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Episode 03 - Strategies for a Fulfilling Life with Kristin Gustafson Weber ’90

In this episode, we spoke with Kristin Gustafson Weber '90 about building a fulfilling life, tapping into her role as business owner, mom, and world-class athlete.
We talked a lot about her history and how her parents, close friends and educational experiences shaped and supported her interests from a very early age, enabling her to follow her passions and turn them into a successful and fulfilling life. We dove into some of the habits and behaviors that have allowed her to flourish in both business and athletics and that have helped her cultivate a synergistic lifestyle that facilitates both. Perhaps most importantly, Kristin gave us insight into living a life of synergy, which allows her to still be the kind of parent she wants to be, which I think she would say is ultimately her greatest accomplishment. What’s Kristin’s secret sauce for flourishing in all three of these important areas? A little bit of focus on the “me,” or her self-care, and a heck of a lot of support from the “we,” her community of close friends and family. Something I think any busy parent or top performer can relate to. 

About our Guest: Shipley alumna Kristin Gustafson Weber ’90 has won two U.S. national titles and medaled three times in the Masters world championships of cyclocross (a multi-lap off-road bike race that often involves inclement weather and horrible riding conditions). As the owner and creative director of Sugar Design, her list of past clients includes Pepsi, Schwinn Cycling & Fitness Co., and SmartWool. To top it all off, she’s the busy mother of three.

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