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Why I Teach: Stu Malcolm, Assistant Head of Middle School

Kathy Smith
After an 11-year post-college career in architecture, Stu Malcolm, Assistant Head of Middle School, and Middle School Sleuth and Technology Teacher, switched careers. He taught science at Shipley for 16 years, until he moved into administration four years ago. “I took this job because I believe education should be more about process and less about content. ‘Content,’” he says, “is at our fingertips. The challenge is to give students the skills to manage, evaluate, and synthesize it into a meaningful whole.”
“When students come in here and need help, or have to be cajoled into finding their better selves, that’s another vital aspect of this job.”
Malcolm works seamlessly with Shane Kinsella, Head of Middle School. “We see the world in much the same way,” he explains. “We believe you learn way more from your mistakes than you do from your successes. And we think a thoughtful, sensitive approach is important.”
“I really feel lucky to be here at Shipley,” he says. “I landed here and didn’t know how lucky I was. The fact that I’ve stayed here 20 years says a lot.”

The Shipley Magazine - Spring 2021

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