Meet Ethan Bradlow ’15

Ethan Bradlow ’15
Currently Attending: University of Pennsylvania
Years at Shipley: 14

Activities, Positions, Awards: DECA, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Squash, Varsity Lacrosse, Bryn Mawr Film Institute Consortium; Esther Forbes Russell Award, Phi Beta Kappa Prize, Margaret Williams Mathematics Prize, Dorothy Sykes Award, Mandarin Prize

Reflections on Shipley
Shipley has provided me with amazing opportunities to pursue my interests, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Building Relationships through Sports
I’ve been lucky enough to play on three outstanding teams, which became the starting points for many of my most lasting friendships and memories at Shipley.

Real Opportunities for Learning
Academically, Shipley has been excellent in pushing towards more STEAM offerings. Robotics, 3D Design, Java, and Engineering were all created while I was in high school. These classes have already paid off in my outside endeavors, and I will definitely continue to pursue these interests in the future.

Last summer, I took on an internship at Meteor Capital in London, England. Going in, I thought I would most likely be filing and getting coffee, possibly getting a taste of the financial environment, if I was lucky. When I showed up on the first day, they asked me what languages I could code in. Luckily, I had just taken Java at Shipley. It was at that moment I realized how amazing the opportunities that Shipley provides are.

Most Influential Teacher
Although I’ve been lucky enough to have many amazing teachers during my time at Shipley, the most influential teacher I’ve ever had was Mr. Berberian, who was my teacher for both Calculus BC and Multivariable Calculus. What made Mr. B so special was how well he prepared his students. Every single day a pop quiz was a possibility, meaning you had to go home and truly understand that day’s lesson through your homework, not just complete it. In addition to his demanding class format, day in and day out Mr. Berberian was simply an excellent teacher. He wasn’t satisfied until every class question was resolved, regardless of whether he had to go online and do research and come back the next day to tie things up. He was truly dedicated to our learning.

Travel Teams
My most memorable experiences at Shipley would have to be the various sports trips I was fortunate enough to go on, from which I can’t choose just one. Our soccer trip to Maryland, squash trips to nationals in Connecticut, and lacrosse spring break trips to Florida were some of the most fun days of my life. Being with your teammates 24/7, in victory or in defeat, cannot be undervalued.

Plans for Fall 2015
I will attend the University of Pennsylvania, where I will be a part of the M&T program, which allows me to get both engineering and business degrees.

Future Ambition
My future ambition is to work in finance for a little while, which I now know I find extremely exciting after my summer internship in London. After that, I would like to work in the theme park industry, being involved in the designing and managing of innovative new rides. I came to my love of theme parks through my family’s countless trips to Florida, which became especially interesting after my interests in robotics, mechanics, and physics began to develop.
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