  • #8: Educational Excellence for Everyone through Financial Aid

    #8: Educational Excellence for Everyone through Financial Aid

    Shipley is committed to making a Shipley education accessible to students from a range of socio-economic backgrounds. Over $7 million is awarded to approximately a third of Shipley's students annually: enough for about 200 students to attend Upper School. Learn more about Financial Aid at Shipley.
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  • 125 Things to Love about Shipley #4: The Shipley Motto

    #4: The Shipley Motto

    Fortiter in Re; Leniter in Modo. Courage for the Deed; Grace for the Doing. This has been Shipley's motto since the Shipley sisters founded the school in 1894. It's a powerful phrase that resonates deeply with students, teachers, alumni, and community members from all generations, providing wisdom that guides not just what we do, but how we do it.
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The Shipley School is a private, coeducational day school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students, located in Bryn Mawr, PA. Through our commitment to educational excellence, we develop within each student a love of learning and a desire for compassionate participation in the world.