Cindy Goldberg — Well-Being in the Classroom through Mindfulness and Applied Positive Psychology

Session Information
Well-Being in the Classroom through Mindfulness and Applied Positive Psychology

You will learn how the connection between mindfulness and applied positive psychology can help you to create a more meaningful and fulfilling teaching experience. You will learn strategies based on the latest science to build a sense of well-being in this coming post-Covid pandemic school year. Attendees will leave the session with tools and practices that they can begin using immediately in order to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing, a deeper sense of focus, and resilience skills to thrive during the upcoming school year. Reducing stress and learning how to flourish through actionable steps is achievable and not at all difficult. We will explore the themes of discovering and cultivating strengths, using gratitude and kindness to leverage happiness, and embedding short mindfulness practices to foster focus, calm, and a greater sense of awareness.

Presented by: Cindy Goldberg

About the Presenter:
Cindy Goldberg, M.Ed., CAPP, MMT, is a former elementary school teacher and was the first Mindfulness/Positive Psychology Coach in a public school in Pennsylvania. She worked as a Mindfulness/Positive Psychology coach for the last years of her tenure, during  she brought mindfulness and positive psychology into the lives of thousands of students in hundreds of K-12 classrooms. She is currently serving as a mindfulness consultant in other local school districts and privately. Cindy presently works with educators, parents, and students to support their mental health, improve focus, and enhance self-regulation. Cindy is a contributing author of Educating Mindfully: Stories of School Transformation Through Mindfulness. Cindy Goldberg’s recently released book ABC That Sounds Like Me, A Strength Spotting Alphabet Book brings applied positive psychology and strength spotting into the lives of children. This book has been endorsed by Dr. Ryan Niemiec of VIA. This is her second children’s book. She is also the author of Penelope's Headache.  Cindy is the author of Can a Simple Practice and a Set of Chimes Help Teach Kids Mindfulness?, Mindful Leader May 2019, Data on the Use of Daily Mindful Chime Practices in 45 Classrooms for 21 Days. Cindy coordinates the PA Chapter of COSEM (Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully)
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