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Friends Schools League Facts
The Shipley School is a member of the Friends Schools League. While Shipley is not a Quaker school, it was founded by Quakers and shares much of the philosophy and many of the values of Quaker schools.

The Friends Schools League is a co-educational high school athletic league for Philadelphia-area independent schools. The League was founded in 1982 on the principles of the Religious Society of Friends. It emphasizes the integrity of the individual and values every student equally for his or her talents and achievements. League decisions are made by consensus of the members of the League.

League website
: www.friendsschoolsleague.org

Members of the Friends Schools League
Abington Friends School www.abingtonfriends.net
Academy of the New Church www.ancss.org
Friends' Central School www.friendscentral.org
Friends Select School www.friends-select.org
George School www.georgeschool.org
Germantown Friends School www.gfsnet.org
Moorestown Friends School www.mfriends.org
The Shipley School www.shipleyschool.org
Westtown School www.westtown.edu

Mission Statement
The Friends Schools League is a diverse community of Independent Schools drawn together by a common Quaker vision of the value of healthy competition in athletics, in the context of strong community and shared values, as a powerful setting for growth and learning.
The League values the growth and development of students as athletes and people. We view athletics primarily as an opportunity to teach excellence in character and skills in ways that convey the intrinsic value of each individual student.
The schools in the league—educators, students, and families—together strive to create an environment of unreserved respect for all individuals and support of athletes at every level of development. This respect and concern for others is intended to characterize all interactions on and off the field.
The Friends Schools League promotes community as a central value. Community is strengthened by making decisions and addressing concerns by seeking shared understanding and resolution in the manner of Friends. Consistent with Friends’ principles, we promote the idea of shared responsibility for the success of all endeavors.

Friends Schools League Sportsmanship Guidelines
Promoting sportsmanship and ethical behavior in athletics is one of the primary objectives of the Friends Schools League. The Friends Schools League believes strongly that players, coaches, and officials should conduct all contests with a spirit of respect for each other and for the rules and traditions of the sport. We expect our coaches, athletes, spectators, and game officials to uphold this code by example before, during, and after every contest.
The Friends Schools League expects all of its athletes, coaches, and spectators to behave in a sportsmanlike manner. The League will not tolerate unsportsmanlike actions such as derogatory language or gestures, physical misconduct, or other disrespectful behavior. Self-control is paramount to a successful contest within the Friends Schools League.
Specifically the Friends Schools League has the following expectations for all involved in its athletic contests:
     Accept the responsibility and privilege of representing school, community, and League.
     Live up to the high standards of sportsmanship established by the League.
     Make sportsmanship the number one priority.
     Be a good role model.
     Support your team in a positive manner.
     Always interact positively with the other team and its fans.
     Treat opponents, their fans, and officials with respect.
     Shake hands with opponents at the end of competition.
     Search out opponents to recognize them for outstanding performances.
     Abide by the rules of the competition to conduct a fair contest.
     Play within the spirit of the game.

Varsity Sports

Baseball  Softball
Boys’ Basketball 
Girls’ Basketball
Boys’ Cross Country 
Girls’ Cross Country
Boys’ Lacrosse 
Girls’ Lacrosse
Boys’ Soccer  
Girls’ Soccer
Boys’ Swimming 
Girls’ Swimming
Boys’ Tennis  
Girls’ Tennis
Boys’ Track & Field 
Girls’ Track & Field
Field Hockey  

The Friends Schools League holds tournaments in both varsity and junior varsity sports.

The Shipley School

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