Middle School Latin Scholars Earn Top Prizes for Excellence in Latin

2022 National Latin Examination
On March 15, Shipley's Middle School Latin students took the 2022 National Latin Examination. This exam awards recognition for an individual student’s academic achievement by accuracy score on questions of Latin grammar recognition, vocabulary, Latin phrases, Roman history, mythology, geography, reading comprehension, English derivatives and more. Shipley MS Students were joined by over 100,000 other young scholars from all 50 US States, as well as 21 foreign countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chine, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. 
An impressive 26 students earned Latin Award prizes and recognition for excellence. Lilla Tsvetkov achieved a perfect score on the exam.

CUM HONORE MAXIMO EGREGIO ”With Especially Greatest Honor"
Grade 7: 
Lilla Tsvetkov

SUMMA CUM LAUDE “With Highest Praise”

Grade 7: 
Chloe Murphy
Grade 8: 
Parker Gertz
Nick Mazzeo
MAXIMA CUM LAUDE “With Very Great Praise”
Grade 7: 
Jackson Wiseman
Sophie Hansen
Johnny Everman
Taylor Brady                 
MAGNA CUM LAUDE “With Great Praise”
Grade 7: 
Lucas van Binsbergen
Grade 8: 
Rohail Ahmad
Alex Mazzeo
Natalie Tran
Riley Fox
Rebecca Block
Nina Letts
Augie Turner
Oliver Kourula

CUM LAUDE “With Praise”
Grade 7: 
Eli Koch Mishael
Emy Teitelbaum
William Aronstam 
Rowan Wetzel 
Grade 8: 
Theo Krieg
Finegan Buckley
Daphna Nevler
Katie Gilbert
Reese Rehl

Grade 7: 
Mia Charbonneau
Chloe Becher
Ella Viscardo
Gavin Kroiz
Evan Capobianco
Josh Ginsberg
Connor Rauch 
Grade 8: 
Ben Brasfield
Christopher Yanney
Carrie Jean Ford
Ethan Heyward

The Philadelphia Classical Society's 83rd Annual Latin Week Competition -
Traditional Artistry & Literary Projects on Classical themes

Students submitted an original interpretation or representation of an artifact, subject, or scene suggested by classical Greek or Roman mythology, history, archaeology or literature. There are ten categories in division.

A total of 55 Middle School students won Latin Awards and recognition for excellence: 

Grade 7
Costume- Military: Jamie Haugen (Best of Category winner)  - “Perseus Sword and Shield”
Painting: Ella Viscardo (Best of Category winner) - “Diana” 
Jewelry: Grace Laine (Best of Category winner)  - “Roman Woman’s Necklace with Colorful Gemstones” and Missiah Gamble-Russell - “Roman Coin Necklace” 
Minecraft Building: Billy Slawe (Best of Category winner) - “Apollo’s Temple”  and Lukas Farrell - “Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius” 
Costume: Lucas van Binsbergen - “Polyphemus the Cyclops mask” 
Sketch & Drawing: and Lilla Tsvetkov -  “Emperor Augustus the Great” and Jackson Wiseman -  “The Pont du Gard, a Roman Aqueduct” 

Grade 8: 
Costume: Daphna Nevler (Best of Category winner) - “Mercury’s Staff”
Mosaic: Rishaan Nagar - “Guilloche Knot” 
Jewelry: Rebecca Block - “Roman Jewelry Set” 
Sketch & Drawing: Emily McKay - “Pandora’s Box” and Rikki Teicher - “Ajax and Achilles battle” 
3-D printed Model: Riley Fox - “Traditional Roman Temple” 
Digital Art: Nina Letts - “Athena the Conqueror” 
Comic-Storyboard Hand-Drawn: Nick Mazzeo - “How Did the Roman Empire Fall?”

Grade 7: 
Mosaic: Emy Teitelbaum - “The Dolphin” 
Models: Abby Kellett - “A Wax Tablet” and Shane Goldberg - “A Roman Theater” 
Sculpture & Pottery: Ella Norquist - “The Deer and The Theater Mask” and Mia Charbonneau  - “Medusa” 
Sketch & Drawing: Adam Hornberger - “The Ruins of Pompeii” and Will Hansen - “The Colosseum” 

Grade 8: 
Mosaic: Allison Connolly - “Mosaic Knot Design” and Katie Gilbert - “Triple Knot from Fishbourne Roman Palace” 
Painting: Olivia Portnoy - “A Roman Still Life” 
Costume:  Finegan Buckley - “Artemis’ Bow” 
Jewelry: Natalie Tran - “Roman Golden Snake Bracelet” and Reese Rehl - “Ancient Roman Syrian Garnet Signet Ring” 
Sculpture & Pottery: Avery McCarthy - “Julius Caesar Face” 
Sketch & Drawing: Natalie Rubin - “Poseidon’s Journey” 
3-D printed Model: Augie Turner - “Chariot” and Renzo Sheng - “Hades/ Pluto” 
Minecraft Building: Alex Mazzeo - “Fishbourne Palace” and Henry Palmer - “Minecraft Roman Villa” 
Poetry- in Latin: Parker Gertz - “Qui Sumus”

Grade 7: 
Models: Carly DiZio - “Model Temple” 
Mosaic: Eli Koch Mishael - “Peacock Mosaic” 
Sculpture & Pottery: Will Mattis - “Jupiter the Great” theater mask and Allie Shuford - “Zeus” theater mask
Costume:  Chloe Becher - “Leo” theater mask 
Minecraft Building: Connor Rauch - “Minecraft Colosseum”  and Evan Capobianco - “Wealthy Pompeian House” 

Grade 8: 
Painting: Vivienne Foo - “Pompeian Villa”  and Carrie Jean Ford - “Cave Canem” 
Models: Ashley McCauley - “The Best Villa in the entire world”  and Jake Feinberg - “Romano British House” 
Sculpture & Pottery: CJ Rubino - “A Lucretius Impression”  and Will Flannelly - “Medusa’s Stone Head” 
Sketch & Drawing: Ben Brasfield - “Entrance to Fishbourne”  and Oliver Kourula - “A Starry Night at the Roman Palace” 
3-D printed Model: Ethan Heyward - “Roman gambling game set” and Theo Krieg - “Roman Jewelry Set” 
Minecraft Building: Rohail Ahmad - “Roman Villa” 
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