Student Support is an integral part of Shipley’s approach to education because we believe that rigor and support lead to deeply rooted success. We provide support that is individual and developmental in nature and designed to connect health (physical, social, and emotional) with academic skill development. Student Support addresses student needs through:
  • A sequential Pre-K through 12 curriculum focused on Social, Emotional and Ethical Development (SEED)
  • Advisory program in Middle School and Upper School to provide mentoring and guidance
  • Consultation with teachers, parents, and administrators
  • Administration and review of standardized academic assessments, such as ERB testing
  • Group and individual meetings with counselors
  • Individualized or group work with academic support teachers/learning specialists 
  • Review of individual psychoeducational assessment to inform classroom and standardized test accommodations
  • Referral to community resources
The Student Support Team in each division includes the Director of Student Support, the appropriate Division Administrator, Division Counselor, Learning or Academic Support Coordinator, and School Nurse. The divisional teams meet weekly. The primary goal of these teams is to help students identify paths to success and overcome potential barriers. The teams identify students in need, refer to appropriate resources, and provide appropriate interventions and are committed to ensuring student success at Shipley.
Academic Support
Academic Support at Shipley is provided by trained specialists with a variety of educational backgrounds. Sessions are based on student need and can include short-term interventions focused on organization and time management or a specific aspect of reading, as well as long-term work on specific learning weaknesses or overall study strategies.
Specialists in each division provide ongoing consultation to parents, teachers, grade level teams, administration, and student support teams so that student needs can be addressed in a holistic manner. While many students who utilize Academic Support will have psychoeducational testing on file, the specialists in each division can provide referrals to community-based professionals who have expertise in evaluating Shipley students and making appropriate recommendations.
While students are often referred for Academic Support by the divisional Student Support or grade-level team, there are no formal requirements to be enrolled in the program. As an independent school, Shipley does not write or follow Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), nor do we utilized 504 plans; however, students who work regularly (particularly in Middle and Upper School) with Academic Support will have a written support plan so that teachers can understand the student’s strengths, challenges, recommended accommodations, and beneficial strategies.

Meet the Team

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Sharron Russell

    Sharron Russell 

    Director of Positive Education and Student Support, 504 Coordinator
    Phone/Extension: 4116
  • Photo of Marc Balcer

    Marc Balcer 

    Upper and Middle School SEED Teacher
    Phone/Extension: 4180
  • Photo of Anne Griffin

    Anne Griffin 

    Middle School Academic Dean and Academic Support Coordinator
    Phone/Extension: 4164
  • Photo of Maria Haering

    Maria Haering 

    Registrar, Middle School SEED Teacher
    Phone/Extension: 4109
  • Photo of Betsy Leschinsky

    Betsy Leschinsky 

    Lower School SEED Teacher and Librarian
    Phone/Extension: 4715
  • Photo of Suzanne Mason

    Suzanne Mason 

    Lower School Learning Specialist
    Phone/Extension: 4744
  • Photo of Jennifer Myer Trainer

    Jennifer Myer Trainer 

    Upper School Academic Support
    Phone/Extension: 4133
  • Photo of Adrienne O'Hara

    Adrienne O'Hara 

    Middle School Counselor
    Phone/Extension: 4611
  • Photo of Margaret Potter

    Margaret Potter 

    Upper School SEED Teacher
    Phone/Extension: N/A
  • Photo of Meagan Yates

    Meagan Yates 

    Upper School Counselor
    Phone/Extension: 4611
The Shipley School is a private, coeducational day school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students, located in Bryn Mawr, PA. Through our commitment to educational excellence, we develop within each student a love of learning and a desire for compassionate participation in the world.