Neal Regino ’03: Grateful & Giving Back

Aaron Dalton '94
In the two decades since he graduated from Shipley, Neal Regino ’03 has made a positive impact in multiple ways. After his best friend and fellow Shipley alumnus Will Trippley ’02 was killed by a stray bullet, Neal co-founded a nonprofit foundation in his memory. The Will Trippley Foundation has since helped thousands of children overcome challenges, address grief, and unlock their potential.

At the same time, Neal has built a thriving career as a partner and financial advisor at Evolution Financial Group. He has also given back to Shipley through years of service on Shipley’s Alumni Council (where he currently serves as President) and Board of Trustees.

These days, Neal helps others, but during his time at Shipley, he was on the receiving end of that assistance. “I was raised by a single mother who had three children. She would not have been able to manage the tuition here,” says Neal. “I was only able to attend Shipley thanks to the support of all the people who had donated and contributed to the School.”

Through his role on the Board of Trustees, and particularly as Chair of the Assets Committee, Neal has gained an inside view of Shipley’s tuition assistance program. “I think Shipley does an excellent job of providing equitable opportunities for students who deserve to be here, but those funds need to be refreshed and renewed every single year,” he notes.

As a Shipley student, Neal flourished on the soccer field and found encouragement in the classroom. “There were a lot of people at Shipley, particularly my French teacher Denis Asselin, who held me accountable and pushed me to reach my full potential,” he remembers. “I did not realize what an impact that had on me until years later, but there were so many positive role models for me at Shipley.”
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