Griffin Ferzan ’23

Name: Griffin Ferzan 
College/University Attending: Cornell University 
Major/Area of Interest: Industrial & Labor Relations 
Years at Shipley: 3 
Debate Club (Co-President), Sports Business & Law Club (President), JV & Varsity Squash, Ultimate Disc Team 
Who was your most influential teacher and why? 
My most influential teacher during my time at Shipley was Mr. Simpson. I took two classes with him. He was also my mentor for the debate team. He encouraged my love for History and made me the debater I am today. 
What was your favorite class and why? 
My favorite class was Ms. Willing's Biology class in 11th grade. I am not a science student, but Ms. Willing made the class very fun and engaging. I had a lot of close friends that would similarly joke and enjoy Ms. Willing. Overall, the class was awesome, and I will think back to it when reminiscing about high school. 
What was your most memorable experience at Shipley? 
My most memorable experience at Shipley was when I visited and met some people that I am very close with today. I remember playing basketball in the gym and having lunch with completely new people. Upon entering the school I could feel the tight-knit community. I am thankful that I had such a strong visit and ultimately attended this school for my last three years of high school. 
What does Courage for the Deed; Grace for the Doing mean to you? 
Being courageous to try new things and put yourself out there, and that you will be rewarded for your efforts. 
Complete this sentence: Shipley has prepared me to… 
succeed in the real world. Whether it is making connections with teachers or being able to process a large amount of information quickly, Shipley has prepared me well for the future. 
How has Shipley prepared you to be your best self and do your best work? 
Shipley has challenged me in many academic ways that have made me a stronger student. Although it will be very different, I think I will be prepared for the rigor of Cornell. 
How has Shipley encouraged you to take risks? 
I was a shy student when I first came to Shipley. The teachers and students I met pushed me out of my comfort zone in harkness discussions. This made me realize my passion for debate which I then fell in love with. 
Please write a short reflection on your time at Shipley and what it has meant to you.  
My time at Shipley has been challenging. But it has formed the person I am today. It was hard coming to a new school during the middle of COVID. It taught me that I had to go out of my comfort zone just to make friends. The classes in my three years at Shipley have not been easy. But they have taught me how critical it is to have a strong relationship with teachers. In my later years at Shipley, I matured and learned how to be a stronger leader that consistently brings the best out of other people. 
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