From the Beacon: Shipley Theater Department Joins Broadway Green Alliance

Kylie Liggett ’25
Shipley’s theater program is excited to announce that it will partner with Broadway Green Alliance for the Mean Girls Spring Musical and hopefully for many more shows in the future.

Broadway Green Alliance is a corporation that tries to bring more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices into theaters all around the country. They also support climate-positive initiatives, which means anything that takes more Co2 out of the atmosphere than it releases.

One of the things people love about Broadway Green Alliance is that it recognizes that it is impossible to be completely green, but that any improvement is beneficial: millions of small and large decisions cause climate change. Broadway Green Alliance provides climate toolkits for high school and college students with resources to make their theater programs more sustainable. They have saved thousands of pounds of textiles and toxic batters from ending up in waterways and provided all Broadway theaters with energy-efficient washers.

Theater Directors Mr. Brown and Ms. Gibson are both extremely excited to start the partnership with Broadway Green Alliance. Not only are they partnering with Broadway Green Alliance, but Shipley’s theater program has found many other ways to go green this year. Ms. Gibson commented, “This year, the Shipley Theatre Department has been trying to find creative ways to reduce our carbon footprint. In the Fall Play, we opted for a digital playbill instead of the paper ones you usually find at our productions. We also chose to produce plays that focused on climate change. We are excited to continue this work in the production of Mean Girls by recycling set pieces and costumes from previous productions, using recycled paper products for our marketing efforts, and working on our front-of-house concession stands to minimize plastic. We also encourage the audience to recycle in bins in the foyer. We are proud to partner with the Broadway Green Alliance on this production.”
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