The Shipley Community is made up of a diverse group of students, colleagues, parents, and alumni. To us, community is more than just a collection of people. It's one of the most important aspects of a Shipley education and defines the Shipley experience. Meet some of the people who make up our community and learn more about what makes it so special.
Michael G. Turner, Head of School


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  • Elise Dadourian '16 met with eighth graders to talk about the documentary film she made for her senior thesis at Brown.

    Making an Impact through Film: Elise Dadourian ’16 Educates on Sustainability

    Eighth grade science teacher Caroline Feldman ’05 lit up when she heard that her former student, Elise Dadourian ’16, had made a documentary film about food waste for her senior year thesis at Brown. Dadourian’s film was the perfect addition to Feldman’s unit on Food & Sustainability. The alumna was able to share her passion for the environment and film-making with students in a virtual visit. Learn more about Elise Dadourian '16 and her visit with Shipley's eighth graders.
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  • Erik Rehl ’89: Setting the Scene for Leadership Development

    Once known exclusively for designing worlds for visual storytelling purposes, London- and Paris-based production designer and art director Erik Rehl ’89 is now creating environments for real people on their journeys through life. His latest endeavor, Mind Environment, aims to help leaders better understand and define their personal and professional purpose in order to live and lead with more self-awareness, focus, and clarity. “By exploring their purpose in depth, they have the opportunity to make the world a better place,” he explains. Read more about Shipley Changemaker Erik Rehl ’89.
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  • Bettina “Tina” Rovito Bemis ’81 has made a career out of her passion for plants, which was first cultivated by the Shipley Sprouts horticultural club.

    Bettina “Tina” Rovito Bemis ’81: Cultivating a Flourishing Career

    Shipley alumna Bettina “Tina” Rovito Bemis ’81 has made quite a name for herself as a floriculturist and ornamental horticulturist. Combining business savvy with her passion for plants—a passion that was first cultivated in Shipley’s greenhouse with the Sprouts—Bemis attributes her success to caring deeply about the experience of her customers and to forging her own path in a crowded marketplace.
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  • Jill Keeney '10 is an an oncology certified nurse at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

    Q & A with Jill Keeney Tuzio ’10: Making a Difference in Patients’ Lives

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  • Todd Kelley ’92 is the founder of Graffiti Removal Experts, which hires once homeless and/or incarcerated individuals to help clean up neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

    Todd Kelley ’92: Cleaning Up Neighborhoods, Transforming Lives

    Since 2013, Todd Kelley ’92 and his company, Graffiti Removal Experts, have been cleaning up Philadelphia neighborhoods and transforming the lives of formerly homeless and incarcerated individuals by giving them opportunities to work. Kelley says his interest in creating positive social change was ignited at Shipley. Learn more about Shipley Changemaker Todd Kelley '92 and how he's making an impact.
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  • Wendy Eiteljorg ’86 is Shipley's Director of Curricular Innovation and Learning Design. She has been instrumental in helping Shipley transition to Shipley Learns Online amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

    Wendy Eiteljorg ’86: Leading the Future of Teaching and Learning

    In 2009, Director of Curricular Innovation and Learning Design Wendy Eiteljorg ’86 was named a “Teacher of the Future” by the National Association of Independent Schools for the forward-thinking integration of blogs and wikis into her fifth grade curriculum. Now, this Shipley Changemaker is helping to launch the School’s online learning program, Shipley Learns Online amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
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  • J.B. Loomis ’11 is a nuclear engineer aboard the USS Virginia, at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on Seavey’s Island in Kittery, Maine.

    J.B. Loomis ’11: Solving Problems for the United States Navy

    J.B. Loomis ’11 was one of the first women assigned to the USS Virginia, a nuclear-powered submarine at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. The US Naval Academy graduate, who also earned a degree at the Naval Postgraduate School and completed training at Nuclear Power School, says Shipley gave her more than a solid academic foundation. Her teachers, she says, “held space for me to be unique. I was never siloed…”
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  • Nathaniel Curtis ’98 is a Radio Frequency Microwave Design Engineer at Northrop Grumman.

    Nathaniel Curtis ’98: Engineering Antennas for the Armed Forces

    During the summer after his junior year, Nathaniel Curtis ’98 decided to enroll in a pre-calculus course—a prerequisite for advanced physics. The decision would mark the beginning of the rest of his professional life, propelling him into a high-flying career as an engineer at Fortune 500 aerospace and defense company Northrop Grumman. Learn more about Nathaniel Curtis and how Shipley helped shape his life.
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  • Andrew Ramsey ’10 is the founder of AAR Analytics, specializing in player evaluation, tactical analysis, and player transfers for various soccer powerhouses throughout Europe and South America.

    Andrew Ramsey ’10: Analyzing the Mathematics behind Soccer

    Andrew Ramsey ’10 helped establish professional soccer club A.C. Milan’s Data Analytics Department. The experience inspired the founding of his own data analytics company, whose clients have consistently seen a 19 percent increase in point totals and have collectively won more than 100 trophies. The math program at Shipley provided a framework for solving and approaching problems, says Ramsey.
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  • Steven Zhang ’18 is a mechanical engineering major and electrical engineering minor at the University of Michigan College of Engineering. As Race Operations Engineer for the University's Solar Car Team, he oversees metals manufacturing and supply chain logistics.

    Steven Zhang ’18: Racing Toward a Career in Engineering

    Steven Zhang ’18 is the Race Operations Engineer for the University of Michigan Solar Car Team, which has been designing, building, and racing the country’s fastest solar vehicles for the past 30 years. In his role, he oversees metals manufacturing and supply chain logistics for the 20-person team, which took third place in the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Learn more about Steven Zhang.
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  • Ace Schwarz is Shipley's newest Middle School science teacher.

    Q&A with Middle School Science Teacher Ace Schwartz

    Get to know Ace Schwarz, Shipley's newest Middle School science teacher. In addition to being a true lifelong learner and avid reader who loves science, Mx. Schwarz (pronounced "mix") is passionate about their LGBTQ+ advocacy work. Learn more about Ace and how they hope make a positive impact at Shipley.
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  • Shipley is pleased to welcome Nick Holton as its new Associate Director of Positive Education.

    Q&A with Nick Holton, Associate Director of Positive Education

    Get to know Shipley's new Associate Director of Positive Education, Dr. Nick Holton, who says, "I firmly believe that human potential is the world's greatest resource and that systems of education can amplify that potential or squander it. I believe Positive Education does the former." Learn more about Nick and why he's dedicated his life to Positive Education.
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  • Michael Turner, Shipley's 10th Head of School, has made a positive impact through his efforts to define Educational Excellence.

    Head of School Michael Turner: Redefining Educational Excellence at Shipley

    Michael Turner was installed as Shipley’s 10th Head of School in September, 2019, and is already making a positive impact at the School. His profoundly positive experience as a lifer at Germantown Academy inspired him to pursue teaching after a few years of working in the business world, and he hasn’t looked back since. Learn more about Michael Turner and how he is making a difference at Shipley.
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  • Shipley Changemaker and Service Learning Coordinator, Margie Winters

    Margie Winters: Connecting through Service

    Margie Winters has dedicated much of her career to serving those in need and inspiring others to do the same. In 2018, she became Shipley’s Service Learning Coordinator and has already made an impact on the School’s robust service learning program. “When we reach out to communities, particularly on the margins, we learn a lot about their lives and their priorities. School service,” she says, “helps student do that in a thoughtful and reflective way.” Learn more about Shipley Changemaker Margie Winters and what she’s doing to make a difference at Shipley and in the world.
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  • Anne Smith: Following the Siren’s Song with Learning Adventures in Italy

    Middle School Latin teacher Anne Smith has inspired Shipley students with her passion for the Classics for 25 years. But perhaps more impactful than anything she’s done within her classroom are the 20+ trips to Italy on which she has led hundreds of Shipley students and parents over the years. Learn more about Anne and her Classical Adventures.
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  • Dan DelDuca: The Idea of Wonder in Lower School Science

    When children step into Mr. Del Duca’s world, it’s all about participation. “I’m totally into the experience of science. I’m totally into the process. I want the kids to be scientists.”
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  • Josh Berberian: Teaching Students, Not Content

    His early teaching career was shaped by educational innovators. He’s been innovating in his classroom ever since. Learn more about this Upper School math teacher.
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  • Kristin Jaffe: Not What You Think

    Upper School English teacher Kristin Jaffe is known for her rigorous classes, where students engage in intense analysis of complex literature. What most people probably don’t know is that this Bryn Mawr College graduate didn’t start out well academically.
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  • Paul Tierney: The Splendor, the Wonder & the Passing of the Lore

    Paul Tierney retired from General Electric after 34 years of service, ready for something new. Teaching, he thought, seemed like a nice way to move toward a life of travel and retirement. Little did he know, he'd work harder than he ever had.
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  • Why I Teach: Heather Riley

    Growing up in a Latino neighborhood exposed Heather to the Spanish language early in life. She later went on to study the language formally at the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
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  • Meet Brennan '19

    Meet Brennan '19

    I hope that I helped people to recognize the power of their voice and the importance of their involvement in politics locally and across the world. I loved every second of explaining current events in Civic Activism Club, creating political messaging in my art, and debating hot button issues with my peers.
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  • Meet Carly '19

    Meet Carly '19

    Courage for the Deed to me means be strong, be confident, and be brave. The first part of Shipley’s motto inspires me to believe in myself, to take the risk, and to never back down. However, you have to remember to do it with dignity and respect for yourself and others.
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  • Meet Casey '19

    Meet Casey '19

    Shipley not only fueled my passion for learning but also gave me the opportunity to discover rowing, something I am wholeheartedly in love with. Rowing is extremely grueling, both mentally and physically, but its constant challenge is precisely why I row
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  • Meet Evan '19

    Meet Evan '19

    Shipley has given me the opportunity to find many of my interests. Shipley encouraged my interests in music, anatomy, economics, and a lot more. With the variety of classes, I was able to take, it is hard to choose a subject I enjoy the most.
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  • Meet Gavin '19

    Meet Gavin '19

    Shipley taught me that relationships are important and that you never know when an opportunity from someone you respect can come your way. 
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  • Meet Isabella '19

    Meet Isabella '19

    More than anything else, Shipley taught me to take risks and to bet on myself. In this life, there is no one who will believe in you more than yourself. My education here taught me to believe in that mantra, as well as encourage me to pursue a career in something I love.
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  • Meet Ishea '19

    Meet Ishea '19

    For me, Courage for the Deed; Grace for the Doing means being dedicated yet humble in everything you do. It means doing every task, the difficult and the tedious, deliberately and purposefully. The phrase is a mantra for encouragement and honor to live by and revisit often.
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  • Meet James '19

    Meet James '19

    Not only did Shipley inspire me to become my own person, and be proud of that person, Shipley also helped me discover interests that I would have been afraid of trying anywhere else. Shipley helped me reach my full academic potential as well.
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  • Meet Reed '19

    Meet Reed '19

    Shipley also taught me to never be one dimensional. My “aha” moment at Shipley was watching Sam Sessoms, Shipley’s all-time leading scorer in basketball history, dance on stage at our musical. At that moment I realized that there is no push back about trying new things at Shipley. You can make your life how you want to make it, and Shipley has all the resources for you to do so.
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  • Meet Saakshi '19

    Meet Saakshi '19

    All the skills Shipley taught me will be brought with me to college: writing skills, how to analyze and think critically, and in-depth research. Academically, Shipley really prepared for the next steps of my life. As for music, I think branching out and joining the Shipley Singers and participating in musicals taught me to try new things and not have fear.
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List of 10 news stories.

  • Katie Culver works in education, so when it came time to look for a school for her own children, she knew exactly what she wanted. Shipley's indivdualized, creative, and relationship-based approach to educational excellence checked all of the boxes.

    Individual, Joyful, Creative: The Andreoli-Culver Family's Shipley Story

    Katie Culver works in education, so when it came time to look for a school for her own children, she knew exactly what she wanted. Shipley's indivdualized, creative, and relationship-based approach to educational excellence checked all of the boxes.
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  • What's Your Shipley Story: The Tiongco Family

    When the Tiongco family moved to the Main Line, they were looking for a school with small class sizes, an individualized educational experience, a strong community, and, as a family of Filipino descent, a school culture that celebrates diversity. Shipley checked all of the boxes. Now with two kids enrolled at the School, Shipley continues to deliver on its mission of Educational Excellence.
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  • The Vale Family Shipley Story: Prepared to Succeed

    Elizabeth Vale ’72, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and significant member of the Obama White House, credits Shipley with teaching her everything she needed to know. She valued her Shipley education so much, she sent her daughter Ann ’03 to Shipley, where she, too, received an education that prepared her for a successful future.
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  • 16 Years and Counting: The Gundy Family's Shipley Story

    Dee and Roy Gundy joined the Shipley community 16 years ago, when their daughter, Kaela ’15, was in kindergarten. A word-of-mouth recommendation put Shipley on their radar, but it was a commitment to each individual child that made them choose the School. Dee and Roy feel blessed that they are all thriving, despite their different interests, strengths, and traits. And even with their busy schedules, the Gundys find ways to give back to the community that has given them so much.
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  • The Nkala Family Shipley Story: More than Just a Color

    Shipley Coach and PE teacher Bruce Nkala and his wife were initially drawn to Shipley because of the baby clue color worn by the School’s sports teams – the color of their home country Botswana’s flag. But the Shipley community, small class sizes, and individual approach to each student have solidified their affinity for the School. Read the Nkala family’s Shipley story.
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  • The Ilyases were looking for something more than just an excellent academic education when they explored independent schools for their children. They wanted a school where their kids were going to be free to define themselves and feel a strong sense of community. Learn more about the Ilyases and how Shipley’s environment supports each child’s sense of identity.

    The Ilyas Family Shipley Story: An Effortless Sense of Belonging

    The Ilyases were looking for something more than just an excellent academic education when they explored independent schools for their children. They wanted a school where their kids were going to be free to define themselves and feel a strong sense of community. Learn more about the Ilyases and how Shipley’s environment supports each child’s sense of identity.
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  • Private School Meets Public School: The Willner Family's Shipley Story

    Ben Willner ’96 never expected to send his children to the school that challenged him so much as a kid. His wife, Erica, a public school advocate, couldn’t have imagined sending her kids to a private school. Now, he can’t think of a better gift to give his daughters than the rigor and support of Shipley’s education, and she’s convincing her friends to send their children to Shipley. Read the Willner family’s Shipley story.
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  • The Big Move: The Bender Family’s Shipley Story

    When the Bender family faced the prospect of a second cross-continental move in as many years, they knew it would be important to find a school that shared their values and provided a rigorous academic program balanced with support for students. The Benders found that school in Shipley and have enjoyed a seamless transition into the community. Read more about the Bender’s Shipley story.
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  • Choosing a School with Vision: The Benardete Family Story

    Niki and Ethan Benardete chose Shipley for their children because of the School’s emphasis on character education. For Niki, an educator and administrator herself, the vision of the Shipley community was quite clear, going above excellent academics to instill confidence and educate children about being the best people possible.
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  • When Laura and Dave ’89 Palmer began the process of picking a school for their children, Shipley wasn’t their obvious choice. But, “the more we researched,” says Dave, “the more we realized that the Shipley of today is even better than the Shipley I went to.”

    Not the Obvious Choice: The Palmer Family Shipley Story

    When Laura and Dave ’89 Palmer began the process of picking a school for their children, Shipley wasn’t their obvious choice. But, “the more we researched,” says Dave, “the more we realized that the Shipley of today is even better than the Shipley I went to.”
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