Shipley Learns Online

Middle School Tips: Supporting Student Achievement in Shipley Learns Online

Tips for Middle School Parents/Guardians

By Anne Griffin, Middle School Academic Dean and Academic Support Coordinator

Give your child the space to “figure it out.”
Remember, your Middle Schooler’s learning curve with new computer programs and platforms is all but non-existent. All of the online tools teachers are using might feel overwhelming to you, but this is this generation’s virtual playground. These children have been experimenting with new online tools and platforms for years. They are experts. Allow them to independently figure out the different tools and then ask them to teach you. Letting them be the experts will help to boost their confidence.

Try to support the concept of online learning regardless of your opinions about technology.
Remember, we are requiring students to be online throughout the day, therefore, they need to feel like you support that effort. Also remember that the computer is now your child’s sole way of connecting with others. If the adults in their lives either directly or indirectly communicate dismay or disappointment every time they log on, it could result in the child feeling confused, conflicted, and even lonely.
Please respect that students’ work needs to be theirs alone.
We definitely want you to be a resource for your child by answering questions and helping them with the learning process. There is a fine line, however, between helping children with their homework and contributing to its production. Please remember that students need to do all of the typing, writing, and editing in their online documents. We encourage you to sit with them and give them feedback, however, do not edit their documents for them. Let them take the active role in making changes, not the passive role of watching an adult make changes to their work while explaining the missteps. Learning how to implement changes based on the advice of others is an invaluable skill.

By Shane Kinsella, Head of Middle School
  • Set a schedule for each day.
  • Ask your child to share their plan with you each day.
  • Stay in touch with your child’s Advisor.
  • Expect that the work will look and feel different.
  • Regular breaks are needed.
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