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  • Meet Brennan '19

    Meet Brennan '19

    I hope that I helped people to recognize the power of their voice and the importance of their involvement in politics locally and across the world. I loved every second of explaining current events in Civic Activism Club, creating political messaging in my art, and debating hot button issues with my peers.
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  • Meet Carly '19

    Meet Carly '19

    Courage for the Deed to me means be strong, be confident, and be brave. The first part of Shipley’s motto inspires me to believe in myself, to take the risk, and to never back down. However, you have to remember to do it with dignity and respect for yourself and others.
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  • Meet Casey '19

    Meet Casey '19

    Shipley not only fueled my passion for learning but also gave me the opportunity to discover rowing, something I am wholeheartedly in love with. Rowing is extremely grueling, both mentally and physically, but its constant challenge is precisely why I row
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  • Meet Evan '19

    Meet Evan '19

    Shipley has given me the opportunity to find many of my interests. Shipley encouraged my interests in music, anatomy, economics, and a lot more. With the variety of classes, I was able to take, it is hard to choose a subject I enjoy the most.
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  • Meet Gavin '19

    Meet Gavin '19

    Shipley taught me that relationships are important and that you never know when an opportunity from someone you respect can come your way. 
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  • Meet Isabella '19

    Meet Isabella '19

    More than anything else, Shipley taught me to take risks and to bet on myself. In this life, there is no one who will believe in you more than yourself. My education here taught me to believe in that mantra, as well as encourage me to pursue a career in something I love.
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  • Meet Ishea '19

    Meet Ishea '19

    For me, Courage for the Deed; Grace for the Doing means being dedicated yet humble in everything you do. It means doing every task, the difficult and the tedious, deliberately and purposefully. The phrase is a mantra for encouragement and honor to live by and revisit often.
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  • Meet James '19

    Meet James '19

    Not only did Shipley inspire me to become my own person, and be proud of that person, Shipley also helped me discover interests that I would have been afraid of trying anywhere else. Shipley helped me reach my full academic potential as well.
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  • Meet Reed '19

    Meet Reed '19

    Shipley also taught me to never be one dimensional. My “aha” moment at Shipley was watching Sam Sessoms, Shipley’s all-time leading scorer in basketball history, dance on stage at our musical. At that moment I realized that there is no push back about trying new things at Shipley. You can make your life how you want to make it, and Shipley has all the resources for you to do so.
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  • Meet Saakshi '19

    Meet Saakshi '19

    All the skills Shipley taught me will be brought with me to college: writing skills, how to analyze and think critically, and in-depth research. Academically, Shipley really prepared for the next steps of my life. As for music, I think branching out and joining the Shipley Singers and participating in musicals taught me to try new things and not have fear.
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