Mia Rosenblatt Tinkjian

Exhibition Description:
"I create landscape photographs from small objects. Many of the photographs are images of ceramic objects I created, pieces where I experiment with texture, color, and glaze. I then photograph the objects with a macro lens and create abstract photographs which read as landscapes. These photographs transform small parts of objects into worlds that appear to exist in a totally different scale. The place where edges of clay meet may become a sunset; a particular area of glaze on a slab turns into a coastline, seen from above. At times I use water, soap, or other surface treatments to enhance the objects I photograph. The images have an ethereal quality and impart a sense of mystery. The viewer is left to wonder where these landscapes are, and if they exist in a real or imagined world."

Artist's Biography:
Mia Rosenblatt Tinkjian received her MFA in Studio Art from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and her JD from Boston College Law School. She is an interdisciplinary artist who enjoys using playing with a variety of materials. In her abstract photographs, she uses clay to create surfaces and to experiment with glazes. She photographs these surfaces in a way that challenges one's understanding of perspective, medium, and scale. The resulting large-scale photographs are giclee printed on matte, textured paper so that they blur the line between photography, painting, and drawing. After having children, Mia found that she spent a great deal of time playing with puzzles. The tools of childhood play soon became the material of her own artwork. In the puzzle pieces, Mia rearranges and recombines commercially produced jigsaw puzzles to create new images which form a commentary on their own visual content.

Learn more about Mia and see more of her work on her website.
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