Abby Schmidt: New Work

Artist Statement:
I am a mixed media painter and object pointillist. In this series, I have aimed to create a visual narrative to the concept of duality forming a whole. I began this work in early 2017 as a meditative exercise combining the symbolic toy soldier with colors and patterns inspired by the natural world. It was my intention to combine two seemingly contrary forces. One inspiring serenity. One inspiring severity. On the surface, these paintings transmit a natural tranquility, but a closer look reveals a sea of plastic soldiers vying for control. For eons human have exerted extreme dominance, violence, and control over each other and their environment. Our existence and behavior seems erratic and abnormal when compared to the natural world. In this vein, I use the plastic figure to symbolize the character of human events, while the color palette and organization reflect the harmony present in the natural world.

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