Benjamin M. Tinsley — Fostering Equity and Belonging in the Modern Language Classroom

Session Information:
Fostering Equity and Belonging in the Modern Language Classroom

Teachers of Modern Languages will have the opportunity to reimagine their classrooms by examining assessment, content, and instructional methods through the lens of belonging. Attendees will develop authentically diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices that support students’ socioemotional well-being and literacy in the Modern Language classroom.

Presented by: Benjamin M. Tinsley

About the Presenter:
A Black male teacher of 12 years and a Black male student of 36, I have been exhausted from having to search entirely too far and wide to see reflections of myself in my studies. With undergraduate majors in French and African-American Studies, a Master's degree in Literacy, and training in Positive Education, I have had the opportunity to work with students and educators from around the world to develop curriculum and pedagogy that serve as both windows and mirrors. In my own classroom as a French teacher, I've committed to writing, building, delivering, and sharing curricula that exclusively centers Black faces and voices from the French-speaking world.
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