Community Commitment

We are committed to cultivating an environment where all members of the Shipley community are engaged, feel respected and valued, grow as individuals, strive for excellence, and have the opportunity to do their best work. We honor and value all differences and are committed to being a safe and inclusive environment for all people.
At Shipley, we believe in social justice and equity for all people. We value the basic rights of people and are committed to loving, respecting and honoring life. Over the past few years, Gender Sexuality Diversity (GSD) has been an important topic of conversation in our society and Shipley has taken a stance to ensure the safety and rights of our students. We created a policy regarding transgender and gender nonconforming students during the 2015-16 school year and include it in our Handbooks (included below). Shipley has also established unisex bathrooms in the lower, middle and upper school campuses for colleagues, students, their families and visitors to use at their discretion.

Diversity Programs

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  • African American Alumni Alliance

    Provides mentoring to students and a forum to voice concerns and to encourage and support diversity initiatives in the school community and beyond.
  • Community Engagement Committee

    Created as an outgrowth of the strategic plan, the goal is to learn about and consider school-wide and division-based initiatives and programs that cultivate a vibrant culture of constituent pride, engagement, and celebration and commitment to Shipley
  • Community Events

    Shipley has annual events for the entire community to celebrate who we are, both as individuals and as a cohesive community or Shipley has annual events to celebrate one another, our school and our differences. Welcome Back BBQ, Super Saturday, Swamp Night, Impact Day, All School Assemblies.
  • 21st Century Curriculum

    Shipley students benefit from an integrated approach to the multicultural curriculum. From Pre-K through 12th grade, classes are designed to encourage an appreciation of cultural similarities and differences. In addition to consistent curricular review, the School’s Atlas Rubicon mapping system allows for efficient tracking of diversity in the curriculum.
  • Multicultural Parents’ Association

    Open to all parents and guardians of students, as well as alumni and friends of the School, the MPA encourages and supports diversity and inclusiveness throughout the School and seeks to provide an open forum for sharing ideas and planning events.
  • Multicultural Resource Center @ ADVIS

    A founding and active member of the MCRC@ADVIS, Shipley works collaboratively with other Philadelphia-area schools to develop programs that promote and enrich diversity. More information is available at
  • Professional Development

    Shipley colleagues receive generous support in their quest to learn more about the complex issues of multiculturalism and social justice. In addition to local workshops, participation has been robust in national conferences such the NAIS People of Color, East Ed, and White Privilege.
  • Student Life

    Activity groups such as The Point, BSU, Spectrum, China Club, and Japan Club help to nurture student awareness, compassion, and activism. Elected leadership positions across the school encourage students to become advocates for social justice and healing.
  • Summer Reading

    Books with diversity themes have been offered yearly to all Shipley colleagues and propel rich follow-up conversation. Recent texts include Counting Coup, Love in the Driest Season, The World is Flat, A Whole New Mind, Three Cups of Tea, and Class Matters. View the most recent Summer Reading lists at


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  • Ace Schwarz is Shipley's newest Middle School science teacher.

    Q&A with Middle School Science Teacher Ace Schwarz

    Get to know Ace Schwarz, Shipley's newest Middle School science teacher. In addition to being a true lifelong learner and avid reader who loves science, Mx. Schwarz (pronounced "mix") is passionate about their LGBTQ+ advocacy work. Learn more about Ace and how they hope make a positive impact at Shipley.
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  • Shipley Community Letter - June 29, 2020

    The School opened June with a note reflecting the beginning of a movement and followed with an invitation to engage. You responded. Alumni, students, families, colleagues, and members from across the community sent individual notes and group letters, made solo phone calls, and joined collective forums. We heard individual and collective pain. We now close the month by stating clearly that we have listened, and we will act.
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  • Shipley Community Letter from Michael G. Turner

    "It’s been a brutal week, after a historically difficult few months. Let’s look on that as something that unites us, not divides us. Let’s do what friends and family do when they’re tired. Let’s lean on each other. Let me toil while you rest, then you can help me. We’ll each do our part, together."
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  • Upper School Classroom Spotlight: Teaching Race and Ethnicity in America

    Students in Zackaria Gaines' interdisciplinary course Race and Ethnicity in America were asked to complete a media project, examining the origins of racism and white supremacy in various aspects of society, including art, beauty, religion, and theatre. Showcasing their analytical and technical skills, the end product took many different forms—from mini-documentary, to podcast, to video. Read more about the project and this important course at Shipley.
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  • Dr. Julian Hayter Visits Upper School to Lead Discussion on Confederate Monuments

    Dr. Julian Hayter of the University of Richmond visited Shipley's Upper School to lead discussions on Confederate monuments in the South. He also led an evening discussion for families and guests.
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  • It’s an important topic that’s sparked legal battles, political debates, and philosophical divides in communities across the country. Our roundtable explores the role of schools in navigating this complex subject. How are Shipley and other schools responding to the issues surrounding gender identity and sexuality diversity? Shipley’s Head of School and a national expert weigh in.

    Meeting of the Minds: Gender & Sexuality Diversity

    It’s an important topic that’s sparked legal battles, political debates, and philosophical divides in communities across the country. Our roundtable explores the role of schools in navigating this complex subject. How are Shipley and other schools responding to the issues surrounding gender identity and sexuality diversity? Shipley’s Head of School and a national expert weigh in.
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Meet the Team

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  • Photo of Brandon Jacobs

    Brandon Jacobs 

    Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Title IX Coordinator
    Phone/Extension: 4189
  • Photo of Elisa Bermúdez

    Elisa Bermúdez 

    Lower School Spanish Teacher
    Phone/Extension: 4708
  • Photo of Zackaria Gaines

    Zackaria Gaines 

    Upper School History and Interdisciplinary Teacher, Dean - Class of 2023
    Phone/Extension: 4330
  • Photo of Josephine Nyame

    Josephine Nyame 

    Assistant Head of Lower School
    Phone/Extension: 4731
  • Photo of Bipin Prakash

    Bipin Prakash 

    Director of Technology
    Phone/Extension: 4246


The Shipley School, a Pre-Kindergarten through 12 coeducational day school, is committed to educational excellence and dedicated to developing in each student a love of learning and a compassionate participation in the world. Through a strong college preparatory curriculum in the humanities and sciences, the school encourages curiosity, creativity, and respect for intellectual effort. Shipley upholds and promotes moral integrity, a sense of personal achievement and worth, and concern for others at school and in the larger community.
The Shipley School is a private, coeducational day school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students, located in Bryn Mawr, PA. Through our commitment to educational excellence, we develop within each student a love of learning and a desire for compassionate participation in the world.