Interested in Applying?

Thank you for your interest in Shipley! We have reached or are near enrollment capacity in several grades for the 2022–23 school year. 

Please contact us prior to submitting your application so that we may discuss space availability for the 2022–23 school year:

Lower School: Courtney Daly,
Middle School: Nan Bussey,
Upper School: Colleen Bustin, or Jenna Harmelin,

Redefining Educational Excellence

The Shipley School is redefining private school education by putting individual and collective well-­being - along with student achievement - at the center of educational excellence. The School's approach focuses on maximizing students' potential through innovative approaches to teaching and curriculum that prioritize collaboration, process, critical thinking, creativity, global citizenship, curiosity, empathy, and authenticity. With virtually endless opportunities for leadership and participation in athletics, the arts, and other extracur­ricular activities, Shipley students are encouraged to take risks in a supportive environment. Ultimately, Shipley is educating students to develop the character, capabilities, and beliefs that will shape a better world.
The Shipley School is a private, coeducational day school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students, located in Bryn Mawr, PA. Through our commitment to educational excellence, we develop within each student a love of learning and a desire for compassionate participation in the world.