Alumni Council

The Alumni Council supports Shipley by engaging and cultivating Alumni to create a vibrant, involved alumni community that is emotionally and financially invested in the School's success. Council members serve as well-informed, enthusiastic ambassadors of Shipley to Alumni and the community at large.

Alumni Council members meet between four and six times a year on Shipley’s campus. Sub-committee meetings (Nominating and Alumni Awards) take place in-between full board meetings.
The Alumni Council is comprised of elected alumni who serve for a term of three years and may be re-elected for up to an additional two terms.
The Nominating Committee of the Alumni Council searches out alumni in the area local to Shipley who show involvement in alumni events and programs and have demonstrated their support of the school. These individuals are considered in the annual process of nominating new members to the Alumni Council.
Alumni Council Members
Ann-Michelle Albertson ’85
Stephanie Ward Ball ’90
Daniel Bedrossian ’09 
Susan Potts Bloom ’65
Nancy Johnson Campbell ’60
Robert Douglass ’00
Joshua Horn ’86
Leppy Park Horn ’70
Bryant Horsley ’97
Jennifer Johnson ’85
Barbara Conole McElroy ’51
Nancy Strawbridge Nord ’62
Jennifer Flint Panetta ’88
Elsie Pitocchelli ’82
Katherine Preston ’76
Neal Regino ’03
Linda Powell Solomon ’77
Stark Townend (President) ’97
Anne Vale ’03
Lura Coleman Wampler ’56
Michelle Kroiz Winn ’91
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