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“We know that students do better in a school that is a real community, a school in which they can forge strong relationships with adults. We also know that students do better when their parents, alumni, and other friends are involved in their school.”
- Steven S. Piltch, Head of School

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Diversity Programs

At Shipley, we uphold and promote the integrity of each individual. We nurture a concern for others, self-worth, and personal achievement. We are dedicated to the ongoing process of creating a safe and accepting environment for all people. We value and honor differences in ability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

Shipley is committed to preparing its students to be leaders in a global society and to sustaining a vibrant, inclusive, and caring multicultural community. The goal of raising cultural awareness and understanding is reflected in many areas of school life.

African American Alumni Alliance

Provides mentoring to students and a forum to voice concerns and to encourage and support diversity initiatives in the school community and beyond.

Board Diversity Ad Hoc Committee

Comprised of Shipley trustees, parents, administrators, and teachers, the Ad Hoc Diversity Committee seeks to find solutions to pressing issues such as student transportation, financial aid, attraction and retention, and Board diversity training.

Community Events

Family-friendly annual events for the entire Shipley community occur seasonally: The Welcome Back Barbecue, Book Chat and Pizza, Spaghetti Dinner, and Movie Night.

21st Century Curriculum

Shipley students benefit from an integrated approach to the multicultural curriculum. From Pre-K through 12th grade, classes are designed to encourage an appreciation of cultural similarities and differences. In addition to consistent curricular review, the School’s Atlas Rubicon mapping system allows for efficient tracking of diversity in the curriculum.

Diversity Leadership

While creating a safe and accepting environment is everyone’s responsibility, diversity leadership rests with the Director of Community Life, the Diversity Point Team, Divisional Diversity Committees, and students elected to the Community Life positions.

Multicultural Parents’ Association

Open to all parents and guardians of students, as well as alumni and friends of the School, the MPA encourages and supports diversity and inclusiveness throughout the School and seeks to provide an open forum for sharing ideas and planning events.

Multicultural Resource Center 

A founding and active member of the MCRC, Shipley works collaboratively with other Philadelphia-area schools to develop programs that promote and enrich diversity. More information is available at www.mcrcenter.org

Professional Development

Shipley colleagues receive generous support in their quest to learn more about the complex issues of multiculturalism and social justice. In addition to local workshops, participation has been robust in national conferences such the NAIS People of Color, East Ed, and White Privilege.

Student Life

Activity groups such as The Point, Students United for Racial Equality, Spectrum, Arabic Club, Japan Club, Latino Club, STAND Against Darfur, and Amnesty International help to nurture student awareness, compassion, and activism. Elected leadership positions across the school encourage students to become advocates for social justice and healing.

Summer Reading

Books with diversity themes have been offered yearly to all Shipley colleagues and propel rich follow-up conversation. Recent texts include Counting Coup, Love in the Driest Season, The World is Flat, A Whole New Mind, Three Cups of Tea, and Class Matters. View the most recent Summer Reading lists at www.shipleyschool.org/summerreading

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