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Betsy Hastings Block '83 View Profile
Betsy Hastings Block '83
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4655
Direct: 610-581-4655

Associate Director of Development for Parent Engagement

Karen Brown View Profile
Karen Brown
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4657
Direct: (610) 581-4657

Director of Advancement Services

Jennifer Murphy Devine '98 View Profile
Jennifer Murphy Devine '98
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4155
Alumni Coordinator
Ethan G. Dubow View Profile
Ethan G. Dubow
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4243
Direct: 484-380-4743

Director of Alumni Giving

Melissa Fairfield View Profile
Melissa Fairfield
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4618
Direct: 610-581-4618

Director of Parent Programs and Events

Christopher Farr View Profile
Christopher Farr
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4650
Direct: (610) 581-4650

Director of Development

Mary Ellen Keyser View Profile
Mary Ellen Keyser
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4670
Direct: 610-581-4670

Director of Parent Giving

Elizabeth Kolb View Profile
Elizabeth Kolb
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4654
Direct: 610-581-4654

Associate Director of Development for Alumni Engagement

Ashley Kopp View Profile
Ashley Kopp
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4656
Direct: 610-581-4656

Director of Alumni Programs and Events

Debra Polykoff View Profile
Debra Polykoff
Phone 610-525-4300 Ext: 4163
Parent Coordinator


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T: 610.525.4300 F: 610.525.5082
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