Watt Renewable Energy Is All About

Sarah McDonald ’22
Many people do not know where their electricity comes from or are aware of the issues that arise from electricity that is made from fossil fuels like coal and oil. 

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2017 electricity production accounted for 27% of CO
 emissions in the US. 

Heat and boiled water are required to make most electricity, and lots of heat is required for water to become steam. The problem with burning fossil fuels to produce steam is that it creates carbon dioxide which absorbs heat and warms the planet.

The electricity in most households in this area comes from PECO, which owns and built the system that provides electricity. PECO burns oil and coal in order to produce energy, however, there are other ways of making electricity without fossil fuels: other power plants are resourceful and make electricity from solar panels and wind turbines.

In Pennsylvania, we are able to choose the company that generates our electricity. By talking to your parents and switching electricity companies, you can make a significant change. Tamar Norquist, Shipley’s Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, said that “switching to renewable energy is one of the most significant ways a household can help address climate change. This is a big part of the problem and it’s exciting that there’s something all of us can do to help solve it.”

By choosing to get electricity from energy providers who get their electricity from clean sources, such as AEP energy, you can help control the climate and its rising temperatures.

To make a change, go to On the site, you can educate yourself on power-switching and learn about the different ways to save money in the process. You can also type “save on my electric bill: I switched my supplier” into Youtube and watch the first video that comes up, which will give a more in-depth explanation on switching plans.

Ms. Norquist emphasized that “there is something wrong with how our electricity is coming to our home, but we have the capacity to fix it”. 

This is a huge part of the environmental crisis our world is currently facing. It is very important that students understand where they are getting their electricity so they can educate themselves and their parents to make a difference.

From the Beacon

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