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  • Dan Litchtenberg '99, is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Keiki Capital, a venture capital firm with a mission to deliver a better world for future generations through investment in companies addressing climate change.

    Dan Lichtenberg ’99: Investing in a Cleaner, More Sustainable, and Healthier Future

    As founder and Chief Executive Officer of ‎Keiki Capital, Dan Lichtenberg ’99 marries his technical and financial expertise with his passion for developing creative solutions to global problems—global warming and climate change, food and water insecurity, income and wealth inequality—and transforming data into actionable intelligence.
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  • Chef Wayne Washington holding one of the many plant based food items used by the kitchen.

    What Are New Plant-based Options in the Dining Hall?

    In this October 2021 article from The Beacon student newspaper, Asher Leavy explores recent updates and challenges faced by Shipley's dining services in keeping up with sustainability efforts, including expanded vegan and vegetarian offerings. 
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  • Erica Burman ’05: Putting a Passion for Social Justice into Action

    Since graduating from Shipley, Erica Burman '05 has worked in event production, fundraising, healthcare, and most recently as Marketing Manager for the Delaware County Historical Society. Through her work at the Historical Society, Erica has become an activist in the environmental justice movement. Learn more about her work with CRCQL to eliminate the trash incinerator in Chester, PA.
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  • From Seed to Plant: Lessons in Sustainability Start in Shipley’s Pre-K

    The Pre-Kindergarten’s “From Seed to Plant” interdisciplinary spring project centered around the questions, “How Do We Take Care of Nature?” and “How Does Nature Take Care of Us?” Ecology lessons in the classroom were complemented with hands-on learning and gardening experiences in the Lower School’s courtyard and newly-installed vegetable beds.
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  • Sowing Seeds of Excellence: Shipley's Horticulture Program

    Horticulture programming at Shipley is growing, with deep roots in the School’s history and aspirations that move us closer to fulfilling Vision 20/26, Shipley’s Strategic Plan. Read to learn more about why and how Shipley is expanding horticulture education beyond the Upper School Sprouts Horticulture Club to students at every grade level.
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  • Where Does Your Lunch Waste Go?

    Waste sorting benefits the environment and saves money. Taking a few extra minutes at lunch to decide whether something goes in the compost, trash, or recycling bin can significantly reduce the amount of waste Shipley produces. By properly sorting waste, we can meet our sustainability goals both as a country and a school. Here at Shipley, you can easily do your part to help reach a clean, green future.
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  • Sustainability Efforts During COVID

    If you have noticed the diminishing of sustainability practices around school due to the new COVID-19 friendly model, you are not alone. Many students have shown concern for how Shipley’s eco footprint has been affected during these changing times, but  Ms. Norquist, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, Mr. Gaines, Divisional Sustainability Coordinator to the Upper School, and Mr. Del Duca, Divisional Sustainability Coordinator to the Lower School, hear you and are working hard to help. 
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  • Elise Dadourian '16 met with eighth graders to talk about the documentary film she made for her senior thesis at Brown.

    Making an Impact through Film: Elise Dadourian ’16 Educates on Sustainability

    Eighth grade science teacher Caroline Feldman ’05 lit up when she heard that her former student, Elise Dadourian ’16, had made a documentary film about food waste for her senior year thesis at Brown. Dadourian’s film was the perfect addition to Feldman’s unit on Food & Sustainability. The alumna was able to share her passion for the environment and film-making with students in a virtual visit.
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  • Ian Dombroski ’09

    Ian Dombroski ’09: Protecting the Environment for Future Generations

    An in-class screening of An Inconvenient Truth during his junior year turned Ian Dombroski ’09’s early fascination with the natural world into a lifelong passion for sustainability and environmental protection. In his senior year, his Senior Service Project work with an environmental organization further cemented Ian’s dedication to protecting our environment. Now, as a Life Scientist with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Ian is working to clean up the nation’s waterways. Learn more about Shipley Changemaker Ian Dombroski ’09.
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  • Mary Ann Boyer ’80 and Anne Rouse Sudduth ’89

    Mary Ann Boyer ’80 and Anne Rouse Sudduth ’89: Sowing Seeds of Sustainability

    Shipley alumnae and Changemakers Mary Ann Boyer ’80 and Anne Rouse Sudduth ’89 are co-founders and principals of Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants. Since 2015, they have assisted a wide range of private, parochial, and public schools throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Massachusetts in defining and achieving their sustainability goals—including Shipley, whose Avery Silverman Dining Room was recognized as a 3-star Certified Green Restaurant® by the Green Restaurant Association earlier this year. Learn more about how Mary Ann and Anne are imagining and implementing a more sustainable future in this Shipley Changemakers profile.
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  • How to Stay Sustainable While at Home

    With the new shift to Shipley’s online learning, our daily lives are drastically changing and we are spending lots of time at home. With Earth Day around the corner, it is important to think about ways we can incorporate sustainability into our home lives. Here are a few ways we can celebrate Earth Day at home!
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  • Watt Renewable Energy Is All About

    Where does your electricity come from? 

    You’re probably unsure, because although electricity is a large contributor to climate change, it’s rarely talked about. The media chooses to focus on other aspects of global warming such as wildfires and icebergs melting. Although all of these problems are extremely important, a large factor of climate change, which is electricity, is ignored by news outlets and completely unknown by many.
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  • Bio-Ethics Course Explores Environmental Issues

    With so many elective offerings in the Upper School course catalogue, many students have difficulty choosing which courses to build into their schedule. However, a very popular elective this year is the Environmental Science and Bioethics course taught by Ms. Jessie Willing.
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  • Middle School Sustainability

    Over the past few years, Shipley has taken many steps to become more sustainable. The steps taken have made a big difference throughout the different divisions and departments at school.

     In Upper School, there have been many discussions about waste and what is proper to throw away to landfills and what can be composted or recycled instead. In addition, SAGE Dining at Shipley was made a “3 Star Certified Green Restaurant” for its sustainable efforts.
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  • From the Beacon: Little Changes and Big Minds: Sustainability Efforts Prevail

    Over the past few years, the Upper School, Middle School and Lower School have all been recently making strides towards becoming a more sustainable campus. 

    From the new composting systems in the Upper School Commons, to the recycled shoe drive held at super Saturday in September, it is hard not to notice the new changes taking place on campus. 
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  • First Graders Make a Difference with Waste-Free Lunches

    To support Shipley's ongoing sustainability initiatives, Brooke Donovan's first-grade class committed to bringing in waste-free lunches. Their efforts sparked the entire Lower School to try "Waste-Free Wednesdays."
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  • Shipley Receives Certified Green Restaurant® Recognition

    Shipley is proud to announce the 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant® recognition of its Avery Silverman Dining Room by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA), a national nonprofit organization helping restaurants to become more environmentally sustainable.
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