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The Shipley community has a wide range of ways for parents, local alumni, and non-local alumni to share their skills and ideas.

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For Non-Local Alumni

Encourage Alumni Giving

Each year, more than 1,000 alumni support Shipley through the Annual Fund. You can help Shipley increase dollars raised as well as participation by contacting other alumni and asking them to join you in supporting the School. Outreach is conducted through letter, phone, email, or a combination thereof. To help, contact  Jennifer Murphy Devine ’98, Director of Alumni Giving, 610-525-4300 Ext: 4155 or .

Engage with Students

Do you have the ability to judge a mock business plan for an Honors Economics student? Can you offer career advice to a budding computer programmer? Are you willing to share your journey from shy English student to published author? Shipley students love to hear and benefit from your real-world perspective in an area they love learning about and/or may be considering as a career. To help, contact Ashley Kopp, Director of Alumni Programs and Events: 610-581-4656 or

Find Lost Classmates

At any one time, approximately 13 percent of Shipley alumni are “Lost” to Shipley. You can help these alumni reconnect with Shipley and with their classmates and other alumni by providing Shipley with their current address and other contact information. To help, contact Jennifer Murphy Devine '98, Director of Alumni Giving: 610-525-4544 or

Host an Alumni Reception

Whether you live in Philadelphia or elsewhere, you can help Shipley connect with its alumni by hosting an alumni reception. These events generally take place in an alumna/us’ home or at a club, restaurant, or other venue with which he/she is familiar. Shipley takes care of inviting alumni in a particular area and collecting responses; the alumna/us takes care of refreshments for approximately 15-35 attendees. To help, contact Ashley Kopp, Director of Alumni Programs and Events: 610-581-4656 or

Offer a Testimonial

You support Shipley; tell others why you do. Whether you are a committed annual fund, capital campaign, or planned giving donor—or all three!—Shipley could use your ‘voice’ to help others follow your lead. Testimonials can be two-to-three sentences or two-to-three paragraphs, and they are generally featured both in print and online. To help, contact Elizabeth Kolb, Associate Director of Development for Alumni Engagement, 610-581-4654 or

Promote Social Media Connections

Increasingly, Shipley relies on social media to connect with its alumni and to connect alumni with one another. The Social Media Team helps to promote news about and important messages from the School by using their own social media connections to share Shipley’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and email messages. To help, contact Ashley Kopp, Director of Alumni Programs and Events: 610-581-4656 or

Provide Goods or Services

Shipley's Spring Auction is the largest fundraising event of the year - with both a live and silent auction as part of the evening. Donate experiences, services, or goods to be sold to the highest bidder! There are also many elements to hosting alumni events - catering, centerpieces, music, food and/or beverage, which you could donate to help underwrite the event - if you can't personally attend an event you could still be instrumental to making it a success! To help, contact Ashley Kopp, Director of Alumni Programs and Events: 610-581-4656 or  


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