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Student Support is an integral part of Shipley’s approach to education because we believe that rigor and support lead to deeply rooted success. We provide support that is individual and developmental in nature and designed to connect health (physical, social, and emotional) with academic skill development. Student Support addresses student needs through:

  • A sequential Pre-K through 12 “core values” curriculum (SEED)
  • Group and individual meetings with counselors and/or academic support (Read more about student counseling.)
  • Standardized academic assessments, such as ERB testing
  • Review of individual academic assessment to inform classroom accommodation
  • Advisory program in Middle School and Upper School to provide mentoring and guidance
  • Review of individual psychoeducational  assessment
  • Consultation with teachers, parents, and administrators
  • Referral to community resources

The Student Support Team includes the appropriate Division Administrators, Division Counselor, Grade Level Deans, Learning or Academic Support Coordinator, and School Nurse in each division. The divisional teams meet weekly. The primary goal of this team is to help students identify paths to success and overcome potential barriers. The team identifies, refers, and intervenes with students and is committed to ensuring their success at Shipley.

In order to access student support, please contact your child's advisor in Middle School or Upper School, or teacher in Lower School.

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Sharron Russell
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4116
Director Student Support Services
Upper School Academic Support

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814 Yarrow Street, Bryn Mawr PA 19010
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