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A planned gift allows you to make charitable gifts, continue to meet your current income needs, and take advantage of current tax incentives. With your help and the help of thousands of fellow alumni, The Shipley School will continue to honor our commitment to educational excellence. 

Supporting Shipley is easy. You can name the School in your will or choose from a wide array of giving options that align your philanthropic goals with your everyday interests. 

You have choices. Let us help you make the gift that’s right for you. Begin a confidential, no-obligation conversation to start this journey with us. 

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Centennial Society Members

List of 5 items.

  • 1894 - 1929

    Class of 1909
    Elizabeth T. Shipley *
    Class of 1915
    Marion Turner Daniels *
    Class of 1916
    Gula Glines Waterbury *

    Class of 1917
    Elinor West Cary *
    Class of 1918
    Elizabeth Brandt Graff *
    Margaret Reed Laveda *
    Jane Yeatman Savage *

    Class of 1919
    Olive Lyford Gavert *
    Class of 1924
    Elizabeth Montgomery Kingsley *
    Class of 1925
    Eleanor Clark French *
    Katherine Collins Hayes *

    Class of 1926
    Margaret Hill Collins *
    Class of 1927
    Elizabeth Tryon Ledwith *
    Class of 1929
    Alice Anderson Hufstader *
  • 1930s

    Class of 1930
    Elizabeth McMullin Young *
    Class of 1931
    Lisa Spilman Sutphin *
    Class of 1932
    Eustis Lowry Cluett *
    Class of 1933
    Carolyn Crossett Rowland *
    Class of 1934
    Julia Grant Dietz *

    Class of 1935
    Frances Hackett Dittman *
    Marguerite Decroix Gales *
    Susanne Wilson Grandin *
    Ellen Fales Hewitt *

    Class of 1936
    Tina Appleton Bishop *
    Isota Tucker Epes *
    Cornelia Dickinson Lebens *
    Diana Reeve *

    Class of 1937
    Anonymous *

    Class of 1938
    Jane Whitcomb Iglehart *
    Barbara MacPherson Smith *
    Kay McKeever Stetzer *
  • 1940s

    Class of 1940
    Carolyn Clothier Killefer *
    Daphne Skouras Root
    Patricia Brown Wells *
    Louise Felton Williams *

    Class of 1941
    Anonymous *
    Ada Anderson Strasenburgh

    Class of 1942
    Aurelia Brown *
    Barbara Winslow Miller
    Eugenia Slaymaker *
    Class of 1943
    Drusilla Penn Hardie *
    Class of 1944
    Marian Thayer Toland *
    Class of 1945
    Louise Fisher Abbot
    Adele Hunter Hepburn *
    Sarah Nichols Perkins *
    Frances Whitehead Perkins *
    Patricia Pynchon

    Class of 1946
    Nancy Corkran Nimick

    Class of 1947
    Marim Pew Hamilton '47 *
    Martha Staley Marks *
    Elizabeth Maury *
    Jane Ross Moore *
    Virginia Lyon Paige*
    Suzanne Fuguet Steigerwalt

    Class of 1948
    Barbara Townsend Crawford *
    Ann Bemis Day
    Cynthia Polley Hendrickson
    Beth Simpler St. George *
    Julie Reiner Woods

    Class of 1949
    Anonymous *
  • 1950s

    Class of 1950
    Christiane Dylion Colton

    Class of 1951
    Eve Sherrerd Bogle
    Pamela Hopkins Hamilton *
    Josephine Wilkinson-Gould *

    Class of 1952
    Polly Thudium Bruckmann

    Class of 1953
    Ellen Gow Anderson
    Kate R. Barrett
    Satia Jenkins Bernen *
    Nancy Belfield Bower
    Mary Hulme O'Malley

    Class of 1954
    Marcia Malone Britton
    Katherine Francis Graff

    Class of 1955
    Diane Davidson Leitch *
    Diana Marston Oliphant
    Class of 1956
    Lucille Vare Smith *
    Lura Coleman Wampler

    Class of 1957
    Tia Muckle Rosengarten

    Class of 1958
    Ellen Watson MacColl
    Patricia McIlvain St. Georges *
    Martha van Beuren Story

    Class of 1959
    Susan Arenschield *
    Sandra Perrott Drew
    Elizabeth Wilbur Miner
  • 1960s

    Class of 1960
    Susan Crawford
    Gail I. Hartman *

    Class of 1961
    Rosamond W. Dana
    Brooke Patterson Koehler
    Sandra Carr Motland
    Anna Draper Shaw
    Susan Wilson

    Class of 1962
    Kathleen Ridder Crampton
    Stephanie Pearse Hurtt
    Class of 1963
    Anita Pitney Fiorillo
    Penelope Dyson Foley
    Margaret Pew Moorhouse
    Elizabeth Gawthrop Riely *
    June Acuff Stack
    Susan Schiffer Stautberg
    Class of 1964
    Marsha Ragland Musser
    Bonnie Barker O’Leary

    Class of 1965
    Anne Crawford Bent
    Susan Potts Bloom
    Sally Rowe Heckscher
    Susan Roberts Perez
    Barbara Boyce Sheehan
    Melanie C. Sze
    Class of 1966
    Mary Jenkins
    Meredith Phelps Rugg

    Class of 1967
    Lucy McMichael Brennan
    Elizabeth Kellogg
    Mary Tryon Ledwith
    Susan Etherington Ragland

    Class of 1968
    Diana Howard Bittel
    Fredricka Brecht
    Linda Callahan Henry

    Class of 1969
    Virginia McCulloch Lau

List of 5 items.

  • 1980s

    Class of 1980
    Pamela Supplee Jiranek
    Derrik R. G. Morris
    Carol Newhall Neilson

    Class of 1983
    Betsy Hastings Block
    Lee Ann Embrey
    Robin Supplee

    Class of 1985
    Amy Kemmerer Nonnenmacher

    Class of 1986
    Rebecca Lloyd DesRoches
    Mimi Keller Drake
    Dawn Hillman
    Joshua Horn
    Sandra Bogle Marucci
    Nelie Shah
    Adam B. Spector

    Class of 1987
    Anna Betterton Steel

    Class of 1988
    Amy Rutter Eads

    Class of 1989
    Allen Brecht
  • 1990s

    Class of 1991
    Nicholas Pollard

    Class of 1992
    Joy Styles

    Class of 1993

    Wendy Peterson Todd

    Class of 1995
    Douglas L. Jordan
    Jennifer Justice
    Christine Test Moag
    Christopher Vaughan

    Class of 1998
    Jennifer Murphy Devine
    Marcy Caldwell Murphy
  • 2000s

    Class of 2000
    Akinwole O. Garrett

    Class of 2002
    Peter Haas
    Robert Mygatt
    Class of 2010
    Alexandra Panichello Hay
  • 1970s

    Class of 1970
    Mary B. (Sissy) ffolliott
    Helen Rowe-Drake

    Class of 1971
    Ellen R. Krasik
    Lee Stuart

    Class of 1972
    Margaret Raymond

    Class of 1973
    Margaret Crosby Clark
    Carolyn Buck Harrison
    Caroline Buck Rogers

    Class of 1974
    Claire Callen
    Nina Warner

    Class of 1975
    Elizabeth Crawford Hucker

    Class of 1976
    Jeffrey Kemmerer

    Class of 1978
    Theodora W. Ashmead
    Sara H. Camp *
    Kathleen Guy Dawson
    Leila Gordon
    Shelley B. Supplee
  • Friends of The Shipley School

    Henry R. Adamczyk *
    Dr. Richard P. Albertson
    Dr. & Mrs. Samuel D. Allen, Jr.
    Denis Asselin
    Michael D. Brophy
    DeDe Chirgwin Brown
    Karen A. Brown
    Grace Buck *
    Mr. J. Mahlon Buck, Jr. *
    Mrs. Orville H. Bullitt, Jr.
    Mr. Frank J. Campbell III
    Samuel Chew
    Marcia & Greg Coleman
    Rodney D. Day III
    Lori A. DiGuardi
    Elizabeth Kolb Farr & Christopher C. Farr
    William A. Forbes *
    Ronald G. Fraser *
    Theodore W. Friend III *
    Claudia & Dan Gallagher
    Philip Giagnacova *
    Austin B. Graff *
    Tatnall Hillman
    Margaret P. Hoffman *
    James W. Jennings *
    Mary Anne D. Justice
    James H. Kelleher
    Mrs. John L. Kemmerer *
    Edwin L. Knetzger *
    Judith Kramer
    Mary C. MacLean *
    Mrs. John F. Marshall Jr. *
    Deborah J. McKenna
    Madeline E. Miller *
    Bette K. Peterson
    C. Richard Peterson
    Dr. Horace Pettit *
    Ms. Sondra Greenberg & Dr. Steven S. Piltch
    Vicki Reilly
    Lyn B. Schoenfeld
    Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Scutt
    Ms. Dorothy L. Cheney * & Mr. Robert M. Seyfarth
    Isabel Foulkrod Sherrerd *
    Mr. & Mrs. John J. F. Sherrerd *
    Malcolm Smith *
    Mr. & Mrs. W. Lloyd Snyder III
    Mr. William E. Somers III *
    Barbara B. Supplee
    Mrs. Henderson Supplee, Jr. *
    Mr. Henderson Supplee III *
    Trudi Goheen Swain
    Anne Linn White *
    Brooksley S. Wylie

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List of 1 members.

  • Photo of Elizabeth Block

    Mrs. Elizabeth (Hastings) Block 83

    Senior Leadership Gifts Officer
    Phone/Extension: 610-581-4655
The Shipley School is a private, coeducational day school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students, located in Bryn Mawr, PA. Through our commitment to educational excellence, we develop within each student a love of learning and a desire for compassionate participation in the world.