Alumni Weekend & Reunions

Alumni Weekend is May 3 - 5, 2019!

Whether this is your 5th, 25th, 50th, or another milestone reunion year, we hope you mark your calendar to attend Alumni Weekend on May 3-5, 2019. Join fellow Shipley alumni in reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, catching up with favorite faculty, and celebrating 125 years of changemakers with the entire Shipley community. Over the next few months, you will hear from class volunteers regarding plans for class parties and reunion giving. If we do not have your email address, or you’ve recently changed any of your contact information, please send an email to alumni@shipleyschool.org or call 610.525.4544 to update your contact information.

Alumni Weekend invitations are in the mail today (3/21/19). Look for them in your mailboxes soon!

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Look Who's Registered

Below are the names and class years of all alumni registered to attend one or more Alumni Weekend events. If you plan to attend but don't see your name please register online! List Updated 4/12
Katharine Morris Fisher '44
Sally Watson Castle '51
Katherine Francis Graff '54
Marie-Louise Graham Ingersoll '54
Lura Coleman Wampler '56
Diana Wasson Robison '61
Marguerite Gerstell '62
Trina Vaux '63
Sherwood Daniels '64
Judith Taulane Lame '64
Carolyn Wilson Newmark '64
Linda Womrath Palmer '64
Diana Steele '64
Sarah White '64
Susan Potts Bloom '65
Mary Ledwith '67
Emily Andrews '69
Jane Bodine '69
Jean McCloskey Dow '69
Dana Kilbourn Fairbank '69
Virginia McCulloch Lau '69
Elaine Bishop Politis '69
Suzanne Hancock Ross '69
Miriam Merino Stake '69
Sallie Steele '69
Beverly Vaughn '69
Lea Bolling Johnson '74
Leslie Blakey Labess '74
Edith Sheerin Patterson '74
Cannie Crysler Shafer '74
Lizanne Siccardi '74
Carolyn Wyeth '74
Elizabeth Crawford Hucker '75
Cynthia Archbold '76
Cristina Brunet '76
Holly Salley Cindell '76
Maria Guerra Soldat '76
Vivian Sterste '76
Catherine Briggs Townsend '76
Mary Graff Corell '78
Holly Fitzgerald '79
Hemsley Ganoe Hughes '79
Susan Corkran Hutton '79
Rosa DeBerry King '79
Sheila Harper Malloy '79
Nina Fraser Muscato '79
Paige Pechstein Slater '79
Nancy Bogle St. John '79
Katherine Graff McNierney '80
Elsie Pitocchelli '82
Elizabeth Raymond Dougherty '83
Simson Garfinkel '83
Julia Calhoun '84
Jennifer Reeves Gidaro '84
Mimi Keller Drake '86
Lia Calhoun '87
Anna Steel '87
Sharifa Johnson Atkins '89
Andrew Bogle '89
William Swain '89
Tilita Hill Alexander '94
Robert Chambers '94
Jennifer Foy Jarden '94
Erik Johnson '94
Gretchen Hultman Makai '94
Andrea Mason '94
William Payne '94
Richard Perlmutter '94
Jeremy Silverman '94
Simon Storm '94
Robert Sweet '94
Rebecca Thomas '94
Chad Trexler '94
Bryant Horsley '97
Jennifer Murphy Devine '98
Erika Griffin White '98
Akanke Garrett '99
Charlotte Goethals Pak '99
Emily Cheston '04
Maria Hannaway '04
Melissa Iacobucci '04
Jonathan Kearney '04
Amanda Deardorff Knab '04
Ashton Kahn Lally '04
Ralph Riedel '04
Jesse Shipley '04
Sam Fisher '09
Kelly Gagnon '09
Andrew Oliveira '09
Emma Phipps '09
Corey Rogoff '09
Vincent Ceriale '13
Madison Bailey '14
Matthew Colleran '14
Kathryn Frorer '14
Bradley Hilzinger '14
Maxwell Olsan '14
Denis Asselin
Tim Eckert
Janet Kobosky
Dorothy Maddock
Marian Roche
John Slater
W. Snyder
David Williams
Greg Coleman
Chris Wagner
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