Ozzie Jones Receives Barrymore Award Nomination for Outstanding Outdoor Production

Ozzie Jones, the current Middle School theater director at The Shipley School, has directed a production that has been nominated for a Barrymore Award in the category of Outstanding Outdoor Production. Jones recently shared insights into his transformative journey, particularly his role in Theater in the X's acclaimed production of "Dreamgirls".
Jones, a longstanding collaborator with Theater in the X since its inception, has played a pivotal role in the success of the theater company. Transitioning from directing more dramatic pieces to the exuberant "Dream Girls" was a seamless journey for Jones. He remarks, "I don't even look at it as a distinction. You service the play for what it is."  The collaborative efforts of Jones and the Theater in the X team garnered additional recognition when the documentary "It's All a Dream," chronicling the making of "Dreamgirls," secured the Audience Choice Award at the Bridgeport, Connecticut, Film Festival.
Reflecting on his dual roles as an educator and director, Jones underlines the interconnectedness of the two. "I've always believed that directing is teaching, whether they're kids or adults, professionals. If you can't teach, you're probably not going to be a very good director," notes Jones, echoing sentiments shared with his longtime friend and colleague, Phillip Brown.  Ozzie Jones's profound love for the art, dedication to his craft, and the ability to infuse joy into his projects make him an inspiring director for audiences of all ages. 
This year’s Barrymore Award nominations honor 43 productions with the results coming out on November 13th, 2023.  We wish Ozzie luck in this nomination and are proud of all he has achieved throughout his career!

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