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Today at Shipley, educational technology allows our classrooms to be living laboratories of learning. In addition, putting laptops and iPads in the hands of students has meant that learning is happening anywhere, anytime and is not confined to either the class time or classroom walls. Students are expanding their use of technology to reflect and self-assess in a variety of formats, maintaining digital portfolios to keep a history of their transformations as learners.
Technology at Shipley a decade ago looked a lot different than it does todayit was an event.
Today, technology is a tool in the hands of all of our students and teachers. Teachers are providing more timely and constructive feedback to students, creating and sharing videos to support learning, and connecting with other educators. Students are blogging to connect with others, skyping to learn geography, and creating and researching in ways they could not before.
Relationships between and among our faculty are our students defines Shipley as a school. Educational technology at Shipley supports and enhances, not replaces, these personal relationships. Students develop confidence which is at the root of classroom exploration and creativity. These powerful tools are enabling more blended learning, easier collaboration and connection, a wider array of creative products, expanded differentiation, and ongoing and organized student self-assessment.

1:1 Computing

Shipley is excited to begin a new chapter in quality teaching and learning. The 1:1 (one-to-one) initiative provides each Middle and Upper School student with a Shipley-issued laptop and give our students equal and ubiquitous access to technology, while allowing our teachers, our students, and our program to benefit from a common platform of hardware and software. Excited for greater integration of technology in the classroom and extending learning beyond the classroom and the school day, we see tremendous potential in the ability for our students (and faculty) to share and connect with others beyond Shipley and to build online learning networks. These are skills and connections that our students can and will take with them as they head off to college and beyond. We see, as we always have, how technology can support and enhance, not replace, the personal relationships between and among our faculty and our students. These relationships and the confidence our students develop are at the root of the exploration and creativity that occur in our classrooms every day.
One of the wonderful benefits of having laptops at all times is the ability of students to go out and see information independently. For example, with history, I have seen students searching YouTube to look at real video footage of the Nuremberg Trials and using this information to inform their classroom discussions. Students are no longer dependent on the sources provided by teachers (even though we still do this) and can dig down into an area of personal interest.

~ Shane Kinsella, Head of Middle School

Students use their computers throughout the academic year as well as over the summer months (except for a modest period of time when the computers will be updated and cleaned up by our technology team). The laptops are loaded with software needed for curricular purposes and students have clear guidelines about the software they are allowed to load themselves. We feel fortunate that largely as the result of the increase in our endowment due to the success of Phase I of our capital campaign, there is no additional fee for student laptops. We are grateful for the generosity of all who have made this possible.

We feel strongly that these powerful tools are not the end in and of themselves, but rather a means to further discovery, creativity, and connection.
For more detailed information read the Frequently Asked Questions. If you have other questions, feel free to contact John Zelek, our Director of Technology, or Wendy Eiteljorg, our Director of Educational Technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 24 frequently asked questions.

  • What does 1:1 or one-to-one mean?

    1:1 means one computer, in our case a Mac laptop, per student.
  • When did the 1:1 program begin?

    In the fall of 2013, all students in Middle School (grades 6-8) were issued Mac laptops. In the fall of 2014, students in Upper School (grades 9-12) were issued Mac laptops.
  • Will there be an additional fee for the 1:1 laptop program?

    No, there will not be an additional fee.
  • Will the computers be purchased?

    The computers will be leased from Apple. The leases will be 3 or 4 years long. At the end of the lease, students will receive new laptops.
  • Will students be responsible for getting the necessary software?

    No they will not. All computers will have the Microsoft Office suite and, depending on courses, students may have some math or design software.
  • What about specialized web software?

    All students will have an account in Shipley's Google Apps of Education group and Moodle. In Middle School and Upper School courses have Moodle pages. (Moodle is the Learning Management System that we use.) Individual teachers will use a wide variety of other web-based software, depending on the subject area, grade level, and task at hand. Students may also add applications, within reason.
  • My child has particular programs that he or she likes to use. Can those be added?

    Students will be able to add programs, within certain parameters, to laptops. The first priority for the computer is that it be a tool for learning at school and home. So, if added programs are compromising this, they will be removed.
  • Can students access all web content while at school?

    At school, we block certain sites for both safety and productivity. We will not be installing monitoring software on the laptops; neither will we be able to activate the cameras on student laptops.
  • What about stickers and the like on the computer?

    All computers will have a hard cover that students are welcome to decorate or personalize. The covers will be color coded and labeled to help with easy identification.
  • Will the laptops go home with students?

    Yes, students will be able to take their laptops home with them. This will allow them to have access to online course work and resources. The laptops will stay with them over the summer with the exception of a week or two when we may ask students to bring them in to update existing software and possibly add additional software.
  • Does this mean students will always be behind a screen?

    No. The laptops are a great tool for a lot of tasks, but not the perfect tool for every task. There will be times when all students are working on independent writing or note taking. There will also be times when several students are working collaboratively on one computer, or times when no computers are needed at all.
  • Our family has rules about computer use at home. Will students need to be on the computer all the time at home?

    No, students will not need to be on the computer all of the time at home. Family rules still apply. The school-issued laptop is subject to your rules and monitoring when at home.
  • What if something goes wrong with the computer?

    All the computers have Apple Care. During the school day, our technical support team is available for help. If the issue with the laptop is not easily resolved, students will be issued a loaner computer. Students may also have their computer serviced at a local Apple store.
  • What about viruses?

    The laptops will be configured with anti-virus software which should be kept up to date. We have maintained a secure network at school. Students should be cautious about connecting to unknown, open networks.
  • How do I filter internet use at home?

    Filtering through your internet provider varies by provider. Individual families should think about what rules and guidelines are most consistent with their own family culture and values.
  • Our home network is password protected, how will this computer access it?

    Students should be able to see your home network, or select it, and then add your password, if you use one, to join.
  • What if my child already has a computer?

    That’s great. He or she will know a lot about using a computer. We require that students use the computers we provide at school so that we can be sure of a common platform and suite of software.
  • What if my child doesn't know about Macs?

    Any new student will receive support and training as they transition to a Mac platform.
  • What happens to the laptops when students graduate?

    Prior to graduation, all students will return their laptops to the school.
  • What if a student leaves Shipley before graduation?

    If a student moves out of town or for some other reason is leaving the Shipley community, the laptop will be returned, along with any books or other equipment, prior to leaving.
  • What happens if my student has a problem with his or her computer?

    All computers are covered by Apple Care for any issues that arise which would be under warranty. For example if something goes wrong with the hard drive, Apple Care would cover that. If there is some quick issue that the tech department can help solve at school, we will do that.

    If on the other hand, the computer is damaged from, say, a liquid spill, our additional insurance policy is involved. This insurance covers damage, loss, or theft. In the event of damage, loss, or theft, students and families are responsible for a $100 deductible for each claim on our additional insurance policy.
  • What about students spending too much time in from of a screen?

    The amount of screen time each student is exposed to is an area that we take very seriously. As the line between what computer use is considered informational and what is entertainment blurs, the importance of being aware of our computer use becomes more important. Students look at this issue and examine their own relationships both online and in person through classes in our social, emotional, and ethical development classes in all divisions. In addition, technology use is considered thoughtfully by teachers. If this is class time, what is the best way for students to reach the stated learning goal? Is a face to face discussion for all the best way or would more students be able to share ideas if some discussed and some chatted online?
  • Will the school be able to monitor what my student is doing on his or her computer?

    While on campus and with the student’s knowledge, the tech support team might use the remote desktop option to help fix a computer. In such a case, the student would be notified in advance and the tech support team member would be connecting only in a support capacity to resolve the issue.
  • Will the school be able to turn on the camera or access my student’s laptop when he or she is at home?

    No. The school will not have any capability to remotely turn on the camera or access student computers when off campus.

Shipley School 1:1 Computing Program

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