How to Stay Sustainable While at Home

Dixie Lissack ’21
With the new shift to Shipley’s online learning, our daily lives are drastically changing and we are spending lots of time at home. With Earth Day around the corner, it is important to think about ways we can incorporate sustainability into our home lives. Here are a few ways we can celebrate Earth Day at home!

One simple shift you can make is to try to reduce your household’s energy consumption. Make sure you are turning off appliances and lights when they are not in use, and as we shift into warmer weather, try opening your windows for a natural breeze instead of turning on the air conditioning.

Along with saving energy, try to save more water. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth, washing your face, and washing your dishes while you aren’t using it. Be conscious of how much water you are using for these daily tasks and how much you really need. Small changes like these really add up!

If you have any local markets near you, try getting your produce from there! Eating from local markets and farms greatly reduces the amount of fossil fuel used to bring produce to grocery stores. You’ll also most likely run into fewer people at small, local markets which helps you abide by social distancing protocols.

Make sure you are recycling properly! Make sure you are washing out all containers before you recycle them in order to recycle properly. Also, check online to see if your township has rules on paper versus plastic recycling, as some townships require you to separate them and others do not.

Did you know that you can bring the Piltch Commons composting system home with you? You can start your own compost at home. Collect fruit and vegetable scraps instead of throwing them out. Find a spot outside that you can use to start a composting pile and lay twigs or straw on the ground. Then place your food scraps on the designated spot. Cover the pile with wood, cloth, a tarp, or anything you might have. Covering the pile helps keep moisture inside and helps the compost to decompose. Mix up the pile every few weeks with a shovel to speed up the decomposing process and soon you will have fresh soil!

Now that you have fresh soil, why not start your own vegetable or herb garden? You can start your own garden wherever you have space, in a window box or outside. Plants like basil and mint are the easiest to grow in a window box and green beans, zucchini, and tomatoes are easy plants to grow outside for new gardeners. You can purchase seeds on Amazon!

You can also help to clean up your neighborhood. Getting outside for walks can really improve your mood, and it can help the Earth as well. Watch out for any trash that may be littering your neighborhood or local parks. You can use gloves and bring bags so that you make sure not to transfer any germs onto your hands. And as always make sure to wash your hands afterward.

Even incorporating one of these options into your life at home can make a big impact and help you have a great Earth Day!

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