Shipley Learns Online

Lower School Tips: Supporting Student Achievement in Shipley Learns Online

Tips for Lower School Parents/Guardians

From Julie Bown, Lower School Director of Student Support

Establish a daily routine for your child(ren)’s school day.
It is important to establish and maintain a routine and structure for the day, beginning with a regular bedtime and wake-up time each day.  Establishing a regular school-day routine will help retain a sense of normalcy and will keep students engaged while learning.

Find a comfortable, distraction-free place in your home where your child can work.
Productive learning relies on a conducive environment. We recommend that you create a separate, quiet space in your home for your child to engage in their online learning. If there are siblings in the house, finding a separate space for each of them to concentrate might be most beneficial. We recommend that you choose an open area in the family living space (kitchen table, dining room, etc.) where they can be sitting upright and ready to work. A room with a strong wireless connection will also be important.

Encourage independence and allow for productive struggle.
Some productive struggle is essential to learning, so we ask that parents allow their children to grapple with problems and come up with ideas for tackling them.  Even though you are easily accessible, stepping in too quickly to help solve problems will deprive your child of the opportunity to learn, try new approaches, and gain greater independence and confidence. Stay engaged in your child’s learning by asking them questions and having them share their thoughts while encouraging their independence so they can take ownership of their own learning. If your child becomes discouraged and/or overwhelmed by schoolwork, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

Do your best to stay in contact with your child’s classroom teacher and check ShipleyNet for updates on a regular basis.
During this time, all teachers will be posting updates and communicating with students in various forms. There will be emails, announcements on ShipleyNet, phone, and video communication for both you and your child(ren).

Help your child maintain social contact with peers.
It is very important for your child(ren) to stay in social contact (through virtual means) with their friends and peers during our campus closure. This will most likely mean being a bit more flexible regarding technology use and rules in your household.  Encourage your child to interact with friends through Facetime/Skype/Zoom/Google Meet or Hangouts or through phone conversations, while still monitoring to ensure these interactions are appropriate. Social interaction, even through virtual means, will help your child stay connected and feel a part of the school community.
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