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  • Caroline DiNome '17

    White Blazer Award Winners

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  • Caroline DiNome ’17, Senior Class President

    Rallying Cries Heard as Student Government Set Goals for the Year

    Caroline DiNome ’17, Senior Class President
    Featured in the September edition of the Beacon, Senior Class President Caroline DiNome outlines the goals Shipley's student government plans to accomplish during the 2016-2017 academic year. 
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  • Admissions Stats at a Glance

    Are you curious about the current profile of the school and student body? Take a look at this infographic, full of information about tuition, financial aid, and diversity.
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  • Katie Balun ’17, All School President

    Then & Now: 50 Years of Student Leaders Reflect on the Shipley They Know and Love

    To show how Shipley has changed, and how it’s stayed the same, we asked the same seven questions to the senior class and all school presidents today, from 25 years ago, and from 50 years ago.
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  • Letter from Head of School Steve Piltch

    Steve shares his excitement about the beginning of the school year and speaks to how we can all discuss the upcoming election effectively.

    "In this environment, we find ourselves compelled to hope for a systematic change that brings an exchange of ideas (not just in the election but also everywhere) in place of today’s exchange of negativity. We can only accomplish this work if we hold ourselves in the elective process to higher standards. While there may not be a clear path to doing so nationally, we will make that effort here at school by being open to and understanding of a range of points of view."
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  • Alumni Spotlight on Karin Blakemore, MD ’71

    Trina Vaux '63
    Shipley alumna  and 2016 Margaret Bailey Speer Award winner Karin Blakemore, MD ’71 has had an impressive career in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, leading ground-breaking investigations into in utero diagnosis and treatment of genetic abnormalities, including research that could lead to the prevention of diseases such as sickle cell anemia. Karin points to her parents and to Shipley as influencing her focus on hard work and critical thinking.
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  • Alumni Spotlight on Prashant Bhuyan ’96: Staying Relevant with Curiosity and Creativity

    Kristina M. Jenkins
    “I’ve never really had a job,” says Prashant Bhuyan ’96, an investment technology entrepreneur and data scientist whose latest project puts him squarely in the middle of the booming data revolution and budding artificial intelligence space. "Creativity and imagination are what's going to keep us relevant in the age of artificial intelligence,” says Bhuyan, “Places like Shipley foster this kind of thinking.” Learn more about Prashant Bhuyan and how he’s harnessed his curiosity and creative thinking to build revolutionary investment technologies.
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  • Alumni Spotlight on Hannah Nicholas ’06: Following a Musical Path

    Kristina M. Jenkins
    Shipley alumna Hannah Nicholas ’06 has made a career out of her love of music, most recently joining the New World Symphony Orchestra as a violist. She credits Shipley with encouraging her to follow her own path and develop a strong sense of individuality. That sense informs her varied musical explorations and pursuits, and fuels her drive to continue learning.
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  • Shipley Celebrates Super Saturday, Ribbon Cutting for New Shipley Commons

    Laura Kale
    The Shipley community celebrated its annual Super Saturday event and held a ribbon cutting ceremony and building dedication for the new Shipley Commons & Chris Wagner Arts Center on Saturday, September 19.
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  • Spotlight on Jay Jennings '91: Middle School Math Teacher and Coach

    Kathy Smith
    Jay Jennings ’91 redefines what it means to be a “lifer” at Shipley. As a Middle School math teacher and coach for the last 21 years, he tries to connect on a personal level with the students he teaches and coaches as a way of inspiring them to learn and strive for excellence.
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  • Spotlight on Shipley Alumni Shops Vendors

    The Shipley Shops fundraiser is a 55-year-old tradition that brings over 40 premiere retailers from across the country to Shipley's Yarnall Gymnasium. This year, we are excited to welcome back four alumni vendors to participate in the annual event. Learn more about the alumni vendors who are bringing their boutiques to Shipley.

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