Affording A Shipley Education

We recognize that an independent school education is both a powerful investment in your child’s future as well as a considerable financial commitment.
The Shipley School remains committed to making a Shipley education accessible to students from a range of socio-economic backgrounds. Over $6.4 million dollars was awarded to approximately 33 percent of Shipley's students for the 2017-2018 school year. This financial support comes from Shipley’s endowment, gifts to the school and tuition. All awards are based on demonstrated need, and are revised on an annual basis. Families of students applying to any grade are welcome to apply for financial aid.
Shipley uses School and Student Services (SSS) by NAIS to collect basic financial information on income, assets, family size and the number of siblings in tuition-charging schools. A needs analysis report is prepared by SSS that suggests the amount you can contribute for educational costs. Since not all families’ financial circumstances are equal, the Shipley Financial Aid Office uses the SSS evaluation as the starting point for Shipley’s review of each applicant for financial aid.
In cases of divorce or separation, Shipley requires information from both natural parents and any stepparents. Each parent must complete and submit a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS). The family’s ability to contribute is based on both natural parents’ and any stepparents’ income and assets.
Once the family’s contribution is determined, the Financial Aid Office will assign an aid package to meet the unmet costs of tuition. The award is conditional upon the review of your 2017 Federal tax return.
The amount you can reasonably contribute toward meeting the cost of a Shipley education is reviewed annually. Your contribution may increase, decrease, or remain the same depending on the change in your financial circumstances from year to year.

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  • Financial Aid Guidelines (Read More)

    • Only families who demonstrate financial need are considered for aid.
    • In the interest of equity, if one parent elects to stay at home and not seek employment, the Committee will assume the income of that parent to be the tuition amount of the applicant (An exception is made if the parent is at home caring for a non-school age child or an elderly parent.)
    • If the parents are separated or divorced, all paperwork, including tax documentation, is requested from both parents and stepparents.
    • If multiple children attend tuition-charging schools or colleges, it is expected that the family will be applying for financial aid at all schools. Shipley should not be expected to implicitly subsidize tuition at other schools or colleges
    • If a parent elects to return to school or to change jobs, or a sibling elects to enroll in a 5th year advanced degree program resulting in a decrease in family financial resources, Shipley cannot underwrite this family choice with greater financial assistance.
    • If one parent is temporarily unemployed and not disabled, the Committee will review past years of employment history. If a financial aid award is made, the unemployed parent must participate in quarterly financial aid reviews to report on and demonstrate a continued job search.
    • Financial aid grants are annual; a family must re-apply each year they seek financial assistance. When there are dramatic changes in a family’s financial situation due to a significant financial setback, we will do all we can to make it possible for the child to receive the financial assistance needed to continue at Shipley. At the same time, we expect a family in this situation to make other adjustments to their family expenditures, in addition to seeking financial aid, to help cover the costs of private education. Likewise, when a family’s financial situation improves greatly, the annual grant will be adjusted to reflect the positive gain.
    • Shipley maintains confidential financial aid records for all applicants. These records are reviewed by the financial aid committee, and occasionally by the head of school. All financial aid awards are confidential agreements between the recipient family and the school. The financial aid committee considers financial aid awards strictly confidential. Shipley does not share information with any other party. Because of this, families may not discuss financial aid information with anyone other than a member of the financial aid committee. Awards can be withdrawn for breach of this expectation.
    • All appeals regarding financial aid awards must be submitted in writing directly to the financial aid committee.
  • Applying for Financial Aid (Read More)

    You may begin applying for financial aid starting October 2, 2017 following the process described below. To be eligible for consideration for financial aid, your online financial aid application and all required supporting documents are due on the following dates:
    Returning families applying for Financial Aid –
    Application Deadline is December 8, 2017
    New families applying for Financial Aid –
    Application Deadline: January 5, 2018
    We begin to process families’ requests in January, as soon as their forms have been received, therefore it is in your best interest to complete and submit the necessary forms as soon as possible. Late requests for aid will be considered only if funds are still available. If you have any questions related to the financial aid process, please direct your questions to Sylvia Spector,, 610-525-4300 x4117.
    Please note that admission applications are read without regard for a family’s ability to pay. Only in the final phase is the selection process need aware as the Admission Committee weighs its decision against available funds.
    To begin your financial aid application for the coming school year, please follow the steps below:
    First, complete the online application:
    1. After October 1, 2017 go to
    2. Click on the prompt to begin your Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS). You only need to complete one PFS for all children applying to our school. Our School code is 7348.
    Second, submit the required documentation to SSS:
    1. Shipley Financial Aid Request Form
    2. Copy of your 2016 1040 US Tax Returns, supporting schedules, and W-2's (if not already submitted)
    3. Copy of your 2017 1040 US Tax Returns, supporting schedules, and W-2's (if not already submitted). We request that your 2017 1040’s be submitted by April 18, 2018. We will make the initial financial aid award based on your 2016 1040’s in January/February but reserve the right to adjust your award after April 18, 2018 based on your 2017 1040’s
    Ways to submit required documentation to SSS:
    1. Upload scanned documents directly to SSS through PFS Online feature, “Manage Documents.” Be sure to write your telephone number and Parent A’s name in the top margin of each document.

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