Nick Holton, Ph.D. — Harnessing Flow Triggers to Facilitate High Performing Environments

Session Information
Harnessing Flow Triggers to Facilitate High Performing Environments

This session is ideal for educators of grades 6-12 and/or school leaders looking to deepen engagement among students or colleagues while also enhancing satisfaction and performance. We will dive into the 12 individual flow triggers, elements of experiences or mindsets that drive attention through the introduction of positive neurochemistry like dopamine and norepinephrine. Participants will learn about the basic characteristics of each trigger and have opportunities to create and takeaway resources for easy implementation in the environments they desire to positively impact.

Presented by: Nick Holton, Ph.D.

About the Presenter:
Dr. Nick Holton is an international speaker, consultant, trainer and coach in the science and art of human flourishing—the harmonious combination of actualizing peak potential and experiencing a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. He currently serves as the Associate Director of Positive Education for Shipley. Nick coaches and trains executives, elite athletes, and professional competitors in addition to teaching private classes to actors, directors, business groups, NCAA athletic programs, and educational leadership teams. Over the course of the past seven years spent working in the field, Nick has published various articles, book chapters, and op-eds, as well as given talks and keynotes on topics related to optimal human functioning. This work has taken place throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, and India and has been featured most recently in Fast Company.
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