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    • Introduction to Lower School

      A Shipley education begins in the Lower School as we lay the foundation for lifelong learning. Come and hear from our Head of Lower School, Tim Lightman, and our Director of Student Support, Julie Bown, as they talk about why that foundation is so important for your child's educational journey, and what it means to truly know each student as an individual.

    • Introduction to Middle School

      Our Middle School is dedicated to ensuring each child feels known, connected, challenged and involved. Along with our well-rounded, rigorous academic program, we teach principles such as respect, responsibility and leadership, and believe in fostering strong interpersonal relationships. Join Shipley's Middle School administrative team for an look at life in the Middle School and learn what makes it such a special place.

    • Introduction to Upper School

      Students in Shipley's Upper School are provided with a variety of opportunities to pursue new endeavors, passions, and challenges. Our program is designed to allow our students to forge their own individual paths and to fully realize their potential. Join us for a conversation with various Upper School administrators, faculty, and students to learn about the opportunities in the Upper School and how our students achieve success in all aspects of our program.

    • TA @Shipley Virtual Admissions Event November 2020

      We recognize that an independent school education is a powerful investment in your child’s future as well as a considerable financial commitment. The Shipley School remains committed to making a Shipley education accessible to students from a range of socio-economic backgrounds. Please join us for a virtual event as Nan Bussey, Shipley’s Director of Tuition Assistance, outlines our process and answers your questions regarding tuition assistance.

    • Athletics @Shipley Virtual Admissions Event November 2020

      From our Lower School Physical Education program that introduces our students to important skills to our plethora of athletic options in the Middle and Upper Schools, featuring multi-tiered skill levels for students of all abilities, we encourage students to experience new endeavors, form meaningful interpersonal relationships, and grow as individuals. Please join us for a lunchtime conversation and Q&A with our Director of Athletics, and a few of our Shipley athletes.

    • DEI @Shipley Admissions Event November 2020

      One of the core elements of the Shipley community is the principle of providing a supportive, inclusive and safe environment for all our students. To that end, Shipley's commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) guides and educates our students in a manner that increases a sense of belonging and personal well-being. Join us to hear from our DEI experts about what makes this process so special.

    • Arts @Shipley Virtual Admissions Event December 2020

      Whether on the stage or in the studio, Shipley students are offered a multitude of options to pursue their artistic passions at a high level. Join us for a Q&A session with our arts departments chairs along with current Shipley artists, and learn all about our incredible visual and performing arts offerings.

    • Educational Excellence in the Lower School @Shipley 

      Shipley’s model of Educational Excellence combines the importance of student achievement with an intentional focus on both individual and collective well-being. Please join Head of Lower School, Tim Lightman, and members of our Lower School community to learn about how this definition of Educational Excellence serves as our compass in every facet of our program for our youngest students.

    • STEAM @Shipley

      Shipley’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) program is a prime example of our belief in and commitment to teaching creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. Join us for a conversation with a group of our STEAM teachers and students to learn more about the program and how we weave it into the curriculum in our Lower, Middle and Upper Schools. 

    • January Fireside Chat with Michael Turner

      Please join us for a fireside chat with our Head of School, Michael Turner. Michael will talk holistically about the pillars of a Shipley education, reflect on the first half of this "year like no other," and share his thoughts on the what lies ahead.

Upcoming Events

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  • Mar

    Student Voices @Shipley

    Our students tell the Shipley story best – they live it on a daily basis and embody the ideals of the community as a whole. Please join us for a conversation with a group of our students as they share their Shipley journey, discuss the multitude of options available and highlight what makes the school so wonderful and unique.

    This event is best accessed through Google Chrome from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Please note you will receive the ZOOM link a few hours prior to the event. For the best viewing experience, please download the ZOOM app when prompted.
  • Apr

    Faculty Voices @Shipley

    Shipley teachers care deeply and holistically about their students. They challenge them on a daily basis within the classroom, instilling a love of learning with each lesson. Furthermore, Shipley teachers support our students in all their endeavors, offering guidance, support and recognition. Please join us to hear from several of our teachers as they share their talents and passion for teaching and how they can have a positive impact on your child’s education.

    This event is best accessed through Google Chrome from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Please note you will receive the ZOOM link a few hours prior to the event. For the best viewing experience, please download the ZOOM app when prompted.
  • May

    Family Voices @Shipley

    Being a Shipley parent or guardian means being a member of a caring, supportive and dynamic community. Please join us as a group of Shipley families share their insights into the myriad benefits of a Shipley education and what makes the school so special.

    This event is best accessed through Google Chrome from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Please note you will receive the ZOOM link a few hours prior to the event. For the best viewing experience, please download the ZOOM app when prompted.

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  • What advice do you have for new students?

    Making friends at Shipley is easy because everyone shares common interests with each other and being a family is really what we honor. Playing sports and being a part of Student Government is fun and also helps to bond friendships and relationships with coaches or teachers outside of the classroom. 
  • What is the most valuable lesson learned at Shipley?

    The most valuable lesson I have learned at Shipley is that it’s okay to not simply fit into one box. I have many different interests that, at first glance, do not cohesively fit together. However, through activities and clubs, I have been allowed to pursue many of them and I believe that each interest makes up my identity.

  • What advice would you give to new students coming into Shipley?

    Don’t be nervous – just go in and have fun and meet new friends. I know that can be hard to do, but everyone is really nice and welcoming!
  • What do I love most about Shipley?

    What do I love most about Shipley?
    There are so many things I love about Shipley, but if I had to say one thing, it would be community. A community that respects one another, challenges one another and supports one another. The faculty is one of excellence, and my children are extremely fortunate to be part of this amazing community.
  • What would we want prospective families to know about Shipley?

    Shipley is an amazing school that is able to uniquely balance academic rigor with teaching my children to have compassion for themselves and others. Shipley also doesn’t fit a mold for one specific type of child. It also pushes my children to take risks and try things that they may have never thought to try (like school musicals, student government, or public speaking).
  • Why did we choose Shipley?

    We chose Shipley because of the people.
    As the admission counselor walked us through the school, we had the opportunity to speak with students. We were so impressed by their engagement, poise, and enthusiasm. We wanted that for our daughters.

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