Why do we promote Health and Fitness At Shipley?

Shipley promotes health and injury prevention for all students. The fitness programs offered at Shipley are designed to encourage students to find success, enjoyment, and develop positive self-image through physical activities. The programs help students build a healthy attitude towards competition, self-discipline, leadership, and accountability. Fitness in the Upper school is also a sports credit option. Students are expected to attend class twice a week during a scheduled class time, during a free period, or after school.

Kevin Dea designs programs for each individual need, and tailor programs for sport specific student-athletes. Student-athletes are able to work with our trainers during their off season months. Injured students work with our trainers and athletic trainers to ensure correct recovery in order to return to play. Our Athletes are able to work out at Shipley using the Rapport-Trippley Fitness Center or schedule an appointment with Kevin at Dea Strength training gym, located 574B West Lancaster Ave Bryn Mawr, PA 19010.

Shipley Strength and Conditioning

Shipley provides the opportunity for athletes to take part in strength and conditioning training year round with Strength and Conditioning coach Kevin Dea. Through this program, students will learn the basics of movement, weightlifting, speed and power training, as well as endurance training.

For Upper School Students

Students in fitness are required to attend classes twice a week where they will be given a workout personalized for their interests and needs. They will participate in weight training and aerobic training appropriate for their skill level. If a student has been injured during Fitness, the students have the opportunity to work with our Trainer Kim Whelan to work on their rehab.

For Middle School Students

Our middle school students have conditioning as part of their sports credit if they choose to do so. The programs are designed to get middle school kids acclimated to the weight room, in preparation for high school sports. Middle school Students in conditioning are expected to attend class every day during designated sports time, 7th period.


Shipley Fitness Center
Students and faculty are welcome to use the Rapoport-Trippley Fitness Center from 8:20 to 5:30. They may work out on their own or get a personalized program from a certified personal trainer.

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  • Sergio Jackson 

    Director of Athletic Performance and Phys Ed Teacher
    Delaware State University - BA
    California University of Pennsylvania - MA
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