Bragging Rights: Shipley's College Counseling, Proud of Our Process

Melissa Tassoni

The college admissions process remains a hot topic for high school students, parents and guardians. Increasing levels of selectivity at colleges and universities across the country have added to the fervor. Frequently, college counselors are on the front line—advising students and parents about academic choices, service interests, and other activities in pursuit of the “best” college admission outcome. But amidst this cluttered and sometimes confusing landscape, Janet Kobosky, Director of College Counseling, has reason for hope.

A recent survey conducted by Shipley’s student newspaper, The Beacon, asked students about the things that influence their thinking about coursework and activities and revealed that college is not always the driving force behind their choices. “These findings please me,” said Kobosky, “because they indicate that a small but significant number of Shipley students value the authenticity of their academic and extracurricular choices. With so much pressure to choose courses and activities based on their perceived value in the college admissions process, it is rewarding to hear from students who recognize that good decision-making builds from the ground up and begins with the self and not with a college in mind.”

The self is at the heart of Shipley’s college counseling process, which is the culmination of our Pre-K through twelfth grade Social, Emotional, and Ethical Development (SEED) program. It is student-centered and focused on finding the college that is the “best fit” for each student. In contrast to the angst experienced by many students, our graduates report that the college process enhanced their self-reliance, confidence, and executive functioning skills. Now that’s something to be proud of.

Applying Early:

The early application trend in college admissions continues to grow, at Shipley and across the country.

90% of Shipley’s class of 2016 had submitted one or more college applications by Thanksgiving.

67% who applied Early Decision or Restricted Early Action were accepted.

Class of 2016 early accepts*

Berklee College of Music
Colorado College
Johns Hopkins
Lake Forest
University of Miami
University of  Pennsylvania
University of Richmond
*This does not represent the full list of schools where students in the Class of 2016 who applied ED/REA/EA were offered admission.

Other News from Shipley

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