Meet David Bakali ’15

David Bakali ’15
Currently Attending: University of Pennsylvania
Years at Shipley: 9
Activities, Positions, Awards: Jazz Band, Soccer; Ultimate Frisbee Club Co-Head; Tamara Tirjan Memorial Award, George Wrangham & Margaret Ralph History Research Prize
Reflections on Shipley
My time at Shipley has helped me grow tremendously.
Learning about Perseverance through Sports
The risks I have taken in sports at Shipley have contributed very much to my personal development. On my journey to play on the varsity soccer team in my senior year, I learned a lot. I realized that I should always give 110%, no matter what. Whether in practice or in games, it is essential to work hard in order to improve individually, and to help improve teammates. Players have to earn playing time. The only way to do this is through hard work. Additionally, it is important to support the team in any way possible to keep team morale high. Such lessons are applicable to all other aspects of my life. If I have any goals, I should work towards achieving them. It will be difficult in the process, however, my struggles will surely lead to success.
On Making Friends and Being Accepted
At Shipley, I have made friends with very intellectual students and teachers. I have met people who truly accept me for who I am. Shipley students keep an open mind to people of different cultures, races, and ethnicities. All of my friends have been interested in learning about and discussing my Malawian heritage. Such conversations are always interesting. I learn from my friends and they do the same from me.
Tireless Teachers
The teachers at Shipley all work tirelessly to ensure that their students are learning. Whether I needed guidance on assignments or any troubles I faced outside of the classroom, Shipley teachers have always been there for me.
Academic Rigor & Preparation for College
The academic rigor of Shipley has enabled me to think at a high level. Through extensive analytical writing, I have developed a love of research. I also love sports, music, and other forms of entertainment. There is so much to explore and so much knowledge to gain. Shipley has encouraged this aspect of my personality through such academic intensity.
Shipley goes above and beyond to prepare students for college. I have learned how I must manage my time, because I have already dealt with copious loads of work on top of extracurricular activities. Shipley has also encouraged me to self-advocate when I am having a difficult time in school. I am very confident about my future. It will be a dynamic journey with many challenges. Nevertheless, I will navigate through college well, as my Shipley education will help me going forward.
Most Influential Teacher
My most influential teacher was Mrs. Norquist. She always tried her hardest to make sure that we understood the material and wanted her students to perform well in her class. If a student could not follow along, she was more than happy to help. As an advisor, she looked out for her advisees’ wellbeing. She reached out to us and tried to talk to us about any troubles we may be facing. She deeply cared for me, which helped inspire me to do well in school.
Plans for Fall 2015
In the fall of 2015, I will be attending the University of Pennsylvania. My studies will be focused around the social sciences and economics. I am very excited to meet new people. I plan to work hard in class and get involved in any extracurricular activities possible. I would like to play soccer at any level. Additionally, I would like to drum for a music group. Finally, I plan on establishing strong ties to job recruiters by setting up internships for the future.
Future Ambition
I hope to go into management. I want to work as an executive for a business or start my own company. My studies in sociology and psychology will help me work with and for people in the best way possible. In the past, I have felt that too many enterprises do not operate in the best way for the individuals that they attempt to serve. My studies in the social sciences will teach me how to work with many different types of people and communities, locally and globally. Through economics classes, I will learn how to turn my idealistic business plans into realistic goals.
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