Since 1894, The Shipley School has been dedicated to educational excellence, love of learning, and compassionate participation in the world. Throughout our history, we have adapted our curriculum and program to meet the challenges of the day and embarked on new initiatives to ensure that we prepare students for the demands of the wider world. We are committed to doing what is best for our students, so that they may succeed in the future.

Shipley’s Vision 20/26 – Inspiring Lives of Purpose Strategic Plan addresses three goals that are critical to The School’s mission and the advancement of our program: Educational Excellence, Excellence in Community Engagement, and Excellence in Institutional Stewardship.

The goal of Educational Excellence is at the center of who we are as a School. Our program is the Shipley experience, and at its heart are relationships. The skills students develop as a result of Shipley’s unique approach are critical to success in an increasingly complex, global, and technologically advanced world. In college, and in life, Shipley graduates find that beyond the unparalleled academic preparation, they have learned self-advocacy, resilience, courage, creativity, and confidence.

The 125th Anniversary Campaign for Educational Excellence will allow us to celebrate our past accomplishments and enhance our program in the most relevant and forward-looking way. We are committed to raising a minimum of $5 million in cash and pledges by June 30, 2019, to support three priorities that contribute to excellence in education:
These priorities, and the School’s resolute commitment to them, are hallmarks of Steve Piltch’s 27-year tenure as Head of School. It is our hope that Shipley’s steadfast supporters will choose to participate in this campaign, in part, to honor Dr. Piltch’s long-term dedication to Shipley, our students, and colleagues.

Finally, we wish to mark the 125th Anniversary with an increase in participation by all constituencies in giving to the School, which by extension demonstrates community engagement in Shipley’s strategic initiatives.

Program Excellence

To achieve our strategic goal of Educational Excellence, we must continue to enrich our program to further develop each student’s capacity to achieve academically, think critically and globally, work in partnership with others, and take a leadership role in generating solutions to real-world challenges. We will further our commitment to Interdisciplinary work and add depth to our STEAM offerings. We will also advance our position as a recognized leader in social, emotional, and ethical development so each of our students will be uniquely prepared for success in college and in life. To that end, we will continue to integrate Positive Education into our program, through the development of a sequenced curriculum, which will address how to teach the key skills and knowledge of Positive Education, as well as professional training for colleagues (faculty and staff) and the development of well-being outcomes and their measurement, and organization policies, student policies, communications, and student support services that are in alignment with Positive Education principles. The education process will extend to parents and to the broader community in the form of an educational Speaker Series.  

Through the 125th Anniversary Campaign, we wish to infuse our program with a minimum of $2 million in both endowed and restricted operating support.

Funding and Naming Opportunities:

Unrestricted Operating Support for All Program Areas
Restricted Operating Support for a Specific Program Area:
  • The Arts – Creative, Visual, and Performing
  • Athletics
  • Educational Technology
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Positive Education
  • SEED, Service Learning & Student Support
Named Endowed Fund for a Specific Program Area ($100,000 minimum)
Named Endowed Positive Education Speaker Series ($500,000)
Select From a List of Existing Endowed Funds

Affordability of a Shipley Education

With 35 percent of students now receiving tuition assistance—an all-time high in Shipley’s history—both the students who receive support and their peers benefit from a socioeconomically diverse learning environment. Providing tuition assistance to all qualified students who need it is a difficult task, and it will be even more so in the years to come as annual tuition increases outpace growth in household income. And, tuition assistance is just one element of the support required by students in need; ancillary costs for transportation, books, laptop computers, school uniforms, sports equipment, and field trips can be added burdens. With more financial support to distribute, the School will be able to admit more qualified students who need assistance and help defray ancillary expenses as needed, so that these students can participate fully, and equally with peers, in the life of the School.

Through the 125th Anniversary Campaign, we wish to augment our ability to support as many students as possible with a minimum of $1.5 million in both endowed and restricted operating support.

Funding and Naming Opportunities:

Restricted Operating Support for Tuition Assistance and/or Ancillary Financial Support
Named Endowed Fund for Tuition Assistance and/or Ancillary Expenses ($100,000 minimum)
Select From a List of Existing Endowed Funds 

Colleague Development

At Shipley, faculty and staff are known as “colleagues.” This simple term holds great meaning: whether teacher or administrator, in the classroom or on the playing field, we are all working together to educate and support our students. Generations of alumni, current students, and parents speak passionately about the relationships between students and adults at Shipley. The care and commitment of colleagues to our students is a legacy that we must uphold, and one that will propel us forward to our 150th Anniversary and beyond. Funds raised will provide general support for colleague development.

Through the 125th Anniversary Campaign, we wish to demonstrate the community’s appreciation of our colleagues with a minimum of $1.5 million in both endowed and restricted operating support.

Funding and Naming Opportunities:

Restricted Operating Support for Colleagues
Named Endowed Fund for Colleague Development ($100,000 minimum)
Select From a List of Existing Endowed Funds 
Engaging the Entire Shipley Community
The 125th Anniversary Campaign for Educational Excellence is an opportunity for alumni, parents, grandparents, colleagues, and friends to play a critical role in supporting the School’s mission. Strong support, at any level, from the Shipley community enables the school to continue providing and enhancing the excellent educational experience for which Shipley is known. It also demonstrates confidence in and support of the Vision 20/26 Strategic Plan.

The Board of Trustees has prioritized these areas to support during the School’s 125th Anniversary celebration, because their success will catalyze and propel forward all of Vision 20/26’s objectives, including the areas of Community Engagement and Institutional Stewardship.

As Shipley—both the community and the institution itself—looks ahead to the next 125 years, it must continue to embody our motto, Courage for the Deed; Grace for the Doing. We must extend and deepen our commitment to prepare students to lead courageously and live purposefully in an ever-changing world. As we continue to seek ways to transform teaching and learning, while remaining rooted in our mission, we need the help of supporters to bring this bold vision to life. We hope you will join us in meeting the challenge. 

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125th Anniversary Campaign fundraising, goals and timeline

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. How can the Shipley community honor Steve Piltch through the 125th Anniversary Campaign?

    The three funding priorities of the Campaign are hallmarks of Steve Piltch’s 27-year tenure as Shipley’s Head of School. Gifts may be made for any of them in Steve’s honor or directed to the Piltch Family Scholarship Fund, a new endowed fund established in 2019 by family and friends to honor both Steve’s and Sunny Greenberg’s contributions and commitment to Shipley, and to celebrate the experiences that they and their three children, Matthew ’08, Ali ’10, and Jamie ’13, had during their years at the School. This Fund supports scholarships awarded to students with financial need who demonstrate passion for life and compassion for others.
  • Q. How were funding priorities identified?

    The Vision 20/26 – Inspiring Lives of Purpose Strategic Plan, formally adopted by the Board of Trustees in 2016, addresses three critical areas, one of which is Educational Excellence. All three funding priorities – Program Excellence, Affordability of a Shipley Education, and Colleague Development – contribute to excellence in education, as defined within the plan.
  • Q. What kinds of projects are donors supporting in the 125th Anniversary Campaign?

    Gifts can be made for unrestricted purposes, designated for one of the Campaign’s priorities (Program Excellence, Affordability of a Shipley Education, and Colleague Development), and directed to one of Shipley’s many restricted operating or endowed funds.
  • Q. What is the financial goal of the 125th Anniversary Campaign?

    Shipley wishes to raise a minimum of $5 million in gifts and pledges to support three core strategic plan priorities: Program Excellence, Affordability of a Shipley Education, and Colleague Development.
  • Q. What gifts count as 125th Anniversary Campaign gifts?

    Gifts made specifically to support the Campaign’s three funding priorities, and designated as either unrestricted or directed to one of Shipley’s restricted operating or endowment funds, count as 125th Anniversary Campaign gifts. Gifts made for Shipley’s Annual Fund do not count.
  • Q. What is the timeline for the 125th Anniversary Campaign and for payment of commitments made in support of it?

    The Campaign began in quiet phase with the start of the 125th Anniversary or 2018-2019 school year. It was announced in late fall, and fundraising will continue through the end of Shipley’s fiscal year on June 30, 2019. Although the Campaign is one year long, commitments may be paid over a period of three to five years.

Relationship between Campaign and Annual Fund support

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